Hostinger vs A2hosting: Which Of Them Is The Best Hosting Provider

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hostinger vs a2hosting

Learn about the top web hosting provider between Hostinger vs A2hosting. Uncover the superior choice that will fit your website needs and make it a success

There’s no doubt that choosing the right web host provider is crucial for the success of your website. There are countless choices when it comes to web hosting. However, one of the two most popular hosting providers are Hostinger and A2 Hosting.

Although Hostinger and A2 Hosting have similar features and offer various hosting plans at competitive prices, some key differences set them apart, which is why I am writing this hostinger vs a2hosting article.

These web service providers offer services that allow you to host your website on their servers, authorizing global internet accessibility.

Hostinger and A2 Hosting offer various reasonably priced plans with remarkable features and dependable performance. Even though A2 Hosting has continually been a top web hosting choice for WordPress and other websites, Hostinger remains one of the best budget-friendly hosting options.

In this article, I’ll examine Hthese web hosts closely to show you what makes them different and which one might be better for you. I’ll also discuss their website speed features, how well they work, how much they cost, and how good their customer service is.

If you’re trying to find the best hosting provider that’s both affordable and reliable, keep reading. My detailed review of A2 Hosting and Hostinger will help you decide which one is right for your website.

What is Hostinger all about?




Hostinger is a web hosting provider known for its affordable and user-friendly services, catering to individuals and small businesses. Established in 2004 in Lithuania, it has grown to offer a range of hosting options, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Hostinger is praised for its easy-to-use interface, fast loading times, and reliable uptime, making it a solid choice for launching and managing websites efficiently.

It also offers features like free SSL certificates, 24/7 customer support, and global server locations to ensure websites are secure, accessible, and fast for users worldwide.

With its focus on performance and affordability, Hostinger aims to be the go-to hosting solution for those looking to establish a strong online presence.

Key Features


high performance servers


Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers and despite being relatively newer, it has grown into a vast hosting platform. Hostinger’s key features include:

1. Fast Performance

Hostinger uses optimized server configurations and improved technology to ensure fast loading time for your website. All hostinger web hosting plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

2. Infinite Storage and Bandwidth

Hostinger provides unlimited storage spaces and bandwidth on all its hosting plans. With this, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage spaces or surpassing your allotted bandwidth. With the VPS plans, you get a varying bandwidth  (up to 4TB) and disk space (10GB).

3. Free SSL Certificate

Hostinger offers free lifetime SSL certificates on all its hosting plans for all your domains and subdomains. This can help safeguard your website and increase its ranking on search engine result pages.

4. Developer Tools and Resources

Its features include an extensive library of pre-made templates, a drag-and-drop interface, various widgets and elements to add to your website, a built-in SEO tool,  and a built-in e-commerce platform.

Hostinger also offers other tools for website creation, including WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting plans.

5. Round the Clock Customer Support Service

Hostinger provides services to all customers globally. Their customer success team is available 24/7  to help you with any questions or issues you want to resolve. Their customer service speaks over ten languages so there is no barrier.

6). Money-back Guarantee

Hostinger offers a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee for its hosting plans so that you can try out its services and get a refund if unsatisfied.

7). Free Migration

Hostinger offers a free automatic website migration tool that provides website migration services whether you have one website or a hundred. Their staff will assist, and your website will be transferred within 24 hours.

What is A2 Hosting All About?


A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is a top web hosting company founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan 2001. One of the most exciting features it is known for is its fast performance and trustworthy uptime. It provides a range of hosting options to meet the needs of different websites.

A2 Hosting is known for its exceptional customer support with a rating of 8/10, and it also offers specialized services such as managed WordPress, email, and Minecraft hosting. Its data center is in Amsterdam in Europe, Singapore, Michigan, and Arizona in the United States.

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This web host has become popular because it offers good service at prices that are competitive and fair to everyone, including individuals and businesses.

A2 Hosting provides WordPress services like WordPress Hosting for your wordpress website , managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, A2-optimized plugins,shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting.

