24 Best New Joe Rogan Podcasts.

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best new joe rogan podcasts
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24 Best New Joe Rogan Podcasts.

Joe Rogan, a seasoned standup comedian and the engaging host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, brings together a wide array of guests for profound conversations. This podcast, one of the best new Joe Rogan podcasts and a fan favorite, is now exclusively on Spotify.

Rogan’s varied career includes over 20 years in comedy and a longstanding role as a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he’s been a staple on Spike Television, Pay Per View, and FOX since 2002.

His passion for martial arts sparked at 13, leading to a black belt by 15 and a streak as the full contact Tae Kwon Do champion in Massachusetts for four years. At 19, Rogan achieved a major milestone, winning the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship and later clinching the MMA Grand Championship.

In the best new Joe Rogan podcasts, you’ll be immersed in enriching dialogues with guests spanning various fields. From politicians like Andrew Yang to actors, musicians including Oliver Anthony, artists, authors such as Joey Diaz, comedians like Bill Burr, to influential figures like Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and journalists like Tim Pool, these podcasts offer a diverse and stimulating auditory experience.

Why Are Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes So Popular In The World?

best new joe rogan podcasts

There are a few reasons why the Joe Rogan podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

I. Variety of Guests.

Joe Rogan has had a dialogue with a wide range of guests, from comedians, actors, politicians, scientists, and so on. This allows his ever-increasing audience to hear from a variety of individuals and perspectives.

II. Long-Form or Lengthy Format.

Rogan’s interviews are usually two to three hours long which gives him, his guests, and the live listeners the chance to explore compound topics. This contrasts with many podcasts which are usually shorter in length.

III. Casual Style or Approach.

His style is unconventional, conversational, and casual which makes his podcast feel more accessible and acceptable. He is not to ask seemingly tough questions and he does not take himself too seriously.

IV. Viral Moments.

Joe Rogan’s podcast has been a major source of many interesting moments, such as when he interviewed Elon Musk and discussed the benefits of taking Psychedelic drugs. These moments have attracted new listeners to his podcast.

Overall, the Joe Rogan podcasts are popular because it offers a unique and engaging listening experience. Rogan’s wide range of guests, long-form format, and casual style make his podcast a must-listen for many people.

The overall reason why Joe Rogan podcasts are popular is because they offer an engaging and unique listening experience. Joe Rogan’s show features a variety of guests, lengthy interviews, casual style which makes his podcast a must-listen for many

Some unique and additional reasons why Rogan’s podcasts are widely acceptable are.

  • Rogan’s personality is charming and engaging, making him a fine host. He has a way of making his guests open up.
  • The Format of the podcast is long-form which allows Rogan to have in-depth question-and-answer conversations with his guests.
  • The topics of Joe’s podcasts are not streamlined as they cover a wide range of topics, from science to politics, entertainment to comedy, and music.
  • Also, Joe Regan’s guests contribute to its popularity. His guests are celebrities, politicians, musicians, and a host of others. Some of them are Joey Diaz, Bill Burr, Oliver Anthony, Donald Trump, Jack Dorsey, Paul Stamets, Tim Pool, Andrew Yang, and lots more.

What are the Best New Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes to Listen to (2023)?

best joe rogan episodes

The Joe Regan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts online which has featured some incredible guests. Joe Regan has been a main voice in podcasting for over two decades.

With over 2,000 episodes, picking the most exceptional or enlightening one can be challenging, but there are some I recommend that you listen to.

Below are some of his podcasts to listen to.

1. JRE Episode #1169 – Elon Musk.

This is the episode in which Joe Rogan smoked weed with Elon Musk. This episode was streamed live on the 7th of September 2018.

This particular podcast episode that lasted for about 2 hours, and 37 minutes has about 62,500.00 views on YouTube. Elon Musk is an engineer, business manager, and investor. In the episode, Musk talks about his business ventures, social media, and AI and gives fans and followers a look into Elon’s thoughts about different aspects of modern life.

