5 Best SEO Certification to Level Up Your Skill

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seo certification to level up your skill

Get a foundational knowledge of the 5 best SEO certification to level up your skill, to grow, and to develop your SEO career.

A lot of people wonder if SEO certifications are worth it.

The answer is a big Yes!

If you want to increase your SEO knowledge, want to get a job in the SEO industry, or dream of one day owning an SEO agency, then yes, you need SEO training.

The fact is employers, customers, and clients all like to be sure that you have attained all the necessary skills and knowledge. Having an SEO certification to level up your skill will help you demonstrate just that to anyone in the category above.

There are a lot of SEO certifications available out there, but one needs to be cautious about them because not all of them bring value. As a result of this, I have been able to select the 5 best SEO certifications to level up your skill.

Irrespective of who you are, whether you are a beginner or a qualified SEO professional, these certifications of SEO can quickly get you noticed.

Let’s get started.

5 Best SEO Certifications: My Top Picks

Below are the best SEO certifications that are being run by SEO professionals who are recognized and who have also built their skills to help you achieve the following:

  • To enable you to develop the skills needed.

  • To teach you the process

  • To showcase an effective SEO strategy that any client will love.

The SEO certifications are as follows:

1. 28-Day SEO Challenge Certification

learn google seo fundamentals

One thing you will note after checking other SEO courses is that almost all SEO certifications out there teach you different pieces of the puzzles of SEO. But none of them make provision for the processes and structure that can help you to put the puzzle together.

However, this challenge gives you everything at once – in the space of 28 days.

Things To Learn With 28-Day SEO Certification

From the 28-day SEO certification course, you will learn each SEO step that reveals core SEO basics, techniques, and how to implement them practically.

You will learn from the basics to the advanced level strategies of the following.

  • The SEO foundations of a great website.

  • How to research keyword-related topics.

  • How to create excellent content at a scale.

  • All that you need to know about on-page SEO.

  • About strategies of link-building strategies that work.

  • Repeat processes you will be able to make use of consistently.

Meanwhile, the ultimate goal of the course is to give you everything you need to implement SEO techniques and strategies on any website.

Did I mention that this course is completely free?

2. Semrush SEO Fundamentals Course

learn how to implement technical seo strategies

Semrush is a popularly known SEO tool that is accompanied by a robust suite. At the same time, Semrush has its online academy where free courses with basic SEO certifications can be obtained.

The SEO fundamentals of Semrush are composed of 31 fantastic modules. One of the yardsticks that makes the course a great one is that SEO expert Greg Gifford himself taught the course.

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Greg has been in the SEO industry for over 17 years and is tremendously equipped with a lot of SEO experience.

The moment you have completed the Semrush course, you have the opportunity to take one of the exams like the Semrush Academy Exams. The result of the exam will yield a certification like a Semrush technical SEO certificate.

Because the Semrush course has ‘fundamentals’ in it, it does not mean it is only meant for beginners. However, its primary target audience could be SEO BEGINNERS, but the course tends to quickly take you from the basic level to the in-depth level on fundamental SEO practices.

Things you’ll learn from the Semrush SEO Fundamentals Course

  • All you need to know about how search engines work

  • The technical SEO aspects of a website.

  • An understanding of why a website is ranking.

  • What link signals are, and why they are essential.

  •  On-page SEO fundamentals

  •  How to rank your website in local search

After the completion of the SEO training, you will have a deep foundation of SEO best practices.

The free course also shows you step-by-step instructions on how to increase your search traffic.

3. HubSpot SEO Certification Course

free seo certification and online courses

HubSpot happens to be one of the biggest names in digital marketing software, which is why they have its academy for digital marketing courses.

The exceptional thing about this academy is that it offers free classes and certification. Another thing is that each certification is available all year round and that it is open to all and sundry that have much interest in it.

With this in mind, it actually means that, irrespective of your background and budget, you will be able to access to the course you are interested in.

HubSpot also offers courses on online marketing, and online sales.

Let’s look at the details of things to learn in the course.

Things you’ll learn from the HubSpot SEO Certification Course

The HubSpot SEO certification starts from the very beginning of SEO, with information on the history of search engines. But the moment the foundations are in place, the course speeds up quickly.

You will have the opportunity to learn the following in the certification course.

  • How to evaluate a website’s SEO.

  • How to develop your SEO strategy and KPIs.

  • About On-page SEO and technical SEO.

  • About the foundations of link-building strategy.

  • About how websites can be optimized for rich snippets.

  • How to report SEO data.

The certification is only six modules long, with each lesson broken down into bite-sized videos- that is, between 5 and 7 minutes each in length. So, that makes it quick and easy.

This course is also absolutely free.

4. Moz SEO Essentials Certificate

seo certification worth

Moz is one of the founding parents of SEO education; they decided to create their own  Moz SEO Essentials  Certificate.

The course is a 6 part course that teaches the essentials of SEO in a much more practical way. The course is straight to the point, and they try as much as possible to avoid fluff in the course.

Let’s look at the things to learn in the Moz SEO Essentials Certificate

Things you’ll learn in Moz SEO Essentials Certificate

After the completion of the SEO certification- you will acquire all the knowledge you need to build and implement an effective strategy.

Meanwhile, each section of the course explains the details of one core concept of SEO.

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 Let’s look at the content of the SEO course, which includes the following:

  • The fundamental SEO concepts that is a must-know.