Key Features

A2 hosting has consistently ranked as the top web hosting choice for WordPress and several websites.A2 hosting key features include:

1). Fast Performance

A2 Hosting uses ultra-reliable servers to ensure fast loading times for websites. The company provides a 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

2). Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

All A2 Hosting’s shared plans come with unlimited RAID-10 SSD storage except for the base plan, which only comes with 100 GB. The two Turbo plans have NVMe storage, which should offer faster loading times. Bandwidth is unlimited on all plans.

3). Free Website Migration

A2 Hosting also offers free migrations for your entire website. The migrated content includes website files, emails, databases, and cPanel settings for cPanel-based accounts.

Their migration might take about 24-48 hours, but your site will not be down during that process.

4). Free SSL Certificate

A2 hosting provides free SSL certificates in all of their plans, which offers essential web protection that allows you to set up entrusted HTTPs on websites for encrypted connections. This can improve your website’s ranking on search engines

5). Unmatched 24/7/365 support

The customer Service from A2 Hosting is fantastic. They have a knowledgeable and helpful customer support team that is oriented and helps you fix whatever issue. They also give you the documentation you need.

6). Developer Tools and Resources

A2 hosting offers different products and services to web servers, including domain management, A2 site builder, email hosting, turbo web hosting, and A2 optimized web hosting.

7). Money-back Guarantee

They have a “try us risk-free with your money-back guarantee” policy. So you can confidently try out all of their hosting services.

Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Comparison Details


hostinger vs a2hosting


When choosing a web hosting company, you must consider pricing, performance, features, security, and customer support to determine what hosting provider best fits your needs.

Let’s consider which of the two is the best hosting provider.

Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Hosting Plan Types Offered

It’s important to pick a hosting provider that fits what you need. For instance, if you’re starting an online store, look into WooCommerce hosting.

If you’re running a WordPress site with a good amount of visitors, consider managed WordPress hosting. VPS hosting or a dedicated server would be best if you have a business website or a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.

A2 Hosting has many hosting options, and their popular options include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, managed dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting.

Hostinger also has several hosting options, such as shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft hosting, cyber panel hosting, cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting,eCommerce hosting, and free website hosting.

Both hosting offer decent hosting options, and you can reach out to their team if you don’t know what hosting type will fit your needs.

Hostinger vs A2 Hosting: Hosting Plan Features

Hostinger and A2 Hosting include similar features in their shared hosting plans. You can access to unlimited storage space, bandwidth, 24/7 customer support service, email, and free website migration. But there are a few noticeable differences.

For one, the two hosts use different control panels. The type of control panel provided by Hostinger depends on the hosting service you choose.

Hostinger provides a custom hPanel for shared and cloud hosting. hPanel is intuitive, with features like a file manager, database, and email management. hPanel is also less cluttered with options that most users never need, which makes it easier to navigate overall.

For VPS hosting, Hostinger provides the option of either hPanel or cPanel. cPanel is a popular control panel that offers many features and tools for managing your VPS.

For WordPress hosting, Hostinger provides the option of either hPanel or Softaculous. Softaculous is a popular auto-installer that allows you to install and manage WordPress and other popular scripts easily.

However, you must tweak the settings and plugins once the setup is complete to obtain the best possible performance.

A2 Hosting comes with the more traditional cPanel, allowing you to install a pre-optimized version of WordPress, which may save you some time.

One downside of A2 Hosting’s entry-level startup plan is that it doesn’t include automated backups. Hostinger, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind with automated weekly backups on all plans.

Overall, though A2 Hosting’s feature set is nothing short of impressive, Hostinger’s user-friendly hPanel gives it enough edge to be a tie-breaker.

Other distinguishing features are:

  • Free Domain: Hostinger gives free domain on the premium plan and above but A2 hosting does not.

  • Number of websites: Hostinger gives access to only 1-300 websites, while A2 hosting provides access to unlimited websites.

  • Free SSL certificate: They both give free SSL certificates.

  • Disk space: Hostinger has a disk space of 50 GB SSD – 200 GB NVMe, while A2 Hosting gives disk space of 100 GB – unlimited.

  • Bandwidth: Both Hostinger and A2 Hosting have unmetered bandwidth.

  • Automatic Backups: Hostinger automatically backs your website weekly, and A2 Hosting automatically backs your website daily on the drive plan and above.   

  • Email accounts: Hostinger gives access to 1-100 email accounts, and A2 Hosting provides unlimited email accounts.

