Easyaffiliate Plugin: A Multipurpose Plugin for WordPress

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easyaffiliate plugin

Are you seeking ways to recruit the right affiliates? Easyaffiliate plugin helps you create an affiliate application process easily. Learn more!

When you hear the word ‘Affiliate,’ you immediately think of marketing, sales, or something related to links.

Affiliate marketing has been adopted by most businesses. This is to help them improve sales, subscription, and conversion. This method relies on an established audience to achieve results.

When done properly, it helps you grow your business faster than other normal online marketing. For businesses hosting their site on WordPress, there are a lot of WordPress affiliate plugins to choose from.

Each of these affiliate plugins is useful based on the type of program you need to run and what you are marketing.

But, instead of searching for one that suits your program, let me introduce you to the easyaffiliate plugin. It is a multipurpose, or as it is commonly called, all-in-one affiliate marketing solution. It was built by MemberPress creators.

Easy Affiliate is a WordPress affiliate program plugin. It allows you to easily create and operate your self-hosted affiliate program.

This plugin allows you to monitor the operations of affiliates. You can also track the number of clicks and sales they get to help you know what to pay them.  

Although this plugin is basically built for e-commerce stores and membership sites, it works well on other websites.

In this article, I will give you an overview of the journey of this affiliate marketing program plugin. Get ready to explore its features, pricing, and others.

Introducing Easy Affiliate


wordpress affiliate plugin


Easy Affiliate is a WordPress affiliate program plugin created by the same team that created several other popular tools, such as MemberPress and Pretty Links.

At first, Easy Affiliate was created for private use by the MemberPress team. Later, they discovered that the tool offered a valuable solution. So, they decided to release it as a separate product.

The valuable solution it offers has made it grow in popularity, and it even integrates well with Divi. It is a WordPress plugin that lets you make money for your small business through referral marketing. It’s a simple, affordable, easy-to-use, and powerful tool.

So, using Easy Affiliate can help you create a process for affiliate applications. This basically enables you to recruit the right affiliates.

With Easy Affiliate, members can access their customized affiliate dashboard. There, they can get promotion and link management tools.

Easy Affiliate plugin allows affiliates to get new links on demand. The plugin can also monitor user payments using MemberPress, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads.

What EasyAffiliate Plugin Offers


pay affiliates


Easy Affiliate is a newcomer in the affiliate plugin market. It has excellent features, like affiliate stats reporting, that make it widely acceptable. This breakthrough results from its simple setup process and advanced fraud detection functionality.

The plugin can automatically flag and reject suspicious transactions. This saves time and concerns as you won’t focus on every new lead.

Easy Affiliate was created to simplify the affiliate payment process as much as possible. The plugin supports different payment methods. This includes PayPal Mass Payments, One-Click PayPal payments, and offline payments.

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Ideally, you can just log into the plugin once a month. Then, check if the plugin has flagged any transactions and pay every affiliate member with one click.

Also, Easy Affiliates integrates easily with popular tools, like WordPress e-commerce plugins. It also works well with email marketing platforms like MailchimpActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit.

Those incorporations make it easy to contact your affiliates and notify them about new updates to the program.

This plugin includes all the features of the third-party affiliate program platform. With the Easy Affiliate plugin, you can export and import affiliate links automatically.

Without sentiment, these features make Easy Affiliate an excellent choice. Businesses looking to launch an affiliate program through WordPress can use it.

Let’s explore the key functionalities of the Easy Affiliate plugin in more detail.

Key Functionalities Of Easy Affiliate


wordpress affiliate plugin


The easy Affiliate plugin allows you to build your own affiliate program for your WordPress site.

It’s the best-suited affiliate manager for small businesses and online stores. It is also good for other websites selling their products/services online.

Below are the key features of the easyaffiliate plugin.

1. Affiliate Dashboard


personalized affiliate dashboard


Unlock an experience for your affiliates with Easy Affiliate’s personalized affiliate dashboard. This plug-and-play solution starts with a ready-to-use default dashboard that you can set up in no time.

What’s on the Dashboard?

  • Full access to account info, comprehensive affiliate stats, payment history, and more.

  • A dedicated Creatives section where you can upload and manage links and banners. Affiliates can easily download these from their dashboard to use on their websites.

