7 Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugins

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best wordpress autoblogging plugins

Find out the 7 best WordPress autoblogging plugins to streamline your content strategy. Save time, maintain consistency, and enrich your blog effortlessly.

Discovering the best WordPress Autoblogging Plugins is essential because they streamline content creation, save time, and enhance website productivity.

With the right tools, you can automate content updates, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and improve user engagement—all crucial factors for success in the competitive blogging space.

With options like WP RSS Aggregator, FeedWordPress, and WP Robot, the right WordPress auto-blogging plugin can make all the difference in your blog.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve evaluated and ranked the top 7 WordPress Autoblogging plugins, including my top 3 recommendations, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect fit.

  • WP RSS Aggregator: A top-tier plugin for sophisticated content curation, offering extensive customization for a personalized content feed.

  • WPeMatico: A user-friendly plugin designed for seamless content curation and distribution across multiple channels.

  • WP Robot: A powerful automation tool that sources diverse content, ideal for keeping your site lively with minimal effort.

Maintaining a vibrant and up-to-date blog is essential for any website striving to stay relevant and engaging to its audience.

Improving user experience and interaction isn’t just beneficial for keeping visitors engaged; it’s also key for drawing them in and keeping them around, leading to more traffic and conversions in the long run.

Yet, the constant demand for new content can quickly become overwhelming, leaving many site owners struggling to produce quality posts consistently. This is where the best WordPress autoblogging plugins emerge as a valuable solution.

Autoblogging offers a streamlined approach to content creation, allowing you, as a website owner, to automate the process of sourcing and publishing articles. By using auto blogging plugins, you can save time and resources while keeping your blog consistently active and up-to-date, ensuring its relevance in the online space.

In this article, I will show you the top WordPress auto-blogging plugins designed to revolutionize your content creation process.

From the versatile capabilities of the renowned WP RSS Aggregator to other cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically for WordPress, we’ll explore the features and benefits of each plugin.

7 Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugins

WordPress auto blogging plugins are handy tools that help automate the process of sourcing and publishing content, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or an aspiring influencer, auto blogging can streamline your content creation process.

Let’s explore the top 7 WordPress auto-blogging plugins that can revolutionize your website’s content strategy.

1). WP RSS Aggregator


wordpress autoblogging plugin


WP RSS Aggregator is aN effective WordPress plugin that allows you to import, merge, and display RSS feeds on your website.

Whether you want to curate content from various sources or create an auto blogging site, WP RSS Aggregator provides the necessary tools.

Key Features

  • Feed Import: Easily import RSS feeds from multiple sources.

  • Customizable Display: Display feed items as posts, pages, or custom post types.

  • Filter and Categorize: Filter content by keywords, categories, or authors.

  • Merge Feeds: Combine multiple feeds into one.

  • Shortcodes and Widgets: Use shortcodes or widgets to display feeds anywhere on your site.

  • Auto-Update: Set intervals for automatic feed updates.

  • Keyword Filtering: Exclude or include specific keywords from feeds.

  • Thumbnail Support: Display feed item thumbnails.

  • Excerpts and Full Content: Choose to display excerpts or full content.

  • Custom Templates: Customize the appearance of feed items using templates.


  • Easy Setup: WP RSS Aggregator is user-friendly and straightforward to set up.

  • Flexible Display Options: You can customize how feed items are displayed on your site.

  • Developer-Friendly: Developers can extend functionality using hooks and filters.

  • Premium Add-Ons: Access premium add-ons for additional features.


  • Dependency on External Feeds: Relies on external RSS feeds, which can be unreliable.

  • Not Ideal for Heavy Autoblogging: For extensive auto blogging, consider other solutions.

Plans and Pricing

  • Basic: $79 annually,

  • Plus: $149 annually.

  • Pro: $179 annually.

  • All access: $249 annually.



wordpress plugins


WPeMatico stands out as a robust WordPress auto blogging plugin designed to automate fetching and publishing content across various websites and RSS feeds.

Tailored for bloggers, news aggregators, and content curators, WPeMatico simplifies the task of maintaining a content-rich site by automating content discovery and publication.

It’s a perfect tool for those looking to keep their website lively and updated without constant manual input.

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Key Features

  • Campaign Creation for Automated Posting: You can set up campaigns targeting specific RSS feeds for automated content retrieval and posting.

