Hostinger vs WPX: Which Web Host is Best for You?

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hostinger vs wpx

Explore this Hostinger vs WPX comparison to make an informed decision on the right web hosting for your needs, from performance to customer support.

Choosing the right web hosting service is like picking the perfect home for your website. It needs to be cozy enough to keep your website happy and sturdy enough to handle any storm the internet throws at it.

Today, we’re looking at two big names in the web hosting world: Hostinger and WPX. It’s like the ultimate showdown between two superheroes, each with their own special powers.

Hostinger is known for its affordable plans and user-friendly approach, making it a go-to for beginners and budget-conscious folks.

On the other hand, WPX steps into the ring with lightning-fast speeds and top-notch customer service, aiming to win the hearts of businesses and WordPress users looking for premium hosting.

In our quest to find out which web host wins for you, we’ll dive into a few key battles: performance, pricing, customer support, features, and ease of use. Think of it as the ultimate web hosting championship where only one can take the crown.

My goal here is simple: to help you decide which hosting service – Hostinger or WPX – is the best fit for your website’s needs. Whether you’re launching your first blog or managing a busy online store, getting your web hosting right can make or break your success.

So, buckle up, and let’s find out together which host comes out on top in the epic battle of Hostinger vs WPX. And who knows? By the end, you might just be ready to pick a side.

What Is Web Hosting?

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Web hosting is like getting a space on the internet where your website can live. When you pick a web hosting plan from a company, it’s like renting a little bit of their big computer (called a server) to keep all your website’s stuff, like pictures and words.

Different types of web hosting plans are out there to fit what you need, no matter if you’re just starting or if you’ve been around the block a few times.

It doesn’t matter how much you know, which tools you like to use to build your site, or how big your website is.

For example, WordPress hosting plans are perfect for anyone using WordPress to make their site. These plans are specially made to make WordPress sites run smoothly and keep everything easy for you.

Different web hosts might offer different types of WordPress hosting plans. You might see things like Shared WordPress hosting, VPS WordPress hosting, or Cloud WordPress hosting.

It’s like choosing between riding a bike, a car, or a cloud to get somewhere – each has its own perks.

The big deal with managed WordPress hosting compared to regular hosting is all the cool extras you get. These plans often come with special plugins already installed to make your site run faster and smoother.

And if you’re someone who has more than one WordPress site, these plans can be super handy. Some include a feature that lets you look after all your sites from just one place, making life a lot easier. This is perfect for anyone who feels like they’re trying to juggle too many things at once.

Now, that we know what web hosting is, let’s get into why we are here. Let’s begin first with Hostinger

Hostinger Overview

managed wordpress hosting provider

Hostinger started as a small company in 2004 and grew into one of the most popular hosting services out there.

It’s like the quiet kid in class who ends up being a superstar. They made a name for themselves by offering web hosting that’s both affordable and easy to use.

This made them a favorite among people just starting their websites and small businesses looking to get online without breaking the bank.

One of the coolest things about Hostinger is that they offer a free domain name with some of their plans, which is like getting a free ticket to the online world.

They’re all about making web hosting accessible to everyone, whether you’re a blogging newbie or a small shop looking to sell your stuff online. Their main crowd is folks who want good hosting without spending a lot of money.

WPX Overview

WPX is a bit like the new, flashy athlete in town who specializes in running really fast. They jumped into the web hosting game in 2013 with a focus on providing super speedy hosting services, especially for WordPress websites.

What makes WPX stand out is its lightning-fast loading times and top-notch customer support, which is like having a superhero on speed dial.

They’re the go-to for businesses and serious bloggers who need their websites to run smoothly and load quickly, no matter what. WPX doesn’t just offer fast hosting; they also throw in free website migrations, which means they’ll move your site to their service for free.

Plus, every plan comes with a free domain name, making it easier for businesses to establish a professional online presence.

Their target audience includes WordPress site owners who are willing to invest a bit more for premium hosting services that keep their sites zooming fast.

Hostinger vs WPX: Performance Comparison

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When it comes to having a website, two things are super important: how fast your site loads (speed) and how often it’s up and running without problems (uptime).

Think of your website like a store in the mall. If the doors open quickly (speed) and it’s always open when it should be (uptime), more people will come in.

But if it’s slow or closed a lot, people might go to another store instead. That’s why we’re looking at how Hostinger and WPX hosting do in these areas.

Speed and Uptime

Hostinger is like a reliable car that gets you where you need to go without costing a fortune. Their websites load pretty fast, which is great for people visiting your site.

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They also promise that your site will be available 99.9% of the time. This means your website is almost always open for visitors, just like a store that’s rarely closed.

WPX Hosting takes speed to the next level, like a sports car. They’re all about making websites load super quickly, which is awesome for WordPress sites.

And just like Hostinger, WPX also aims for your site to be up 99.95% of the time, making sure your website is like a store that’s almost never closed.

Both Hostinger and WPX hosting care a lot about keeping your site fast and open. However, WPX focuses a bit more on speed, which might be important if you have many images or videos on your site.