This episode is with Elon Musk, a tech visionary and trailblazing entrepreneur. The discussion focuses on the future of the Earth before taking an unexpected twist when Joe Rogan offers Musk a cigarette cannabis.

2. JRE #1863 – Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., which is the company behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Threads, and other digital platforms and services.

In this 3-hour interview, Mark and Joe delve deep into social media and technology and Zuckerberg revealed some information.

Zuckerberg attempted to mask the financial motives of the multibillion-dollar company by saying Meta is driven by a desire to empower people and its uses to express themselves and to achieve their individual goals.

However, this claim of his directly contradicts the litany of studies and internal reports that document how the company divides people, limits expression, and disempowers users.

3. JRE #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell.

This Joe’s podcast features an intriguing dual interview between Jeremy Corbell and Bob Lazar which they both discussed a mysterious topic. Lazar claimed to have reverse-engineered an alien spacecraft.

His podcasts have struck the perfect balance between captivating storytelling and scientific debate that draws listeners into many questions about the universe beyond what we see and beyond our planet Earth.

Jeremy Corbell is an investigative filmmaker, artist, UFOlogist, and author.

Joe is known for his curiosity about extraterrestrial life which makes this particular podcast especially interesting which is why Bob Lazar tells about the strange things he saw at Area 51, Bob said the government hired him to reverse engineer extraterrestrial life technology. He went further to say that the technology is not anything on Earth and was alien in origin. What a fascinating episode!

4. JRE #1675 – Quentin Tarantino.

Joe Regan’s interview with the legendary director, Quentin Tarantino is a must-listen for movie freak. Moreover, His interview with Quentin Tarantino stands out because of the detailed discussions about his life story.

Since Tarantino was more than willing to share in-depth knowledge about his work, viewers and listeners get to have access to unparalleled insight into his classic movies. Joe’s and Tarantino’s discussion makes it one of the most memorable Joe Rogan Experience episodes.

Joe analyzed specific aspects of Tarantino’s films, making the podcast an engaging and informative episode.

5. JRE #1278 – Kevin Hart.

This podcast episode with Kevin Hart in 2019 is one of the best podcast options for anybody. It is a roller coaster of fun, wit, and candid conversation.

Throughout this episode, it was clear Kevin Hart believes true success comes from hard work and unyielding determination.

Certainly, this episode allows viewers to swim in a pool of fun and same time gain insight into Kevin Hart’s core belief systems and ideas.

6. JRE #1227 – Mike Tyson.

The former legendary heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, has been a guest on Rogan’s YouTube podcast.

This episode revealed amazing stories of his career with memorable events such as his notorious ear-biting incident and owning of tigers.

Moreover, Mike Tyson was permitted to open up about his past experiences with drugs, including marijuana, acid, and mushrooms, and his effort to develop at his ranch his marijuana strain, and sober October.

7. JRE #1212 – David Goggins.

Another most popular podcast from Joe Regan Experience was the one with David Goggins. This episode was one of the most inspirational podcasts yet. He spoke about his incredible journey on how he was struggling to graduate from high school to become a Navy SEAL, ultra-marathoner, and endurance athlete.

David Goggins also talked about his struggles with depression and how he was able to push through and overcome obstacles to achieve his dreams. His story is an incredible story of dedication and resilience that inspired many listeners around the globe.

8. JRE #1567 – Dave Chappelle.

Joe Rogan’s funniest podcast episode is the episode with Chappelle. When Chappelle is in front of the mic, you know you are going to laugh, get angry, or do both as you wish.

They discussed comedy, social commentary, the entertainment industry, and so on.

9. JRE #1109 – Matthew Walker.

Matthew Walker is the founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Joe had a thorough conversation with him.

Joe Rogan’s interview with Matthew Walker gave listeners key information on the importance of a sound sleep which most people often take with levity.

This episode took things further than other episodes by having the guest explain how certain behaviors affect sleep.

Both Joe and Matthew left listeners more educated about the efficacy of sleep and were inspired to improve their sleeping habits.

10. JRE #962 – Jocko Willink.

Jocko Willink is a household name in military and leadership communities. His role as one of the New York Times Best Selling Author and podcast host further congealed this reputation.