  • Full Feed Scraping: Capable of fetching the full content from summaries or partial feeds.

  • Post Template Customization: Offers customizable templates to format the automated posts according to your site’s design.

  • Automatic Categorization and Tagging: Automatically assigns categories and tags to imported content based on predefined rules.

  • Content Rewriting Options: Includes options for basic rewriting to avoid duplicate content penalties.

  • Cron Job Scheduling: Uses WordPress or real cron jobs to schedule content fetching and posting.

  • Error Logging for Debugging: Provides detailed logs of all operations, making it easier to troubleshoot issues.

  • Extension Support: Offers a variety of add-ons for enhanced functionality, including content filters and extra feeds.


  • Efficient Content Management: Streamlines the process of content curation and publication.

  • Flexibility: Offers extensive customization options for automated posts.

  • Support for Multiple Languages: This makes catering to a diverse audience with content in different languages possible.

  • Add-on Availability: The availability of add-ons enhances its functionality, allowing for tailored content curation strategies.


  • Limited Advanced Rewriting Features: Basic rewriting options may not suffice for all SEO needs.

  • Dependence on External Content: Reliance on external feeds might limit control over content quality.

Plans and Pricing

WPeMatico offers a freemium model:

  • Free Version: Provides core auto blogging functionalities suitable for basic content curation needs.

  • Essentials( Professional+ Full Content)– It costs $82.

  • Plus (Pro+ Better Excerpts + Feed Creator) – It costs $149.

  • Perfect (All WPeMatico Extensions)– It costs $281.

3). WP Robot


autoblogging plugin


WP Robot is a powerful WordPress auto-blogging plugin at the forefront of automated content curation. It streamlines the process of sourcing and publishing content from various feeds, websites, and other online sources directly to your WordPress site.

With its robust features, WP Robot is particularly suited for affiliate marketers, news aggregators, and niche bloggers seeking to automate their content strategy while maintaining high customization and control.

Key Features

  • Content Curation from Various Sources: Automatically sources content from articles, videos, images, social media, and more.

  • Advanced Automation Rules: Create detailed rules for how and when content is published on your site.

  • Affiliate Product Integration: Easily integrates with Amazon, eBay, and other affiliate networks for monetization.

  • Automatic Content Rewriting: Features content spinning capabilities to help avoid duplicate content penalties.

  • RSS Feed Integration: Acts as a WordPress RSS feed retriever, pulling content from selected RSS sources.

  • Scheduled Posting: Offers flexible scheduling options to control the frequency of your automated posts.

  • Content Mixing: Combines content from multiple sources into single posts for rich, varied content.


  • Diverse Content Sources: Enables access to various content types and sources.

  • Monetization Features: Affiliate integration opens up avenues for passive income.

  • High Degree of Customization: Extensive customization options for automated posts.

  • SEO Friendly: Advanced features to manage SEO aspects of automated content.


  • Complexity for Beginners: The range of features can overwhelm new users.

  • Content Quality Control: Automated content may require manual review for quality and relevance.

Plans and Pricing

WP Robot offers a tiered pricing model to accommodate various needs and budgets:

  • Basic Plan: This plan is suitable for small sites and offers core features with limited resources. It costs $89/year.

  • Full Version: This option provides access to all modules and is ideal for medium-sized sites. It costs $119/year.

  • Pro Version: This plan includes access to all the features in the Full plan and more. It costs $149/year.

  • Developer Version: This is best for large sites and professional developers, including commercial rights. It costs $249/year.

Each plan is priced annually, with the Full Plan being the most popular for its balance of features and cost.

4). Autoblog by WPMU DEV


best wordpress autoblogging plugin


Autoblog by WPMU DEV is a powerhouse among WordPress auto blogging plugins, meticulously designed to automate the content curation process for your WordPress blog.

This plugin acts as an efficient WP content pilot, going through digital content online to fetch, filter, and publish articles, videos, and images.

It streamlines the addition of diverse and engaging content to WordPress sites, making it a valuable tool for site owners looking to save time without sacrificing content quality.

Key Features

  • RSS Feed Automation: Imports content directly from RSS feeds to your site, simplifying content aggregation.

  • Multiple Feed Sources: Supports importing from multiple RSS feed sources, enriching your content variety.