Server Technology

The server technology is like the engine in a car. It’s what makes everything go. Both Hostinger and WPX hosting use some pretty cool tech to make sure websites run smoothly and load quickly.

Hostinger uses advanced server technology that’s designed to handle lots of visitors without slowing down. This means even if many people visit your site at the same time, it should still work great.

WPX Hosting also uses top-notch server technology, focusing on super-fast speeds, especially for WordPress sites. They have special tools that make pictures and videos load fast, which is perfect if your website has a lot of visual content.

Both hosting services use great tech to make sure your website performs well. WPX hosting might have a bit of an edge in speed, especially for WordPress sites, while Hostinger offers solid performance that’s more than enough for most websites.

In the end, whether you choose Hostinger or WPX hosting depends on what’s more important for your website. If you want super fast speed and have a WordPress site, WPX might be the way to go.

But if you’re looking for good speed and uptime without spending a lot, Hostinger is a great choice. Both hosting providers aim to ensure your website is like a popular store in the mall, open and inviting to everyone who visits.

Hostinger vs WPX: Pricing and Plans

most web hosting providers

Picking the right plan for your website is a bit like choosing a meal at a restaurant – you want to get the best value for your money without any surprises when the bill comes.

Let’s take a closer look at what Hostinger and WPX offer in terms of pricing and plans and see how they stack up against each other.

Hostinger Pricing

managed wordpress hosting plans

Hostinger is like the budget-friendly option on the menu. They offer a variety of plans, starting with shared hosting, which costs $2.99/month, which is like sharing a pizza with friends – it’s more affordable but still satisfies your hunger.

Their shared hosting plans are great for starting a new website or blog and come with enough features to get you going. Prices start really low, making Hostinger a favorite for personal projects or small businesses just getting off the ground.

They also offer VPS hosting for $5.99/month, which is like getting a whole pizza to yourself. It costs more but gives you more power and control. This is great for websites that have outgrown shared hosting and need more resources.

One thing to watch out for is renewal prices. The initial price is super appealing, but it goes up when you renew. However, even with this increase, Hostinger still offers good value for what you pay.

WPX Pricing

managed wordpress hosting plans

WPX is like ordering a gourmet meal. It’s pricier, but the quality and service are top-notch. Their plans are straightforward, with a focus on WordPress hosting services. This means they’re optimized to make WordPress sites run super fast and smoothly.

The Business Plan, which is the least, goes for $20.83/month. The Professional plan comes next for $41.58/month, and the Elite Plan is priced at $83.25/month. If you need a tailored plan, there is a Scale plan available for you. This plan is best to fufil all your needs in no time!

WPX’s plans might seem more expensive at first glance, but they include a lot of features like free website migrations, daily backups, and a content delivery network (CDN) to fasten up your site worldwide. There are no hidden costs, and the price you see is pretty much what you pay.

Comparative Analysis

When you put Hostinger and WPX side by side, it’s clear they cater to different audiences.

Hostinger is like the economy class – it gets you where you need to go without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for beginners, personal projects, or small businesses that are just starting out.

WPX, on the other hand, is more like first-class service. It’s for businesses or WordPress sites that need the extra speed and service to ensure the best user experience. The higher price tag comes with perks that can be worth it for the right website.


  • If you’re starting a personal blog or a small business website, Hostinger’s shared hosting plans offer a great starting point with room to grow.

  • For established WordPress sites with heavy traffic, WPX’s premium services can help your site run faster and more securely, providing a better experience for your visitors.

Choosing between Hostinger and WPX comes down to your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to start your online journey, Hostinger is a solid choice.

But if you’re ready to invest in top-notch performance and support for your WordPress site, WPX might be the way to go.

Hostinger vs WPX: Customer Support and Services

Customer Support and Services

When you’re setting up your website, having a friend to help you out can make a big difference. That’s kind of what customer support is like for web hosting services.

Both Hostinger and WPX offer help, but they do it in their own ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Hostinger Support

Hostinger is like that friend who’s always there when you call. They offer support through live chat and email, which means you can reach out to them anytime you have a problem or just a question. Their live chat is pretty quick. Imagine sending a text and getting a reply back in just a few minutes. That’s how it feels.

I remember this one time when I was trying to add a new feature to my WordPress website and got really stuck. I reached out to Hostinger’s live chat, and they walked me through the process step by step. It was like having a tech-savvy friend right there with me.

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WPX Support

WPX steps it up a notch by offering what they call “superfast” support. It’s like having a superhero team ready to swoop in and save the day.

They promise to respond to all support requests within 30 seconds on live chat! Yes, you read that right – 30 seconds. And they’re not just quick; they’re also really knowledgeable, especially about WordPress websites.

There was a time my site went down unexpectedly, and I was freaking out. I reached out to WPX, and true to their word, they responded in less than a minute.

Not only did they get my site back up and running, but they also explained why it went down in the first place and how I could prevent it in the future.

