Six Steps to Begin a Celebrity Gossip Blog in less than 20 Minutes

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How to start a celebrity gossip blog

Celeb gossip blogs are everywhere, and cooperatively they get billions of site views monthly and make a parcel of cash. For this purpose, numerous individuals are continuously trying to find data on beginning a celebrity prattle blog of theirs.

In case you’re here now this purpose, you’re a lucky person. We will break down all you would like to know concerning building your celebrity gossip blog in than 20 minutes or less.

As said, there are numerous gossip blogs on the web at the moment. Many of this blog began as fun side ventures, but have developed into so much more., for illustration, was a fun side venture for Mario Lavandeira when he needed to be a celebrity columnist.

He began the website himself and broke many stories from it, and presently he is earning more than six-figures each month with the website and has made a multi-million dollar worth brand.

Sequel to what we observed with Perez Hilton and quantities of other fruitful celebrity talk blogs on the web, we are ready to dissect all the fundamental components to make your celebrity gossip website. Without delay, Let’s jump into action!

Starting Your Celebrity Gossip Blog (Approx. 20 mins)

Before hopping the gun and throwing blog or website out there, we need to ensure you know how to build your celebrity gossip blog alongside the correct groundwork and objective in place.

That’s what each of the further steps will elaborate for you. be stress-free, it’ll just consume few minutes to examine the pivotal parts, and it’ll make an enormous distinction for the achievement of your blog within the subsequent months.

First Step: Select the Most excellent Blog Policy for Your Website

currently with above 300 million blogs on the web, you’ll be able to select from numerous blogging platforms on the net. WordPress is most popular because it will shortly be the document controlling framework of choice for about 50% of the blogs on the net.

The genuine choice you’ll get to make is how you need to arrange your blog through the WordPress platform. WordPress is free to utilize, and everything you would like to do is press some buttons to have it right away and functioning on your website.

Here are the two diverse WordPress alternatives to select from:

  • it is a free blogging plan with a parcel of restrictions, and they possess your website content.
  • it is a free computer program you can establish on your website and have total possession over your document.

Having abetted numerous bloggers set up their website, we profoundly suggest setting up together with premium hosting and your domain title; this will permit you to have total authority on your blog, whereas moreover looking proficient. Another crucial thing is that celeb gossip blogs often get a parcel of activity and make cash by setting ads on their website.

Once you select the free alternative, you would not offer such promotion on your website.

So here is what I prescribe for you. Our favourite blog hosting facility, Bluehost, is now advertising a 60% discount on their hosting bundles to anybody curious about launching a blog.

This markdown is an elite bargain with our website and Bluehost, and we are transferring the investment funds to you. Other than accepting a significant reduction, modern clients will moreover get a free domain title. When planning your blog hosting, you may also have WordPress immediately live on your website so you’ll begin blogging directly!

start a blog with Bluehost

If you’re unprepared to set up your blog hosting and domain now, it is OK. We only needed to inform you from the onset your finest choice for setting up your website within the right path.

When you’re willing to initiate your web hosting and domain title, visit here. Meanwhile, let’s go through the remaining method to inaugurate your celebrity talk blog.

Second Step: Choose a Celebrity or Gossip Topic for Your page

Establishing a blog is simple, but making a fruitful one that gets a parcel of activity and offers value is puzzling. That is why we scan these steps one after the other rather than telling you to establish a website and attempt to profer solution on your own.

One of the primary things you may have to do is understand what sort of gossip blog you need to generate. It’ll be a celeb blog, but would you desire to emphasis on one celebrity?

The aim of this question is that tons of competition are out there. It’d be much simpler for you to locate your desired audience and make all of your document on one celeb or attempt to reach every celebrity conceivable. This clarifies what I discuss in my “How to be a Celeb Gossip Blogger” article, where I analyze all the benefits and failures of a celebrity Gossip website.

Having said all that, you either begin a celeb gossip blog that encompasses all celebs, or a specific star. The discretion is yours.

To provide you with an instance, you’ll observe a “Zac Efron Fan Blog“. This blog has all you ought to know around Zac Efron.

Zac efron fan page

Of course, you likewise see blogs similar to, which consist of gossip and breaking news on each star on their list.

