Thinkific Review: Is It the Best Course Platform?

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Thinkific review
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Thinkific Review: Is It the Best Course Platform?

Today, let’s explore the world of online courses, with this Thinkfic Review. If you did not know, Thinkific claims to be one of the cool kids on the block in this arena. Is it really? Let’s find out together.

Thinkific – the name sounds like it was coined during a brainstorming session where ‘think’ and ‘specific’ collided, and honestly, that’s kind of what it does.

It helps thinkers like you and me create specific, tailored online courses. This platform has been buzzing in the ears of course creators and educators, and it’s high time we unpack what it’s all about.

As a bit of a course junkie myself (seriously, my browser’s idea of a fun night is recommending me new courses), the promise of an easy-to-use, robust online course platform had me more excited than a kid in a candy store.

But as we all know, not all that glitters is gold. So, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to see for myself what Thinkific is really made of.

In this review, I’ll walk you through my journey with Thinkific. We’ll explore whether this platform is the superhero that the world of online courses needs, or if it’s just another sidekick in the grand scheme of things.

So, grab your capes (or just a comfy chair), and let’s embark on this adventure to uncover the secrets of Thinkific. Will it soar high in the skies of online education, or will it need a few more lessons itself? Stay tuned!

Overview of Thinkific’s Key Features

thinkific review

In this part of our in-depth Thinkific review, let’s dissect the key features of this learning management system (LMS) that’s making waves in the world of online education.

1. Course Creation and Design

Right off the bat, Thinkific impresses with its intuitive course creation interface. Building a Thinkific course feels like piecing together a puzzle, but with all the pieces perfectly cut out for you.

You can drag and drop different content types, from videos and quizzes to discussions and surveys, crafting a course that’s not just informative but also interactive.

2. Customizable Learning Paths

Thinkific goes beyond just uploading content. It allows you to create custom learning paths, guiding students through the course in a structured way.

This feature is particularly useful for complex subjects, where a step-by-step approach enhances the learning experience. It’s like being both the architect and the tour guide of a learning journey.

3. Marketing and Sales Tools

No course is successful without students, and Thinkific understands this. It comes packed with marketing and sales tools that help you promote your course.

From building landing pages to offering coupons and bundles, Thinkific equips you with everything needed to attract and retain learners. It’s like having a little marketing genie in your LMS.

4. Payment and Administration

Handling payments and administration is a breeze with Thinkific. The platform supports direct integrations with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, making transaction processes smooth and secure. The administrative dashboard also offers valuable insights into student performance and engagement, akin to having a control room for your online academy.

5. Community Building Features

What’s a course without a community? Thinkific offers excellent tools for building and managing student communities.

Forums, discussion boards, and the ability to send targeted emails create an interactive and engaging environment. It’s like building a virtual campus where each student feels connected and involved.

6. Responsive Design for All Devices

In today’s world, learning isn’t confined to desktops. Thinkific ensures that courses look great and function seamlessly on any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This responsiveness ensures that students have the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.

7. Support and Resource Center

Last but not least, Thinkific’s support system and comprehensive resource center are commendable. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced course creator, the guides, tutorials, and customer support team are there to help you navigate and make the most of the platform.

Thinkific stands out as a versatile and user-friendly learning management system. Its comprehensive set of features caters not just to creating and delivering content but also to the broader aspects of course management, marketing, and community engagement.

This in-depth look at Thinkific’s key features shows why it’s becoming a go-to choice for educators and entrepreneurs in the realm of online courses.

Thinkific’s Target Audience

learning management system

1. Individual Educators and Entrepreneurs

At its core, Thinkific is tailor-made for individual educators, trainers, and subject matter experts. If you’re an individual with knowledge to share, Thinkific is like your digital soapbox.

It empowers solo educators to transform their expertise into interactive and engaging online courses without needing deep technical know-how.

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a marketing guru, or a coding expert, Thinkific provides the tools to transition your knowledge into a teachable and sellable format.

2. Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Thinkific is also incredibly valuable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to train employees or offer courses related to their industry.

For businesses that aim to enhance their brand’s value through education, Thinkific serves as a powerful platform. It allows these businesses to create branded courses that not only educate but also promote their services or products.