Make It Yours:

  • Style the dashboard with your brand’s colors for the header, sidebar, and even the menu highlights.

  • Choose a unique logo to make the dashboard feel more homey.

  • Set up a welcome message that greets affiliates each time they log in. Customize this message anytime to keep it fresh and engaging.

Getting Started:

To activate these features, simply head to the Easy Affiliate website, navigate to the Settings, and click on the Dashboard section.

2. Admin Panel


affiliate html code


The easy Affiliate plugin has a built-in admin panel on the WordPress dashboard. This helps you manage and run the affiliate program effectively.

What does the Admin Panel do?

  • The admin panel allows you to monitor your affiliate members’ activity, see several reports, examine top affiliates, etc.

  • It also displays the total clicks and transactions your site gets. It also shows the payments owed to your affiliate partners.

  • The admin panel enables you to set the affiliate commission amounts, payment methods, notifications text, and more.

It is a beginner-friendly admin section that is easy to operate. You can easily access WordPress without switching your screen or visiting any site.

3. Payment Integration


affiliate fraud


Easy Affiliate comes with instructions to ensure easy setup and full integration options. It easily integrates with WordPress plugins like MemberPress, PayPal, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads.

So, with Easy Affiliate, you can monitor these plugins’ original and regular payments. Easy Affiliate can also let you monitor affiliate commissions from many payment gateways.

Suppose the Easy Affiliate plugin runs on the same site as your WordPress plugins. In that case, you can track and manage affiliate commissions immediately.

Developers can do custom integrations to help track lead conversions, newsletter signups, and email responses.

4. Affiliate Program Applications

After activating the plugin, you can decide how the affiliates can join the program. There are three default options: via application, public, and private.

  1. Application (Recommended). This option allows affiliates to apply using a form. You can accept or deny the application request from your dashboard. The affiliates won’t know what action you took on their application.

  2. Public. This option allows anyone to join your affiliate program without waiting for approval.

  3. Private – This is a restricted option. Only you can select and add affiliates to your program.

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Once they select the Application option, the form will automatically be set up. Potential affiliates can sign up by filling out the application form.

You’ll receive email notifications whenever a new affiliate signs up. You can view all the applications on the Application page under Affiliates.

The application page allows you to view the application status and approve an affiliate request. Once the application is approved, the affiliate manager will be notified. Then, they can begin marketing your products or services with their unique affiliate links.

You can add a text disclaimer to their affiliate links. Easily access the links from the visual and html editor. The HTML editor assign categories for the affiliate program applications.

5. Commission Structure

Receiving commissions motivates affiliates to join your program. If you need a good WordPress affiliate plugin with a flexible commission structure, Easy Affiliate offers such.

With Easy Affiliate, you can configure custom affiliate commissions for users. The custom commission will be determined by your contract with them.

You can set up different commission levels for affiliates. This gives you full control over the commission figures.

Setting up the Easy Affiliate plugin, among many others, allows you to establish rules for the affiliate commission.

The rules could be the type of commission, commission amount, commission on subscription, and method of payment.

The Easy Affiliate plugin allows you to customize or modify rules for every affiliate separately. As stated earlier, you have full control. You can change the affiliates’ commission amount anytime. This will largely depend on the sales and payout.

6. Enhanced Security


affiliate payouts


Security is vital when payments and commissions are involved. So, having complete and thorough protection for your affiliate program becomes essential and compulsory.

Thankfully, Easy Affiliate prides itself on being the most secure plugin available. It offers improved and enhanced security. It accurately tracks affiliate commissions and eliminates any vicious attack or threat.

7. Affiliates Payments


easy affiliate features


Consistent and timely payments motivate your affiliates to actively promote your products or services. Easy Affiliate simplifies this process, making it straightforward to send payments.

Payment Options:

  • PayPal Mass Payment File: Automate payments through PayPal.

  • One-click Payments: Send money with just one click.

  • Offline Payments: Opt for traditional payment methods if needed.

Using your Easy Affiliate account, you can keep tabs on affiliate activities and their earned commissions.

To make a payment, simply hit the ‘PAY’ button and choose your preferred method. This streamlined process ensures your affiliates are paid promptly and efficiently.

Pricing and Plans for Easy Affiliate


easyaffiliate plugin


One of the key factors in picking an affiliate plugin is affordability. You need to find out whether it fits your budget.