  • Free CDN: Hostinger offers free CDN only on its business plan, while A2 Hosting doesn’t have this feature.

  • Free site migration: Both have free site migration tools

  • Money back guarantee: Hostinger has a money-back guarantee of 30 days, while A2 Hosting will refund you anytime (prorated refund) and a full refund within 30 days.

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Hostinger’s Control Panel Is More User-Friendly, but A2 Hosting Gives You More Tools.

Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Website Performance(Uptime and Speed)

Server speed and uptime guarantee are two of the most important metrics when choosing a web hosting provider. A high uptime means the host servers are active for longer, meaning users can access your website.

High server speed is measured as the time it takes for the hosting server to send the first byte. This is crucial for ranking high in search results and getting more leads.

The most crucial distinction between the two is that Hostinger uses LiteSpeed Web Servers (LSWS) as the primary web server software instead of Nginxor Apache, whereas A2 Hosting uses an Apache web server.

LiteSpeed is arguably the fastest web server for WordPress, which is why it’s slowly replacing the more traditional Apache. It also allows users to fine-tune their website’s performance, like configuring caching, compressing, and security options.

With Hostinger, you can access a LiteSpeed web server and an automatic caching function regardless of your chosen plan. With A2 Hosting, you have to use the Apache unless you go for their Turbo Boost or Turbo Max plans.

Regarding speed, there were some remarkable outcomes when we tested Hostinger against A2 hosting. Hostinger has a faster loading time; even though A2 hosting is one of the fastest-performing websites, in my testing, Hostinger steadily performed better.

I used GTmetrix to monitor both hosts’ performance. Here are my sample speed test results below:



Hostinger Performace report


A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting Performance report


I also tested both hosts’ uptime with the UptimeRobot software and was not so surprised at my results. Hostinger and A2 Hosting offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and during my continued tests, both delivered perfect uptime results.

You should note that several factors can affect uptime, such as the web server hardware, network structure, and the web server software.

Hosinger’s Uptime


Hosinger Uptime test result


A2 Hosting’s Uptime


A2 Hosting Uptime test result


Finally, Hostinger gives you more options in terms of data center locations. A2 Hosting has 4 data centers, while Hostinger has 9 data centers in several parts of the world.

If you want your website to load quickly for your target audience, choosing a server closer to them is one way to make it happen.

Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Plan and Pricing

If you’re looking for a website host that won’t cost you too much, go for A2 Hosting. They give you great features at a fair price. And because they use special tech called Turbo, your website will be extra fast and work well.

Hostinger and A2 Hosting offer broad services from shared hosting to managed WordPress and more advanced VPS solutions.

Hostinger’s big plus is its cheap hosting plans, making it perfect for beginners who want to start a WordPress blog or WooCommerce store without spending too much. Plus, their website’s performance is top-notch because they use NVME SSD storage drives for all their hosting plans.

Hostinger has three different plans, and you can save a lot of money in the long run. A free domain name is included in some of its hosting plans. (See image below for more details.) 


Hosinger's Pricing


If you want a dependable web hosting provider with good features, go for A2 Hosting. (See image below for more details.) 


A2 Hosting Pricing


But if you want the latest features at a good price, Hostinger is your best bet. You can pick the hosting that suits what you need, like, and can afford.  

Both A2 Hosting and Hostinger plans are only fairly balanced during the first term. Following renewal, A2 Hosting’s Startup plan becomes almost thrice as expensive as Hostinger’s premium. You should bear this in mind if you want to continue with A2 Hosting.

Take A2 Hosting’s Startup and Hostinger’s Premium Plan– two shared hosting plans with similar prices for the first prepaid term spanning three years with A2 Hosting and four years with Hostinger. A2 Hosting is worth the price initially because it gives you more storage space.

If you want to host a blog, a personal website, or a landing page for your business, Hostinger’s premium plan is the perfect, low-cost solution.

The little edge that A2 Hosting offers isn’t worth it when you can get an almost identical level of performance from Hostinger at less than a third of the cost.

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Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Security

For the security features, Hostinger has excellent security, but A2 Hosting security features are slightly better.

Whether you go with Hostinger or A2 Hosting, you can be assured that your website is in good hands. Both hosts include free SSL certificates on all plans and take active measures to prevent malicious attacks.