3. Coaches and Consultants

Coaches and consultants in various fields can leverage Thinkific to extend their reach and impact. By creating courses, they can provide additional resources to their clients or attract a wider audience.

Thinkific’s user-friendly platform makes it simple for these professionals to create courses that reflect their coaching philosophies and methodologies.

4. Creatives and Artists

For creatives like artists, writers, and musicians, Thinkific offers a unique opportunity to monetize their skills. By creating courses on their craft, they can share their passion and techniques with a broader audience.

Thinkific’s emphasis on visual and interactive content is particularly well-suited for courses that require demonstrations, like painting tutorials or music lessons.

5. Non-profit Organizations and Community Groups

Thinkific also caters to non-profits and community groups that aim to educate and engage their communities.

The platform can be used for awareness campaigns, volunteer training, or community education programs, providing these groups with the necessary tools to create impactful and informative content.

6. Educational Institutions

Lastly, educational institutions looking to expand their online learning offerings can find Thinkific to be a valuable tool. It’s suitable for supplementing classroom learning or offering standalone online courses, providing institutions with a flexible and scalable solution to reach students far and wide.

Thinkific’s broad appeal lies in its versatility and ease of use, making it suitable for a wide range of users from individual educators and small businesses to creatives, coaches, and even larger institutions. It democratizes the process of online course creation, making it accessible and manageable regardless of technical expertise or resource availability.

Ease of Use

user interface

In this part of our Thinkific review, let’s focus on the ease of use when it comes to setting up and managing a course website on this online course platform. Plus, we’ll explore the financial aspects, like whether Thinkific charges transaction fees.

1. Building a Course Website

Thinkific excels in its user-friendly approach to building a course website. It’s like constructing a digital classroom with simple, drag-and-drop tools. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get your courses up and running.

The platform guides you through setting up your course structure, uploading content, and customizing the look and feel of your site. It’s almost as easy as piecing together a puzzle, with each piece fitting neatly into place.

2. Customization Options

Customization is a breeze on Thinkific. You have the freedom to tailor your course website to match your brand or personal style.

From color schemes and layouts to adding custom pages, Thinkific provides a range of options to make your site stand out. It’s like giving your digital classroom a personal touch, making it welcoming and distinctive.

3. Managing Courses and Content

Managing courses on Thinkific is straightforward. Whether you’re uploading videos, creating quizzes, or setting up assignments, the platform streamlines these processes.

It’s like having a well-organized filing system where everything is at your fingertips, making the management of your online courses hassle-free.

4. Financial Aspects – Transaction Fees

A significant point about Thinkific, which makes it attractive for course creators, is its approach to transaction fees. Unlike some online course platforms, Thinkific does not charge transaction fees on any of its plans.

This means you keep more of your earnings, which is crucial for small business owners or solo educators. It’s like having a partner who doesn’t dip into your profits. It’s worth knowing that most course-creating platforms like Thinkific charge transaction fees when you use third-party payment gateways.

5. Integration and Payment Processing

Thinkific seamless integration with payment processors like PayPal and Stripesimplifies the enrollment and payment process. This integration means you can offer a smooth and secure transaction experience to your students, adding to the professionalism of your course website.

6. Support and Guidance

For those moments when you need a helping hand, Thinkific offers extensive support and guidance. From a comprehensive knowledge base to responsive customer support, the platform ensures you’re not left in the dark. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend ready to assist whenever you hit a bump in the road.

Thinkific’s ease of use in building and managing a course website, combined with its no transaction fee policy, makes it a compelling choice for educators and entrepreneurs venturing into the realm of online courses. The platform balances simplicity in design with robust functionality, making course management both efficient and enjoyable.

My First Impressions and Experiences With This Online Course Platform.

thinkific's site builder

When I first decided to explore Thinkific, I must admit, I was braced for a maze of technical complexities. My past encounters with online course platforms had left me feeling more like a struggling coder than an educator. But with Thinkific, my apprehensions were quickly put to rest.

I remember the day I signed up. It was a typical busy Wednesday, and I thought, “Well, let’s just see what this platform is about.” I anticipated spending just a few minutes before getting back to my never-ending to-do list. To my surprise, those few minutes turned into hours of engrossing discovery.