  • The knowledge of Google SEO certification.

  • The conduction of quality keyword research.

  • The Moz’s on-page optimization guide.

  • The essentials of Practical link building.

  • The Effective SEO Reporting.

Moreover,  the SEO certification helps you to build your processes for SEO.

This course is sadly not free. It costs $595, but it is worth the price.

5. Market Motive Advanced SEO Certification Training

google analytics and content marketing

Market Motives advanced SEO certification training covers all that you need to know if you want to learn SEO from A-Z.

This SEO Certification Training course starts with Foundations of SEO and immediately moves into SEO concepts, which are more complex.

To begin this certification course, you can either register and join the online boot camp or take the course in a self-paced manner.

The difference is between these two?

If you pick the Bootcamp, you will be required to pay a bit more (it costs $899), but with the added advantage of having an instructor who will be like support as you go through the live training.

The self-paced course, on the other hand, will give you full access to the modules and help you go through them at your own pace.

Things you’ll learn in Market Motive Advanced SEO Certification Training.

The Market Movie SEO certification course is an entire course that has more than thirty-two hours of online video training. And its focus is on SEO from every angle you can think of to be covered. The focus is as follows:

  • It includes the fundamental to advanced SEO skills.

  • It includes how search engines work.

  • It includes keyword management and research.

  • It includes practical on-page SEO concepts.

  • It includes How to analyze SEO data.

  • It consists of the Using of link-building to increase a website’s authority.

  • It includes Content creation and promotion.

However, this course is one of the essential certification courses that have great depth on the list.

Meanwhile, each participant has the opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of SEO at an advanced level and also receives a certification that is well-deserved at the completion of the training.

Why Should You Get an SEO Certification?

seo certification to level up your skill

The thing is, any proof of training or knowledge of SEO is an excellent way to boost the following:

  • Your curriculum vitae.

  • Your online SEO career.

  • Your LinkedIn profile.

But the above-mentioned are not the only reasons you should get an SEO certification. In fact, let’s look a few benefits of obtaining  SEO certification.

Benefits of SEO certifications For SEO Beginners

An SEO certification is not only ideal for boosting your CV but also has the following benefits

  • It Saves Time

All that you need to learn is packed in one place. So, there is no need to search all over the internet for answers to be brought for your SEO questions.

  • It Saves Money

The moment you take a certification exam, you will be equipped enough to cater to your personal SEO. Doing this actually means that you will not need to spend so much on SEO services anymore.

  • Get Structured SEO Education.

Basically, SEO certification gives out the knowledge of the basic procedures before the technical stuff. Primarily, you need to ensure a module is gone through and completed before going to the next module.

  • Learn From Experienced Professionals

All the certifications presented above are certifications built by SEO experts with a wealth of experience.

  • Serves as a proof of your SEO knowledge.

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In order to get certified, one needs to ensure that every module is completed. Sometimes, one will necessarily need to pass an exam for a course to be finished and for the certificate to be obtained.

Now, let’s look at the Benefits of obtaining certifications for SEO Professionals.

Benefits of SEO Certification For SEO Professionals

In contrast to what people think, professional SEOs also have the opportunity to benefit from certifications, but for contrary reasons.

The following are the things SEO professionals can gain from SEO certification and courses; they are as follows:

  • It makes provision for new ideas and inspiration.

  • It gives you an idea of what other professionals are doing.

  • It keeps you updated with the latest changes in the industry.

Certainly, the SEO industry has become an industry that moves at a rapid speed. And with the changes that Google makes constantly, every SEO gets working on ensuring they are updated.


advanced search engine optimization

The simple truth is, if you really want to gain popularity in the SEO industry or you want to improve your SEO skills, you will need to get an SEO certification.

There is really a lot of knowledge to gain coupled with a shiny certificate of proof for your work.

However, the certification will not just turn you into an expert, but it will give you the foundation that is needed for you to grow and for your SEO career to develop. You need to do the actual work to become an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

yoast seo premium plugin

What are SEO Certifications?

SEO certifications are certifications received after the completion of an online SEO course. As far as the certification is concerned, it showcases three things than just being a piece of paper.

The certification reveals the following:

  • It shows that you have successfully completed an SEO course.

  • It demonstrates that you have knowledge of SEO.

  • It reveals and certifies you as someone who understands SEO.

For you to be able to attract new jobs in SEO or new clients, being tagged as a certified SEO professional will not be a bad idea.

Do SEO Certifications have Downsides or Limitations?

The training does not automatically make you an expert in SEO. The certification is proof that you have theoretical knowledge and skills.

You must be able to have good practical experience in SEO with the certification before you can be referred to as an SEO expert.

SEO certification offers you a perfect understanding of techniques, concepts, strategies, and systems. Meanwhile, you need practical knowledge as well to showcase and prove to your employers.

For the title of an SEO expert to be earned, showcase what you have learned from the SEO certification courses.

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO  happens to be the process by which websites are improved to increase visibility in search engines like Microsoft Bing, Google, and any other search engines that people search from.

Meanwhile, people do research or search for products you sell, services you provide, and also information on various topics that one have deep experience or expertise in.

The more visibility your page has on the search results page(SERP), the more easily you can be found and clicked on.

The main goal of SEO is for website visitors to be attracted to the site, who will eventually become customers or clients or a loyal audience that will often come back for more information.


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