Hollywood Life Blog

Once you arrange on propelling your blog manually, it is doubtless an improved thought to go with a specific celeb blog, because it will let you concentrate more on making your document.

Third Step: Choosing a Celebrity Gossip Blog Title

Before initiating your web page, you will need a proper name or a title. The title of your blog ought to correspond to the domain title of your web page. The domain title is the address individuals use to locate your page ( is the web site’s domain title).

Predominantly, attempt to dodge utilizing brand or celebrity names in your domain, because can they come for you lawfully and seize your site. The and had great domain titles that wouldn’t be an issue.

Domain titles’ cost is approximately $14.95 for every year; nevertheless, if you sign up your domain title and create hosting via Bluehost, you will receive a free domain name.

Best Celeb Gossip Blogs on the Web Today

As specified, there are notable celebrities gossip blogs on the web now. To offer you a few motivation for content ideas, site names, and other things about gossip blogs, I have recorded a few top websites on the web for you underneath.

  • The abbreviation ONTD means Oh No They Didn’t. The site emphases on the newest celebrity update. It broadcast outrage reports and breaking news about celebs in music and movies.
  • This website highlights exclusive celebrity histories. It tattles about outrages within the entertainment industry. The website furthermore permits readers to launch their gossips and news around celebrities.
  • Popsugar concentrates on giving hot stories around celebrities’ lifestyles and pictures.
  • Usually, it is the most prevalent UK celeb gossip media in launching breaking news around celebrity scandals.
  • Perez Hilton, a TV personality and blogger, has engraved a place for himself within the entertainment field as the monarch of celeb. This status has gotten the platform much hatred and likeness among extended online viewers. They are efficient in the most recent actions within the entertainment industry.
  • This website is around celebrity tattles and information. The website’s title indeed echoes very disagreeably, a few celebrity news you may get here is still humble compared to a few of their partners online.
  • Even though you may discover a few heartwarming tales on this page to amuse yourself, they search for gossip update concerning celebrities’ movement.
  • The website concentrate on celebrities’ from their early life. So, children of eminent individuals never elude their focal point as they move here-and-there to schools and different life’s activities. They are infant celebrities. Hence, if you are a popular identity, do not be astounded if you saw your kids’ story on the celeb bulletin.
  • It is usually like Hollywood’s book of scriptures. Any happening in Hollywood is live on this website.
  • In case you’re trying to find genuine celebrity news and tattles about them, Celebslam’s page is the answer. They beautifully bring out actualities amidst jokes and in some cases, minor abuses that make celebrities buckle up.
  • They give the normal tattles and news around celebrity and exceedingly respected personalities. They as well include audiovisual interviews on their page.
  • Unfame gives a sort of insider tattles on stars and their skills.
  • OK Magazine lately got to be in vogue within the United States. Be that as it may, this celeb magazine has been the worldwide scene exhibiting entertaining gossip and news around superstars.
  • Dlisted encompasses superstar tattles and entertainment news from an amusing point. They centre on entertainment from all the adventure around stars.
  • They centre on giving you photos of stars as they socialize on the streets, going to occasions, or movie areas when videoing.
  • Egotastic centres most of their tattles on female superstars. They make tattles around the daily messes up regularly made by stars, particularly the female celebs. These may incorporate female figures carrying a fake form of a renowned bag brand to an occasion or one that erroneously slips on a ruddy carpet.
  • This page is one of the prominent entertainment media in the United States, centring mainly on celebrity design and ruddy carpet reports. It spreads its messages through diverse celebrity photographs and videos. At first, they distributed it equally as print and online celeb bulletin source. Nowadays, it only works online.
  • Besides entertaining you with regular celebrity tattles, Gossip Girls, highlight side attractions such as forums, countdowns to occasions, and movie reviews.
  • This page is notable for being outrageously heartless on stars. They mixed tattles with cruel feedback on any superstar they researched.
  • Hello Magazine has been operating within the UK for many years, entertaining its viewers with celebrity tattles and news. It has subdivisions in nations such as Russia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Greece.
  • On the off chance that you’re the sacred kind, do not visit this page. However, if you wish to see female celebs that take pleasures in going raw in public, HollywoodTuna contains a parcel to showcase in that part.
  • They concentrate their stories on what stars are up to present and what is forthcoming.
  • This page gives a day by day measurements of Socialite Life span in personal box. They discuss celebrity news and tattles from each point with a reliable measure of cattiness.