The ease with which I could set up my first course was astonishing. Thinkific’s interface was refreshingly intuitive – a stark contrast to some of the other platforms I’d wrestled with in the past. It was like finding a book that you can’t put down; I was hooked by the simplicity and potential it offered.

Uploading my first video lecture, I braced myself for the usual hiccups – file size issues, format compatibility, you name it. But there were none. It was a smooth sail, like uploading a simple attachment in an email. And when I effortlessly added a quiz at the end of my lecture, I felt like I’d just performed a magic trick!

Customizing my course website was equally delightful. I recall chuckling as I effortlessly tweaked the theme to match my style, thinking back to times when I had to Google every single step. It was empowering to see my course website take shape, reflecting my personal brand without having to delve into the nitty-gritty of web design.

But it wasn’t just the technical ease that impressed me; it was the realization of how much Thinkific understood educators’ needs. Adding content and structuring my course felt like the platform was reading my mind, anticipating what I needed next. It was a partnership, not a struggle, making me feel supported in my journey to share knowledge.

My first live course launch on Thinkific was a moment of pride. I still remember the excitement and a bit of nervousness as students started enrolling. The dashboard came alive with activity, and everything worked seamlessly. It was a moment of triumph, not just for me, but also for Thinkific, in winning over a skeptic.

My initial journey with Thinkific was an eye-opener. It transformed my view of what an online course platform can be – not a hurdle, but a powerful ally in the quest to share knowledge. Thinkific didn’t just meet my expectations; it exceeded them, making me a believer in its capability to democratize online education.

Course Creation and Management

learning management system

In this part of our this review, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of course creation and management, a critical aspect for anyone looking to sell courses online.

Thinkific offers a plethora of tools and features that cater to the needs of course creators, from novices to seasoned educators.

1. Intuitive Course Builder

The heart of Thinkific is its course builder, a user-friendly interface where simplicity meets functionality. Crafting a course is like piecing together a story, with each module and lesson fitting seamlessly into the narrative.

You can easily upload various types of content, including videos, text, and downloadable resources. It’s designed to make the course creation process as smooth as possible, allowing creators to focus on content rather than wrestle with technical challenges.

2. Customization and Flexibility

Flexibility is key in course creation, and Thinkific understands this well. Course creators can tailor their courses to suit different learning styles and objectives.

Whether you’re creating a self-paced course, a cohort-based module, or drip content, Thinkific offers the necessary tools to customize the learning experience. This customization extends to assessments as well, with options to include quizzes, surveys, and assignments, adding depth and interaction to the courses.

3. Selling and Marketing Your Courses

When it comes to selling courses, Thinkific provides robust marketing tools to attract and retain learners. Features like customizable landing pages, coupons and discounts, and email marketing integrations make it easier to promote your courses.

The platform also supports various pricing models – from one-time payments and subscriptions to memberships and bundles, offering flexibility in how you sell your courses.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Understanding how your courses are performing is vital, and Thinkific’s reporting and analytics tools offer valuable insights. You can track student progress, engagement, and course completion rates.

This data is crucial for course creators to refine their content, understand learner behavior, and improve their courses over time. Thinkific’s analytics offer a clear window into the impact of your courses, helping you make data-driven decisions.

5. Managing Learner Interactions

Thinkific also shines in its management of learner interactions. The platform facilitates engagement through discussion forums and feedback mechanisms, fostering a community of learners.

As a course creator, you can easily communicate with students, provide support, and create a collaborative learning environment.

6. Scalability and Growth

Lastly, Thinkific is designed for growth. Whether you’re starting with a single course or planning to build an extensive library, the platform scales with your ambitions. It supports the expansion of your course offerings, ensuring that as your audience grows, your course delivery remains smooth and efficient.

In essence, Thinkific empowers course creators with the tools needed to create, sell, and manage courses effectively. Its combination of an intuitive course builder, comprehensive selling tools, detailed analytics, and learner management features make it an ideal platform for anyone serious about delivering quality online education and growing their educational venture.

Customization and Branding Your Online Courses

unlimited courses

Moving further into the heart of our Thinkific review, let’s explore the platform’s capabilities in customization and branding, especially when it comes to selling courses. The ability to personalize the course builder and course content is pivotal for creators seeking to establish a unique brand identity.

1. Branding Your Courses

Thinkific understands that your brand is your signature. The platform offers extensive customization tools that allow you to infuse your courses with your unique brand identity.