  • Post Filtering: Offers advanced filtering options to ensure only relevant content is published on your site.

  • Automatic Author Assignment: Assigns posts to specific authors, helping maintain authorship consistency across your blog.

  • Scheduled Post Publishing: You can set a publishing schedule to ensure consistent content updates.

  • Image Handling: Automatically imports and assigns featured images to posts, enhancing visual appeal.

  • Category and Tag Mapping: Dynamically assigns imported content to specific categories and tags for better organization.

  • User Role Management: Controls which user roles can manage the Autoblog plugin, adding an extra layer of security.

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  • Streamlined Content Curation: Automates finding and publishing content, saving time and effort.

  • Enhanced Site Engagement: Regularly updated content keeps your site fresh and engaging for visitors.

  • Customization Options: Extensive customization ensures that automated content fits seamlessly into your site’s design and structure.

  • Ease of Use: Despite its advanced features, Autoblog is designed to be user-friendly, catering to tech-savvy users and beginners.


  • Content Quality Oversight: Requires occasional manual review to ensure the quality and relevance of automated content.

  • Reliance on External Feeds: The utility of the plugin depends on the availability and reliability of external RSS feeds.

5). Content Egg

autoblogging plugin


Content Egg is a multifaceted WordPress automatic plugin designed to enhance your website’s content and monetization strategy. It’s not just any WordPress plugin; it’s a robust tool that automatically adds affiliate products, videos, images, and other content types to your posts.

This plugin is ideal for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs looking to diversify their content and sources of income with minimal effort.

Key Features

  • Affiliate Marketing Integration: Seamlessly integrates with multiple affiliate networks to add relevant products to your content.

  • Automatic Content Insertion: Add videos, images, news, texts, and products to your posts.

  • Price Comparison Modules: Creates dynamic price comparison lists and product sliders.

  • Keyword-Based Fetching: Automatically fetches and displays products based on predefined keywords.

  • Support for Multiple Vendors: Includes products from Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, and many other vendors.

  • Product Reviews and Ratings: Adds reviews and ratings for affiliate products directly into posts.

  • Search and Import: Allows manual search and import of products if automatic fetching is not desired.


  • Monetization Strategy: Provides an easy way to add affiliate marketing into your content strategy.

  • Content Diversity: Enhances your site with various content types, from products to videos.

  • User Engagement: Comparing products and offering reviews can boost user engagement and prolong their time spent on the website.

  • SEO Benefits: Regularly updated content with diverse media types can improve search engine rankings.


  • Potential for Overcrowding Content: Posts can become overcrowded with affiliate links and products without careful planning.

  • Maintenance Required: Affiliate products and links may need regular updating to remain relevant and available.

Plans and Pricing

Content Egg offers both a free plugin version with basic features and three Pro versions with extended capabilities:

  • Free Version: Includes basic functionality for starting out with content curation and affiliate marketing.

  • Regular license: Unlocks all features, including advanced modules for additional affiliate networks, price comparison, and more. It costs $55

6). RSS Post Importer


autoblogging plugin


RSS Post Importer is the go-to solution for website owners looking to streamline their content strategy through automation.

It is known to be one of the best WordPress auto blogging plugins; it fetches full-text content from RSS feeds and publishes them as posts on your WordPress site.

This plugin is perfect for bloggers, news aggregators, and content curators aiming to keep their sites updated with fresh content from various sources without manual posting.

With features supporting social media auto post functionalities, RSS Post Importer enhances your site’s content and boosts its presence across social platforms.

Key Features

  • Automated Content Import: Import new content from selected RSS feeds into your WordPress posts.

  • Full Article Retrieval: Capable of fetching full-text articles, ensuring your posts are comprehensive.

  • Feed-to-Post Conversion: Converts RSS feed items directly into posts, maintaining the original formatting and structure.

  • Custom Post Settings: Allows customization of imported posts, including author assignment, categories, and post status.

  • Duplicate Content Checker: Includes a mechanism to prevent the importation of duplicate content, protecting your SEO ranking.

  • Social Media Integration: Facilitates social media auto-posting to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, enhancing your content’s reach.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Offers options for scheduling the frequency of content imports keeping your site consistently updated.