If you have the time, be definite to examine every one of them and check how they make content for their viewers.

Fourth Step: Make and Customize Your Blog

Once you’ve known selecting a niche, choosing your domain title and initiating your hosting, it is now right to fix WordPress on your page and broadcast with your website. In contrast, this could seem like unnecessary procedure; it just takes a couple of minutes at most.

Once you set up is complete and live on air, it is time to modify your website’s appearance and composition. Since we utilize the WordPress policy, it is typically a matter of pressing buttons and looking for the distinctive kinds of plugins and themes used on your website.

To induce a thought of what is conceivable in terms of personalization, we may look at a few best celeb gossip blogs utilizing WordPress to control their websites. contains a perfect looking page with much white domain. If you tap on whichever of their main news, it will load into a full-site content.

gossip girl blog includes a more basic WordPress theme, modified to their desires. Yet, In brief, it would be moderately simple for you to discover a premium or free WordPress themes using a similar concept and feel and look of their website.

The Superficial Blog

I looked around for high-class WordPress themes that you may utilize for a celeb gossip-based website. This major one is accessible via

start a blog

After surveying numerous star gossip blogs within the organization, you can detect they all possess equal and distinctive parts. A few have exciting names, whereas others are nonexclusive. An incredible way to groom your page’s feel and see is to make a one of a kind symbol to demonstrate your site’s uniqueness and professionalism; this inessential, but it is a decent feature to include as you improve your site.

Fifth Step: Start Generating Your Blog Superstar Content

With your hosting and domain all ready and WordPress fixed, it is time to include content to your web page. At least, if there is unpalatable celebrity gossip on your site, what is the justification of browsing it!

Producing content for your site blog is straightforward. Go to your WordPress control panel and press (or float over) the POSTS tab on the left-hand of the menu. You’ll see the part to ADD NEW (tap it).

Start a celebrity gossip blog

After clicking the ” ADD NEW “. button, it will send you to a page. You ought to tell how simple it is to initiate. The ” Content ” parts is that enormous segment below the Title area. The “Title” part is on top. You’ll be able to type in what you like in ” Content ” areas, and once it is time to go on air with your most recent write-ups, you can press ” Publish ” to go live.

Publish post

Using WordPress is amazingly simple, and it’ll take you some minutes to acquire the skill. There are tons of guides and tutorials all through this blog to assist you with any assignments you might have, such as building a WordPress connection.

Sixth Step: Construct a Social Communication and Get Traffic to Your Site Blog

We are aware that everybody cherishes sharing the most recent rumours, celebrity gossip, and reviews via social media. Right now is the time to induce these similar social media clients to share your site blog content!

There is a great chance you now have your Twitter or Facebook account; however, did you realize you can generate social media accounts for your blogs and websites? It is real, and it works outstandingly well!

Examine TMZ on Facebook, for instance. They have above 5.7 million followers!

Tmz fb fan page

With a Twitter profile and a Facebook Fan Page, you can notify your supporters on all the most recent celebrity gossip, and news included to your website.

Irrespective of the kind of star gossip blog you need to form, the proper thing to distinguished is that there’s an enormous viewer out there expecting to view your content. Whether it is a one celebrity website or much celeb gossip as you may reach, ensure any crosscheck the fan pages emphasized above to realize how to sponsor your website.

Now, Your Celebrity Blog is good to go!

Wow! We discussed much fantastic information in this article, and I praise you for enduring to the end!

Now, you are a professional at what it entails to generate a fruitful celeb gossip website; it is time for you to begin with one of yours.

Once more, I needed to reinform you that perfect way to begin is with your premium hosting and domain title. Hence, you can establish WordPress on your website and have full authority over your content and appearance. Take a minute to move to Bluehost to enlist your free domain title and acquire a 60% discount on your blog hosting.

In case you have enquiries, reach me with whichever comments or worries. If your blog is on air, ensure you contact me so I can examine it!

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Whether you're looking to increase your website traffic or boost your online revenue, I can help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together.

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I’m a  Digital Marketer Blogger, Content marketer, and SEO expert with proven results. I’m detail-oriented, results-driven, and dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic or boost your online revenue, I can help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together.

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