From customizing colors and fonts to adding logos and images, Thinkific enables you to create a course that resonates with your brand’s aesthetic. This customization extends to certificates as well, allowing you to award personalized certificates that carry your brand’s essence.

2. Flexible Course Builder

The Thinkific course builder is the backbone of course creation, offering flexibility and ease of use. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can effortlessly structure your course content.

Whether it’s arranging lessons, grouping modules, or adding multimedia elements, the course builder is intuitive and accommodating. It’s designed to cater to both beginners and experienced course creators, ensuring a smooth course creation process.

3. Engaging Course Content

In the realm of selling courses, content is king. Thinkific’s platform supports a variety of content types, from video lectures and downloadable PDFs to interactive quizzes and discussions.

This versatility ensures that you can create dynamic and engaging courses. Thinkific even supports embedding content from external sources, giving you the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of materials into your courses.

4. Personalizing the Learning Experience

Personalization enhances the learning experience, and Thinkific offers tools to create a personalized journey for each student. You can set up prerequisite lessons, drip content over time, or unlock modules based on student progress. These features not only help in structuring the learning path but also keep students engaged and motivated.

5. Course Landing Pages

When it comes to selling courses, the first impression matters. Thinkific’s customizable landing pages act as your course’s storefront. Here, you can craft compelling descriptions, highlight key benefits, showcase instructor profiles, and use testimonials to attract prospective learners.

These landing pages are not just informative but also optimized for conversions, helping you effectively market your courses.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s mobile-first world, Thinkific ensures that your courses look great and function seamlessly on all devices. This responsiveness is crucial, as it allows students to engage with your course content conveniently, be it on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Thinkific’s customization and branding capabilities, combined with its flexible course builder and support for diverse course content, make it an ideal platform for course creators who want to stand out in the crowded market of online education. By providing the tools to personalize and brand courses effectively, Thinkific helps creators not just sell courses, but also build lasting relationships with their learners.

Integrations and Add-ons

unlimited students

In this section of our Thinkific review, let’s dive into the platform’s integrations and add-ons, crucial elements for efficiently selling online courses, and tracking progress through reporting and analytics.

The reporting and analytics Thinkific offers include detailed metrics on student engagement, course completion rates, enrolments, orders, and revenue, allowing course creators to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Let’s dive into it.

1. Rich Integration Ecosystem

Thinkific stands out for its robust integration ecosystem. It seamlessly connects with a wide array of tools and services that are essential for selling online courses.

From email marketing platforms like Mailchimp to CRM systems like Salesforce, Thinkific integrates with tools that help you streamline your marketing, sales, and customer engagement processes. This integration capability means you can automate your workflows, making your course selling process more efficient and less time-consuming.

2. Enhancing Course Selling with Integrations

When it comes to selling online courses, Thinkific’s integrations play a pivotal role. Platforms like Stripe and PayPal ensure secure and hassle-free payments.

Integrations with marketing tools allow you to run campaigns, capture leads, and nurture relationships with potential and current students. These integrated tools are like cogs in a well-oiled machine, each contributing to the smooth running of your online course business.

3. Reporting and Analytics

Thinkific’s reporting and analytics capabilities are a treasure trove of insights. With integrated analytics tools, you can track and analyze your course’s performance, student engagement, and completion rates.

These analytics provide you with valuable data to understand your audience better and tailor your courses to meet their needs. It’s like having a GPS for your course’s journey, guiding you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

4. Add-ons for Enhanced Functionality

Beyond core integrations, Thinkific offers a range of add-ons to extend the functionality of your course platform.

Features like advanced quizzes, assignments, and certificates can be added to enrich the learning experience. These add-ons allow you to create a more comprehensive and interactive course, which can significantly boost student engagement and satisfaction.

5. Custom Integrations for Unique Needs

For course creators with specific needs, Thinkific allows custom integrations through its API. This means if you have a unique tool or service you wish to integrate, Thinkific’s flexible platform can accommodate that. It’s like having the ability to customize your toolkit to suit your specific crafting needs.

6. Ease of Use with Integrations

Despite the breadth of integrations and add-ons, Thinkific maintains its user-friendly approach. Integrations are easy to set up and manage, ensuring that even those who are not tech-savvy can take full advantage of these features. It’s akin to having a powerful yet easy-to-use control panel for your online course empire.