He is popularly known for being a retired US Navy Seal Commander who marshaled the most highly decorated unit during the Iraq War. However, most people remember him for pioneering a new approach to leadership, emphasizing personal discipline and willpower over freedom.

Via his discussion with Joe Rogan podcast and on his Jocko podcast series, He has been able to spread his insights on crisis management and discipline to many eager listeners.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, they both spoke about working out, addictions, today’s generations, and other topics that impact and affect mental health positively.

11. JRE #1403 – Forrest Galante.

Forrest Galante is a television personality and wildlife biologist. Both himself and Joe Rogan discussed his work on the Animal Planet Show “Extinct or Alive.” And also his experiences tracking down endangered animals, his views on the relationship between animals and humans, and his thoughts on conservation.

This episode is a must-listen for a zoophilist or anybody interested in wildlife conservation or the conservation of the natural world.

12. JRE #919 – Neil deGrasse Tyson.

In 2022, one of the Joe Rogan Experience was graced with big names including Neil Tyson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Aaron Rodgers.

In this episode, both Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed diverse topics, the foremost of which is the concept of infinity. In this interview, both Rogan’s and Tyson’s passion for science comes through making it such an enjoyable episode to listen to as they discussed topics like the theory of infinity, and other topics relating to science. This interview displays their interest and attraction towards science.

The author, science enthusiast, and astrophysicist, Neil Tyson has returned to Joe Rogan podcasts three more times after this episode.

13. JRE #737 – Lance Armstrong.

No doubt Joe Rogan has a talent for bringing out the bare truth in his interview with guests, and this episode is no different. Joe delves deep into different theories with the cycling legend, Lance Armstrong in this immensely thought-provoking interview.

We know the drug scandal that Lance Armstrong faced and the struggle he went through while trying to sustain his career. He is famous for winning the Tour de France 7 times. He later admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

He also went on to give listeners an insider’s perspective on how drugging is common among professional high-level cyclists.

14. JRE #1916 – Jon Bernthal.

Jon Bernthal is an actor who was featured in Joe Rogan podcasts to discuss his diverse roles as he is known for his Netflix show, The Punisher, his character in The Walking Dead, The Wolf of Wall Street, and other shows. He also spoke about how playing such legendary characters has affected his life, his childhood, early acting days and career, and his amazing and intriguing experiences working on some of his famous projects.

Jon Bernthal is an incredible, exceptional, and solid actor currently working in Hollywood, and has played numerous movie roles. In in-depth interviews with Rogan, he openly discussed his spine-chilling experience of how he almost got killed in Russia.

15. JRE #138 – Anthony Bourdain.

The late celebrity and internationally renowned chef, storyteller, television personality, and author, Anthony Bourdain talked about his life as a chef and his worldly view of food and culture. He also talked about some of his favorite places to travel and how he has seen himself develop through these

This episode covers a wide range of topics that included Anthony’s early life, career as a chef, and his traveling around the world. Bourdain also spoke about thoughts on culture, food, and the human condition.

16. JRE #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick has her Ph. D in Biomedical Science, and she is a prestigious expert in her field. She is without a doubt a professional in Nutritional Health and has quickly become a favorite guest of Rogan on Joe Rogan’s podcast. To date, she has appeared on 10 JRE episodes.

This episode will be interesting to those who are interested in the human brain and how it works. Joe welcomed Dr. Rhonda, a Nutritional Health and Biomedical Science expert on this show.

They discussed depression, its effect on the function of the brain, and ways to attain happiness. She later came for these other Joe Rogan episodes starting from the latest to the oldest – #1701, #1474, #1178, #901, #773, #672, #568, #502, and #459.

17. JRE #543 – Sam Harris.

Sam Harris is a renowned author, neuroscientist, philosopher, podcast host, and public intellectual. He has been frequently interviewed on Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss his interesting views on different topics ranging from philosophy to psychedelics, to meditation, to politics. Sam Harris approached each topic with sound scientific knowledge and logic.