So, as we have been exploring Easy Affiliate, it’s right to know if this affiliate plugin is affordable.

First, Easy Affiliate does not offer any free plan. All its pricing plans are paid. Easy Affiliate offers yearly pricing plans to potential subscribers.

It has three different plans:

  • The Basic Plan is suitable for small businesses ready to begin their affiliate program. It costs $99.60/year to subscribe to this plan. It works for a single website.

    You can upgrade to a higher plan. This allows you to benefit from some of the extra marketing features, like the email integrations.

  • The Plus plan suits top businesses that have many websites. Subscribing to this plan costs $149.60/year and supports up to three websites.

    It has great features and superior integrations. So this makes it the most recommended plan for businesses with many sites.

  • The Pro plan is the top plan in the Easy Affiliate offerings. The plan costs $199.60/year. It’s designed for large-scale businesses and eCommerce stores.

    This plan enables them to operate a strong affiliate program to market their business activities.

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With all three available plans, you can add unlimited affiliates and tracking requests. It’s a self-hosted affiliate program you can add to your WordPress membership site or eCommerce store within minutes. Also, you don’t have to worry about an ad blocker blocking your ads.

If you need more advanced functionality, they also have the Easy Affiliate Links Premium add-on with features like an automatic broken links checker.

Easy Affiliate Support and Updates


affiliate managers


Every subscription plan on Easy Affiliate offers at least one year of premium support and updates. This includes email and ticket support from their experts.

The support and updates come together with the Easy Affiliate yearly plan. Once subscribed and you renew your plan, you will automatically access full premium support.

It has a knowledge base that contains over 50 documents. The knowledge base covers all issues connected to commissions, affiliate tracking, setup, troubleshooting, security, etc. It helps users quickly learn about the self-hosted affiliate program.

If you can’t find the information you need in its knowledge base, just create a support ticket and speak to its helpful support team.

Easy Affiliate also provides subscribed members with training. This training allows you to learn and understand the affiliate marketing program.

EasyAffiliate Plugin: Final Thoughts


affiliate managers


One effective way to promote your online business growth is through affiliate programs. Paying affiliates a reasonable commission will motivate them to help you find new customers.

But, for this to be possible, you have to add an affiliate system to WordPress. There are many affiliate marketing plugins for this. 

Easy Affiliate just came onto the scene, and it has the tools and resources needed for a successful WordPress affiliate program integration.

It also offers one of the most natural setup experiences, which is why most users consider it the best WordPress affiliate plugin.

The plugin also combines well with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress. Easy Affiliate is a reliable and secure option if your business relies on any of those plugins. 

So, hopefully, as you try out the EasyAffiliate plugin, it will be the right affiliate program plugin for your WordPress website.



easyaffiliate plugin


Is the Easy Affiliate plugin easy to use?

Yes. It is a user-friendly affiliate plugin. So, beginners and experts can easily set up the affiliate manager. It allows you to export/import affiliate links and swap affiliate links easily.

The plugin also helps build brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. It is seen as the best WordPress affiliate plugin.

What is the use of Easy Affiliate links?

Easy Affiliate Links allows you manage all the affiliate links on your website easily. Both hidden pretty links and regular unhidden links.

Is Easy Affiliate affordable?

Yes. Easy Affiliate offers an affordable pricing plan that is fitting for everyone. As a beginner in the affiliate world, start with their basic plan. It costs $99.60/year. This plan is budget-friendly and allows unlimited affiliates.

Is EasyAffiliate easy to set up?

EasyAffiliate definitely makes setting up an affiliate program in WordPress easy. There are several knowledge base documents to help you begin, and using the integrations is straightforward.

Is Easy Affiliate right for me?

Easy Affiliate is right for you if you run a business online. Also, if you want other people to help you market what you sell.

Easy Affiliate helps you set up an Affiliate Program easily. It enables prospective affiliates to sign up for your program.

You can also make banner ads for your affiliates and monitor their affiliate activities. Most importantly, it helps you pay affiliates their commissions.

Can I brand my website’s headers and styling theme with Easy Affiliate?

Yes, you can! If you have Easy Affiliate installed on your site, it will automatically take your site’s appearance and feel.


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