The integrations and add-ons offered by Thinkific greatly enhance its capability as an online course platform, especially in the realm of selling courses and analyzing their success. This rich ecosystem of integrations, combined with powerful reporting and analytics, positions Thinkific as a versatile and effective tool for course creators seeking to optimize and grow their online course offerings.

Pricing and Value for Money

thinkific's free plan

In this critical section of our Thinkific review, we delve into the pricing structure of the platform and assess its value for money, particularly for educators looking to sell online courses, create engaging course landing pages, and bundle multiple courses.

– Thinkific’s Pricing Tiers

Thinkific offers a tiered pricing structure designed to cater to a variety of needs, ranging from newcomers to seasoned course creators.

These tiers range from a basic free plan to more advanced, paid options. Each tier comes with its set of features, scaling up as you move to higher plans. The choice of plan largely depends on the scale at which you intend to sell your courses and the complexity of the features you need.

– Free Plan: A Starting Point

The free plan is an excellent starting point for new educators. It allows you to test the waters of the online course world without initial investment. This plan includes basic features like the course player and the ability to create a course landing page.

However, it has limitations in terms of the number of courses you can host and lacks some advanced features like the ability to bundle multiple courses.

– Paid Plans: Expanding Capabilities

As you scale up to paid plans, Thinkific offers more sophisticated features. These include advanced customization of the course player, enhanced course landing page options, and the ability to sell and bundle multiple courses.

The higher-tier plans also offer additional marketing tools, advanced analytics, and greater administrative control over your courses. These features are particularly beneficial for those who have a sizeable audience and aim to grow their online course business significantly.

– Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, Thinkific stands out for its no transaction fee policy across all plans. This means more earnings from your course sales go directly into your pocket. The platform also scores high on providing a robust and reliable course player, ensuring a smooth and professional learning experience for students.

For course creators, the ability to create visually appealing and effective course landing pages and bundle multiple courses offers substantial value, as these features are critical in attracting and retaining students.

– Comparing Costs with Benefits

To determine the true value for money, it’s important to weigh the costs of the plans against the benefits they offer. Thinkific’s higher-tier plans, while more expensive, provide advanced features that can significantly boost your ability to sell online courses effectively.

These include better engagement tools, more comprehensive analytics, and increased customization, all of which can contribute to a more successful and profitable online course business.

Thinkific’s pricing and the value it offers are competitive within the online course platform market. The platform provides a range of options suitable for different stages of your course creation journey, from just starting out to scaling up a full-fledged online course business.

Thinkific’s emphasis on providing a quality course player, customizable course landing pages, and the ability to bundle courses offers substantial value to course creators committed to delivering high-quality educational content and growing their online presence.

Pros and Cons

unlimited students

In this section of our Thinkific review, we will weigh the pros and cons of the platform, particularly focusing on aspects like course building, marketing features, the overall online course experience, and the availability of advanced features.


1. Comprehensive Course-Building Tools:

Thinkific truly shines with its comprehensive course-building tools. The platform makes it incredibly easy to assemble and structure your online course, offering a wide range of options for content types, including video, text, quizzes, and downloadable resources.

This versatility is a major advantage for course creators who wish to offer a rich and varied learning experience. It’s like having a multi-tool for course creation, equipped for any educational scenario.

2. Efficient Marketing and Sales Integrations:

The marketing features provided by Thinkific are a significant pro for those looking to effectively sell their courses. The platform offers integrated tools for email marketing, SEO, and creating high-converting landing pages.

These features simplify the process of reaching out to potential students and converting them into enrolled learners. Additionally, the sales features, including multiple pricing options, coupons, and bundles, give course creators ample flexibility in how they monetize their courses.

3. Superior Learner Experience:

Thinkific places a strong emphasis on the learner experience, which is evident in its polished and intuitive course player. The platform ensures that courses are not only informative but also engaging and easy to navigate. This focus on the learner experience is crucial in retaining students and ensuring they complete the courses, thereby enhancing the reputation of the course creators.

4. Advanced Features for Scalability

For course creators aiming to grow and scale their offerings, Thinkific provides a suite of advanced features, particularly in its higher-tier plans.