Harris’s view on free will, morality, religion, and consciousness was discussed, and he also talked about his experience with his work on the Waking Up App.

This is also one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts with any scientist.

18. JRE #1554 – Kanye West.

Over the years, the behavior of Kanye West has sparked reactions and intense debates about his persona in public. On Joe Rogan Experience, Kanye West has addressed many debatable topics that surround him in an engaging three-hour conversation.

Kanye delved into the rumor of having bipolar disorder. He also talked about running for the presidency and leading a free world. His relationship with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian makes him always be in the limelight.

He also shared his ideas on how the world works, his religious beliefs, and his struggles.

19. JRE #2024 – Hulk Horgan.

Almost everyone knows Hulk Horgan. He is a professional wrestler, actor, entrepreneur, and broadcast personality whose recent project is a signature line in mushrooms and cannabis products.

The ex-professional wrestler is one of the most popular names the industry has ever known. His success led him to later become a popular and renowned actor, businessman, and TV personality.

20. JRE #1949 – Russell Brand.

Russell Brand is an author, actor, activist, comedian, and host of the “Stay Free with Russell Brand” podcast episode. Listening to this over three-hour conversation between two comedians was a humorous treat.

This particular episode with Russell was aired in 2019, but Russell Brand has appeared as one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts twice before. Most of the conversations were funny and did a great job entertaining the audience.

In other episodes, topics like spirituality, addiction and recovery, and societal critique were discussed. Russell Brand has appeared in some other movies and TV shows.

21. JRE #1330 – Bernie Sanders.

This episode aired in August 2019 when Bernie was campaigning for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. The fact that he lost his nomination to Joe Biden makes this episode worth listening to. He is serving currently as the United States Senator of Vermont.

Bernie Sanders spoke in detail about his political issues. The duration of this episode is an hour. Bernie was the second 2020 Democratic presidential candidate featured on U. S. presidential list. Sanders is frank in sharing his political views and sharing his level of directness that is often lacking in conventional political interviews.

22. JRE #1368 – Edward Snowden.

In this unforgettable episode that came as a great surprise to everyone, Edward Snowden, a high-profile and popular American Whistleblower, joins Joe Regan on a video conference.

This episode runs through Snowden’s experience in leaking NSA documents and popular conspiracy theories.

If you are interested in government secrecy, mechanics of surveillance, or conspiracy theories, then this episode delivers exactly all these. Edwards’s hunt for evidence connected to aliens and chemtrails, though fruitless adds an intriguing angle to the conversation.

23. JRE #1791 – Sadghuru.

Sadhguru is an Indian influential yogi and spiritual leader. He delved into topics like consciousness, spirituality, and the challenges of modern living.

If you are the type who is interested in spirituality or looking for ways to improve your mental well-being, this episode is sure a bank of knowledge for you.

This episode also offers a glimpse into the impactful and humanitarian work of Sadhguru making it an enlightening episode to listen to.

He shares the transformative powers of meditation and yoga, as well as his ingenuity through the Isha Foundation, which is a non-profit organization he in 1992. The latest initiative of the Isha Foundation is its Save Soil Movement.

24. JRE #712 & #865 – Wim Hoff.

Wim Hoff also known as “The Iceman” is an extreme adventurer and athlete who has set world records for his outstanding abilities to withstand severe cold temperatures. He believes anyone can learn to do what he does and he has developed a training method to help you and me achieve these outstanding feats.

This episode is a must-listen for you if you want to learn a technique that will change your life. Hoff is pretty popular in biohacking circles, and also for his well-known breathing technique – The Wim Hoff Method.

This breathing method is not a woo-woo technique – his technique has been studied by scientists. They discovered that Hoff was able to control his internal body temperature, hormonal and immune responses, and inflammation using this method.

This episode covers Wim’s special breathing technique to improve your health, reduce stress, and perform better health-wise.

About Joe Rogan’s Life and Career.

joe rogan experience podcast

Joe Rogan’s full name is Joseph James Rogan. The Italian Irish was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. His father was a police officer in Newark. His parents got a divorce when he was five years old, and Joe last spoke to his father when he was seven years old.