  • Custom Fields Support: Supports the addition of custom fields to imported posts, enhancing flexibility and integration with site design.

  • Multisite Compatibility: Fully compatible with WordPress multisite installations, allowing for centralized management of multiple sites.

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  • Content Diversity and Freshness: Keeps your site lively with a steady stream of fresh, diversified content from various sources.

  • Time and Effort Saving: Automates the content curation process, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to manage your site.

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence: The social media auto-post feature broadens your content’s visibility and audience engagement.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Crafted for ease of use, ensuring accessibility for both novices and experienced users.


  • Potential for Overloading Content: Without careful configuration, there’s a risk of overwhelming readers with too much content.

  • Performance Impact: Importing a large volume of content frequently may affect site performance.

Plans and Pricing

RSS Post Importer is a free plugin that offers basic features suitable for straightforward content-importing needs.

For users requiring more advanced functionalities, such as enhanced filtering, social media integration, and support for custom fields, the plugin also offers premium versions:

  • Essential (Pro) RSS Post Importer – It costs $ 49 for one website

  • Advanced RSS Aggregator+ RSS Importer Bundle + Content Importer Add-On – It costs $ 89 for three websites.

  • Ultimate RSS Aggregator+  RSS Importer Bundle + Content Importer Add-On – It costs $119 for ten websites.

These premium versions provide additional features and priority support for professional websites seeking full-scale content automation and integration capabilities.

7). FeedWordPress


free wordpress autoblogging plugin


FeedWordPress is a premier WordPress auto-blogging plugin designed for effortless content curation. It automates the process of fetching and publishing articles from various RSS feeds directly onto your WordPress site.

This free plugin is ideal for news aggregators, content curators, and websites looking to enrich their content offerings without manual intervention.

Key Features

  • Automated Content Posting: Imports content from selected RSS feeds as WordPress posts.

  • Schedule Control: Offers flexible scheduling options for content fetching and publication.

  • Keyword Filtering: Enables content filtering based on specific keywords to ensure relevance.

  • Customizable Post Templates: Allows for custom post formatting to match WordPress themes.

  • Feed Discovery Tool: Assists in identifying and subscribing to relevant RSS feeds.

  • Author Attribution: Facilitates mapping of feed items to specific authors on your site.

  • Category and Tag Integration: Automates the categorization and tagging of imported content.

  • Image Importing: Includes the capability to import images contained in RSS feeds.


  • Efficiency: Significantly reduces the time and effort required for content generation.

  • User-friendly: The intuitive setup and operation make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

  • Versatility: Customization options ensure that imported content aligns with site aesthetics and audience expectations.

  • Content Diversity: Facilitates access to various content sources, enhancing site appeal.


  • Content Duplication Risks: Despite safeguards, publishing repeat content has a residual risk.

  • Content Volume Management: Needs careful configuration to avoid overwhelming readers with excessive posts.

Plans and Pricing

FeedWordPress stands out by offering its comprehensive suite of features at no cost. This free WordPress auto blogging plugin is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their website with a steady stream of automated content.

While this is a free WordPress autoblogging plugin, optimal site performance and presentation might necessitate additional investments in premium WordPress themes or plugins.

FeedWordPress offers a robust solution for WordPress auto blogging, blending advanced functionality with ease of use. It is invaluable for maintaining a dynamic, content-rich website with minimal manual oversight.



wordpress autoblogging plugin


There is no doubt that WordPress auto blogging plugins can transform the way you curate and manage content on your website. Each plugin offers unique features and capabilities designed to streamline your content creation process, from sourcing articles to automatic posting.

As you consider integrating one of these top 7 WordPress plugins into your strategy, remember the importance of aligning the tool’s functionality with your site’s goals and audience needs.

Choosing the right plugin is not just about automating content; it’s about enhancing the quality and relevance of what you share with your audience.

Whether your priority is to maintain a constant stream of fresh content, diversify your topics, or ensure your posts are optimized for SEO, there’s a WordPress plugin tailored to your needs.

As you progress, consider carefully how these tools can bolster your content strategy, enhance your online visibility, and foster better engagement with your audience.

Unlock the possibilities of these WordPress plugins to save time and refine and enhance your blogging approach. By making thoughtful decisions, you can harness the benefits of auto-blogging to maintain a dynamic, informative, and cutting-edge website.


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