These include comprehensive analytics to track student engagement, advanced customization to tailor the learning experience and tools for building a learning community. These features are particularly valuable for established educators and businesses looking to expand their reach and deepen their impact.

5. Responsive and Reliable Support:

Thinkific’s customer support is another significant pro. The platform offers timely and helpful support through various channels, including email, live chat, and a knowledge base.

This responsive support system is invaluable for course creators who may encounter issues or have questions while building and managing their courses.

6. No Transaction Fees:

A standout feature of Thinkific that adds to its appeal is the absence of transaction fees across all its plans. This means course creators can keep more of their earnings, which is especially beneficial for smaller educators or those just starting out. The straightforward pricing model without hidden costs makes financial planning easier and more predictable for course creators.

7. Integration-Friendly Platform:

The ability to integrate with a plethora of third-party tools adds to Thinkific’s versatility. Whether it’s integrating with CRM systems, payment gateways, or email marketing tools, Thinkific’s compatibility with a wide range of applications simplifies the task of managing various aspects of course creation and marketing. This integration-friendly nature makes it an adaptable platform suitable for diverse needs.

Thinkific’s range of pros makes it a highly attractive option for anyone looking to create, market, and sell online courses. Its powerful course-building tools, efficient marketing integrations, focus on learner experience, advanced scalability features, responsive support, no transaction fee policy, and integration capabilities collectively position it as a leading platform in the online course creation market.


1. Limited Design Customization

One notable con of Thinkific is the limitation in design customization. While the platform does offer a range of customization options, they can sometimes feel insufficient for users seeking highly specific or unique branding elements. The templates, though user-friendly, may not satisfy those who want more sophisticated or distinctive design control. It’s akin to painting within predefined lines – great for many, but restrictive for some.

2. Higher-Tier Plan Costs

The cost of Thinkific’s higher-tier plans can be a barrier, especially for individual educators or small startups just venturing into online courses. These advanced plans, while packed with valuable features, might be out of reach for those on a tighter budget. This cost factor is significant when considering the long-term use of the platform, particularly for users who require advanced functionalities.

3. Initial Learning Curve

Despite its user-friendly interface, beginners to online course platforms may face a learning curve with Thinkific. Understanding the full scope of the platform’s capabilities and learning how to use the advanced features effectively can take time. This is particularly true for users who are not as tech-savvy and may find the array of options initially overwhelming.

4. Dependence on External Integrations

While Thinkific’s ability to integrate with various third-party tools is a strength, it can also be a downside. Dependence on external integrations for certain functionalities means that users sometimes have to manage multiple systems and subscriptions. This can lead to additional complexity and costs, as well as potential issues with integration compatibility.

5. Limited Marketing Features in Basic Plans

Users of Thinkific’s basic plans might find the marketing features somewhat limited. For comprehensive marketing tools and advanced sales options, upgrading to a higher-tier plan is necessary. This can be a drawback for users who want more robust marketing capabilities but are not ready to invest in a more expensive plan.

6. Customer Support on Basic Plan

Although Thinkific generally offers good customer support, users on the free or basic plan might experience slower response times compared to higher-tier plans. This difference in support levels could impact users who need timely assistance but are on the platform’s more basic offerings.

7. Content Hosting Limitations

Thinkific hosts all the course content on its servers, which is convenient, but it also means that users have limited control over their content hosting. For some course creators who prefer to have direct control over every aspect of their course’s digital footprint, this might be a drawback.

While Thinkific offers many advantages, potential users should also consider its cons. These include limited design customization, the cost of higher-tier plans, the initial learning curve, dependence on external integrations, limited marketing features in basic plans, varying levels of customer support, and content hosting limitations.

Weighing these drawbacks is crucial in determining if Thinkific is the right fit for your specific online course needs.

Comparisons with Competitors

thinkific app store

In this part of the Thinkific review, we’ll compare Thinkific with its competitors, particularly focusing on features like custom domain usage and the availability of a membership resource library.

1. Custom Domain Comparison:

One of the key features that course creators look for is the ability to use a custom domain for their courses. Thinkific excels in this area, offering custom domain support across all its paid plans. This means you can brand your course platform with your own unique domain name, providing a professional and branded experience for your students.