In different interviews, Joe Rogan has said that he remembers scenes of domestic violence from his childhood at home between his Dad and Mom.

His family moved to San Francisco when he was seven, and when he was eleven, they moved to Gainesville, Florida. They settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts in the end. Joe Rogan took up karate when he was 14 and Tae Kwon Do when he was 15.

In 1985, Joe graduated from Newton South High School. At 19, he won the U.S. Open Championship taekwondo tournament as a lightweight. Whoa! Joe Rogan enrolled at The University of Massachusetts, Boston, but he later dropped out before graduation.

Joe lived in Boston until he was 24, then he moved to New York City to pursue a career in stand-up comedy which he is now known to be a success.

Joe’s Personal Life and Family.

In 2009 Rogan was married to Jessica Ditzel. She is a former cocktail waitress. They both have two daughters; the first daughter was born in 2008 and the second one in 2010. Joe is the stepfather to Ditzel’s daughter whom she had from her previous relationship.

He holds black belts in Brazilian Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. He also holds a blue belt in Judo.

Rogan has used his comedy and podcast to talk about his support of drugs such as mushrooms, cannabis, and dimethyltryptamine. He is a public supporter of medical and recreational use of those drugs.

One time, he was featured in a marijuana documentary “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High,” and has an isolation tank in his house that fosters a natural production of DMT.

Joe Rogan’s Comedy and Acting Career.

Rogan moved to Los Angeles in 1994 and booked his first national television spot and MTV comedy show known as “Half-Hour Comedy Hour” where he was able to showcase his stand-up comedy that has worked on when he was in New York City.

In the same 1994, Joe Rogan booked his first major role in acting in the sitcom “Hardball” as Frank Valente, a young star, and ego-centric player on a professional baseball team. In 1994, this show ran on Fox for nine episodes.

He performed at The Comedy Store in Hollywood for 13 years for free, thanks to Mitzi Shore, and was so kind to pay for the venue’s sound system.

Rogan’s Podcast Career.

In December 2009, Joe launched a free podcast with his friend and fellow comedian Brian Redban. The first episode ever recorded was on December 24th and was a weekly live broadcast on Ustream, with Redban and Rogan sitting in front of their laptops and just ranting.

By August 2010, the podcast was named after Joe Rogan – The Joe Rogan Experience. This podcast features an array of guests from different careers who discuss philosophy, current events, comedy, political views, hobbies, career paths, passions, and other many topics. It is one of the most known free podcasts available.

It was reported in 2022 that a video platform called Rumble offered Joe $100 million to shift from Spotify. Variety magazine says he declined the offer.

Joe Rogan’s Net Worth.

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, martial arts expert, actor, UFC commentator, and podcast host who has a net worth of $200 million. In the comedy series “News Radio,” Joe Rogan first became known as a cast member.

He went further to host the reality shows “Fear Factor,” “The Man Show,” and “Comedy Central.” Today, Joe Rogan operates one of the most successful, powerful, impactful, and inspiring podcasts in the world and serves as the UFC’s commentator. In Austin, Texas, Rogan owns and manages a comedy club called Comedy Mothership.

Wrapping Up

alex jones - best joe rogan episodes

Joe’s journey to success is one of dedication and resilience that has encouraged many listeners worldwide. With such a wealth of understanding and skill due to the various guests that he has invited to the show, it is no wonder why he has become one of the most renowned podcast hosts in the world.

From discussing scientific theories to in-depth interviews to a personal career with guests from all over the world. The Joe Rogan Experience offers an entertaining and unique experience and opportunity.

Thanks to the diverse content, guests, and enlightening interviews, listeners will always walk away with a bank of knowledge and experience when they tune in for the Joe Rogan Experience.

If you are looking at starting your own podcast, I recommend that you sit down and carefully study the Joe Rogan Experience and learn how to successfully run yours from his early career days, his losses, failures, and those he started with, where he is now, the guests he invites, how he sources for his guests and lots more.

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