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Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

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» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing


I'm Elisha Oladejo.

» I am extremely good at one thing. And that’s helping local businesses rank on search engines.

» But truth be told, that’s not the only thing that I’m great at.

» But lest it seem like, I’m tooting my own horn, how about I start from the very beginning?

» Hi, I’m Elisha, and welcome to my corner of the internet!

» My story is one of overcoming self-doubt to become a successful online entrepreneur.

» Looking back, it’s almost unbelievable to see how far I have come from my younger years to creating this blog in 2022 that has held several number 1 spots on the SERPs with zero money spent on adverts.

» Don’t worry; I’ll give you all the details that led me to starting this blog, and how I did it.

» Don’t have time to stick to all the details, so here is the shortened version.

Elisha Oladejo

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» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

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Short Story

» I started this blog in 2022 because I was fascinated with the online space.

» The truth is I have been fascinated with computers and the internet for a long time. This is what led me to study Computer Engineering.

» Known as the ‘system engineer’ in my undergraduate years, I came in contact with different computers and their operating systems when people called me in for repairs.

» In my third year of school, 3 of my friends and I came together to start a software company. We spent the night researching together, trying to build our company, and working on producing the best of the best!

» We quickly became best friends and spent our free time together daydreaming about how we would change so many lives with our software.

» Long story short, the company dissolved when a vital founder decided to elope with another founder’s girl! The betrayal!

» Anyway, after spending a month trying to talk sense to one and comfort the other, the company dissolved!

» I was back to just being the system guy, not the next Mark Zuckerburg, LOL!

» But it did not just end there for me. Our many nights of research introduced me to the world of digital marketing. I began to do some in-depth research and boom! That’s how I was drawn into the digital marketing world. Ready for the Long story?

» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

My Journey

with Digital Marketing.

» I started writing articles and blog posts here and there before I even learned the fundamentals of copywriting.

» Soon, I opened my Fiverr account and kept working on myself. Soon, I became one of the top-rated providers on Fiverr.

» I kept researching and started learning about SEO and link building.

» What drew my interest was how I could be more visible through SEO.

» In 2015, I had some goods to sell as I did eCommerce on a small scale. I made sales. But I had to spend heavily on advertising. I had zero sales whenever I did not buy my advert slot.

» So, I began to think of another way to market my goods without spending that heavily. I researched and found that owning a part of the online space and working to make myself visible was the best investment I could make for my business. It seemed slow, but it was sure.

» I began to study SEO in-depth and how to make it work. After implementing those SEO strategies, I sold and made a cumulative 7-digit profit margin in the next four years.

» In 2017, I started implementing these strategies for other businesses, selling them processes that worked for me. I began on different freelancing platforms and gathered over 9,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers within a year.

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» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

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In 2022, I decided to begin this blog to document my knowledge and mark every level of growth along the way.

The blog aimed to teach my readers how to build a profitable and successful business through online marketing – whether as a blogger content creator, freelancer, or marketing agent.

The idea is to work with readers long-term to produce sustainable results.

So, of course, this called for engaging SEO content.

Like everyone interested in SEO will soon come to realize; SEO content goes beyond keyword placement.

Every SEO content must be high-quality, relevant, and engaging to yield results.

Speaking of results, let’s look at a few milestones I have had:

Owning a blog since 2022 has given these results:

These keywords became number 1 organically. Just plain good-old SEO content. No link building, no other SEO work done.

» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

Where I am Today...

Today, I can boldly say I have a good knowledge of digital marketing. I run an agency (Qarah Digital Services), Own an SEO store called ELINETA, manage SEO for several businesses, and have been able to create a name for myself in the Local SEO world.

Speaking of Local SEO, I’ve noticed that many business owners tend to make the same mistakes.

In fact, many businesses fall into one of two camps:

But to truly excel in Local SEO, it’s essential to strike a balance between thoughtful strategy and meticulous execution.

This approach ensures that your business not only ranks well locally but does so in a way that contributes tangibly to your overall business goals.

Well, let’s talk a bit about the results I’ve gotten with this approach:

» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing


Final Musings

My journey has been one of persistent growth and learning. From the early days of curiosity-driven exploration to the practical applications of SEO that drove business success, each step has been a building block toward expertise.

Now, as a recognized name in Local SEO, I stand committed to helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital marketing with strategies that are both innovative and grounded in proven principles.

By sharing my insights and experiences, I aim to empower others to harness the power of SEO to achieve their business objectives and thrive in the competitive online marketplace. Whether you’re starting out or looking to refine your approach, remember that the key to success in digital marketing is a blend of creativity, adaptability, and strategic foresight.

Let’s continue to grow and evolve together in this ever-changing digital world.

» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing

» Building A Profitable And Successful Biz Through Online Marketing


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