When compared to competitors, Thinkific stands out for offering this feature at a lower entry cost. While platforms like Teachable also offer custom domain capabilities, they are typically available on higher-tier plans, making Thinkific more accessible for small-scale course creators or individuals.

2. Membership Resource Library:

A membership resource library is a valuable feature for online course platforms, allowing creators to offer additional resources and content to their students. Thinkific offers strong functionality here, with options to create a comprehensive resource library that students can access through a membership model.

This is particularly useful for creators who have a wealth of content and wish to build a community or subscription-based model. In comparison, some competitors either lack this feature or offer it with less flexibility, making Thinkific a more attractive choice for creators looking to build long-term relationships with their learners.

3. Course Creation and Management Tools:

In terms of course creation and management tools, Thinkific competes closely with other major platforms like Teachable and Kajabi.

Each platform has its unique strengths – while Thinkific is known for its user-friendly interface and course creation tools, Teachable is often praised for its advanced quiz and discussion features, and Kajabi for its all-in-one marketing functionalities.

Thinkific’s balance of ease of use and comprehensive features makes it a strong contender, especially for those who prioritize a straightforward course creation process.

4. Marketing and Sales Features

For marketing and sales features, Thinkific offers a robust set of tools, including advanced integrations with email marketing platforms, affiliate marketing capabilities, and effective sales pages.

While it provides comprehensive tools in this area, competitors like Kajabi may offer more integrated marketing features, albeit at a higher price point. Thinkific’s approach is well-suited for those who already have some marketing systems in place or are willing to integrate third-party tools.

5. Pricing and Value for Money

In terms of pricing, Thinkific offers a competitive edge, especially considering the no transaction fee policy across all its plans. This makes it an appealing option for course creators who are budget-conscious but still want access to a comprehensive set of features.

Competitors might offer different pricing structures, which can sometimes result in additional costs like transaction fees or charges for additional features.

6. Community Building and Student Engagement

For community building and student engagement, Thinkific stands tall with its membership and community features. The platform facilitates easy interaction between students and instructors, fostering a learning community. While competitors also offer community features, Thinkific’s ease of use and integration capabilities provide a seamless experience.

When compared to its competitors, Thinkific holds its ground with its custom domain support, versatile membership resource library, comprehensive course creation tools, solid marketing features, competitive pricing, and strong community-building capabilities.

Each platform has its unique strengths, but Thinkific’s combination of features makes it a top choice for a wide range of course creators, from beginners to established educators.

Final Verdict

final verdict thinkific

As we wrap up this Thinkific review, it’s time to draw some conclusions. Thinkific has shown itself to be a robust and versatile online course platform, equipped with a range of tools that cater to both novice and experienced course creators.

The platform excels in user-friendly course building, offering an intuitive interface and a variety of customization options. Its marketing features are comprehensive, providing course creators with essential tools to effectively promote and sell their courses. The ability to use a custom domain and create a membership resource library adds significant value, enhancing both the branding and the learner’s experience.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations, such as the cost barrier for accessing advanced features and certain customization constraints.

Despite these, Thinkific’s strengths in course creation, management, and marketing, combined with its competitive pricing model, make it an attractive choice for a wide range of educators and entrepreneurs in the e-learning industry.

Thinkific stands out as a top contender in the realm of online course platforms. Its balance of functionality, ease of use, and scalability make it a solid choice for anyone looking to create and sell online courses, build a learning community, and grow their educational venture.

Whether you’re a solo educator, a growing business, or an established institution, Thinkific provides the tools and flexibility needed to create impactful and successful online courses. Its commitment to improving and evolving, as seen in its regular updates and feature enhancements, shows a platform that’s in tune with the needs of modern educators and learners.

In essence, Thinkific stands as a testament to what a well-rounded online course platform should offer – a blend of simplicity, power, and scalability. As the e-learning industry continues to grow, Thinkific is well-positioned to remain a key player, helping creators turn their knowledge into impactful learning experiences.

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I’m a  Digital Marketer Blogger, Content marketer, and SEO expert with proven results. I’m detail-oriented, results-driven, and dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic or boost your online revenue, I can help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together.

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Oladejo Elisha. A Digital Marketer Blogger, Content marketer, and SEO specialist who loves the internet space so much that the competition drives me to the top as I keep finding ways to prove them irrelevant.