A2 Hosting provides several secure web hosting solutions, from free SSL certificate options, OpenVPN and DDOS protection, and the Patchman security tool. The latter helps you detect outdated software installed on your account and immediately quarantines suspicious files.

Other security features are CSF, Brute force detection, Linux malware detection, Linux environment security, Clef, SSH, SimpleRisk, and many more.

Also, A2 Hosting’s Perpetual Security Initiative includes server software on all plans that ensures the most up-to-date Linux security and malware protection.

Hostinger also offers 24/7 server monitoring, server-wide firewalls, DDoS protection, PHP security modules, regular software updates, database encryption,2FA authentication, and an internal security team.

All plans include weekly backups, so you can restore a previous version of your website if necessary.

Similarly, A2 Hosting has DDoS protection, a dual firewall, a virus scanner, and the patchman security tool. The latter helps you detect outdated software installed on your account and immediately quarantines suspicious files.

Also, A2 Hosting’s Perpetual Security Initiative includes server software on all plans that ensures the most up-to-date Linux security and malware protection.

The disadvantage of A2 Hosting is that the Startup plan does not include automated backups. However, you can schedule your backups using cPanel without upgrading to a pricier plan.

Hostinger vs. A2 Hosting: Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email. Their support team is well-trained and capable of resolving complex issues swiftly. They provide Guru Crew support so you can expect quick and expert assistance from their team. A2 Hosting also allows you to get in touch through phone or tickets.

Hostinger also provides 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticket-based systems. Their response times are generally quick, and the support team is knowledgeable and efficient. They offer multilingual support in multiple languages, making it easier for non-English speakers to communicate their concerns.

Hostinger also provides tutorials and guides on their website to help customers navigate common hosting issues. With Hostinger, you can get support through live chat and email.

Both hosting providers have a knowledge base and documentation available for their customers on their website, which can be a helpful source for troubleshooting and finding answers through their FAQs.

The only disadvantage with Hostinger is that, unlike A2 Hosting, their live chat is only available to active customers signed into their accounts. Still, with A2 Hosting, you don’t have to be a customer to chat live with an agent. It’s open to everyone, and the response time is excellent.

Hostinger vs a2Hosting: My Recommendation

There’s no doubt that Hostinger and A2Hosting is a tight matchup, especially when it comes to features and performance. But Hostinger’s shared hosting plans are considerably cheaper, giving it the advantage.

A2 Hosting’s plans might offer pre-optimized CMS installations and slightly better performance in specific cases, but if you ask me, these features alone are not worth the extra cost. As for the Turbo servers, they likely offer even better performance, but once again, they don’t come cheap.

Hostinger provides great web hosts known to be fast, secure, and easy to use. They offer web, VPS, cloud, and WordPress hosting plans and niche-specific ones like agency hosting.

Advantages of using Hostinger include:

  • Relatively cheap Agency-hosting plans

  • Cloudflare protected domains across the board

  • Quality security features out-of-the-box

  • Simple and intuitive control dashboard

  • Global accessibility

  • Responsive customer support team

  • Great speed and performance

  • Very Low initial Rates

  • Low Renewal Rates

  • Quick and Easy Website Creation

  • Managed WordPress Features

  • Free migration on all plans

  • Lite-speed web server

A2 Hosting is known for its incredible speed, performance, and security, but that’s one of the many reasons to use them. Advantages of using A2 Hosting are:

  • Fast SSD technology (NVMe AMD server from their turbo plans)

  • It gives you the best multi-year pricing plans on the market

  • You can choose your server location

  • Customer support is excellent

  • Free migration is included in all plans

  • Daily backups for standard and premium plans

  • Powerful security pack

  • A2 Optimized Environment for WordPress

  • Choose Linux or Windows hosting

  • Environment-Friendly FutureServe Green Hosting

  • Quadruple Redundant Network

  • Website Staging for WordPress and Joomla

  • cPanel and Softaculous interfaces.

As to who is the winner, it all boils down to your needs, as both A2 Hosting and Hostinger provide reliable and fast hosting at competitive prices.

If you want a dependable web hosting company with good features, go for A2 Hosting. But if you’re after advanced features at a good price, Hostinger is the way to go.

Pick the hosting provider that matches what you need, like, and can afford.


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