Comparative Insight

When you compare the customer support of Hostinger and WPX, it’s like comparing a fast response to a superfast one. Hostinger offers solid support that’s reliable and there when you need it. They’re like the dependable friend who’s always ready to lend a hand.

WPX, on the other hand, is like having a superhero team on speed dial. They’re not just fast; they’re also experts in managed WordPress hosting, making them a great choice if you have a WordPress website and need specialized help.

Both web hosting providers are great at what they do, but WPX might have a slight edge in terms of response time and specialized WordPress support. However, Hostinger’s support is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering the value you get for the price.

In the end, the choice between Hostinger and WPX might come down to what kind of support you feel you’ll need.

If you’re new to websites and want a helping hand that’s always there, Hostinger is a solid choice. But if you’re running a WordPress website and want the peace of mind that comes with superhero-fast support, WPX could be the way to go.

Hostinger vs WPX: Features and Ease of Use

many hosting companies

The features and ease of use for both web hosting go a long way in arming users with the right information to make a choice. Let’s explore them in detail.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger is like a toolbox packed with all the goodies you need to build and grow your website. First up, they offer a free website builder.

This is like having a set of easy-to-follow instructions and tools to build your dream website, even if you’ve never done it before. You pick what you like from a bunch of designs, drag and drop stuff where you want it, and voila, your website is ready to go live.

Then, there’s the SSL certificate, which Hostinger throws in for free with some plans. Think of an SSL certificate as a lock on your website’s door, keeping your visitors’ information safe and sound.

It’s a must-have for any serious website owner because it not only protects your site but also tells your visitors you care about their safety.

Hostinger also has unique offerings like cloud hosting options. Cloud hosting is like having your website live on multiple computers at once, so if one has a problem, your site doesn’t go down because it’s still up and running on the others. This means your website loads faster and is more reliable, which is great for everyone visiting it.

WPX Features

WPX stands out with its focus on making WordPress websites run smoothly and quickly. They offer free website migration services, which means if you’re moving your site from another web hosting company, they’ll handle the heavy lifting for you.

It’s like moving to a new house, and WPX is the moving company that does all the packing and unpacking for you but for your website.

Just like Hostinger, WPX includes free SSL certificates, giving your website that essential layer of security. But they take it a step further by offering a content delivery network (CDN) for free with their plans.

A CDN is like having copies of your website stored in different places around the world, so it loads super fast, no matter where your visitors are coming from.

Another standout feature is their emphasis on high-speed custom CDN, making them a powerhouse for WordPress hosting providers.

This is especially great for websites with a global audience because it reduces the time it takes for your website to load, no matter where in the world someone is visiting from.

User Experience

When it comes to getting started, both Hostinger and WPX make it pretty easy. Hostinger’s sign-up process is straightforward.

Once you’re in, you’ll find their dashboard simple to navigate, making the setup of your web hosting plan or using the free website builder a breeze.

It’s designed with beginners in mind, so you don’t need to be a tech wizard to get your site up and running.

WPX also scores high on ease of use, especially for WordPress websites. Their sign-up process is quick, and once you’re inside, their dashboard makes it easy to manage your site, access the WordPress hosting services, or set up SSL certificates.

WPX even takes care of the technical stuff like website migration, so you can focus on the fun parts of running your site.

Both web hosting companies have worked hard to make sure you don’t need a degree in computer science to use their services. Whether you’re setting up a new site with Hostinger’s website builder or moving an existing site to WPX, you’ll find the process smooth and user-friendly.

Hostinger vs WPX: Security and Reliability

hostinger and wpx hosting

Having a friend to help you protect your website can make a big difference on your website. That’s kind of what security and reliability are like for web hosting services. Both Hostinger and WPX offer help, but they do it in their own ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Hostinger Security Features

Hostinger takes the protection of your website seriously, like a guard dog watching over your house. They offer SSL certificates for free with some plans, which is like putting a strong lock on your website’s door. This keeps visitors’ information safe and makes sure no one can sneak in and steal data.

They also have a system that watches for attacks 24/7, ready to defend your site against unwanted visitors trying to cause trouble. It’s like having a superhero who never sleeps, keeping an eye out for villains.

Plus, Hostinger uses advanced technology to make backups of your website. This means if anything ever goes wrong, they can turn back time and restore your site to how it was. It’s like having a safety net, so you know you won’t lose everything if there’s a problem.

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WPX Security Features

WPX steps up the security game, especially for WordPress sites. They not only offer free SSL certificates but also have their own custom-built firewall. This firewall is like a high-tech barrier that stops hackers in their tracks, keeping your site safe from attacks.

They’re very serious about monitoring. WPX keeps an eye on your site around the clock, ready to jump into action if they spot anything suspicious. It’s like having a personal security team watching over your site at all times.

WPX also offers a unique feature called malware removal. If your site ever gets infected with harmful software, WPX will clean it up for free. Think of it as having a doctor on call for your website, ready to cure it of any illness so it can get back to being healthy.


When it comes to reliability, both Hostinger and WPX are dependable cars that get you where you need to go without breaking down.

Hostinger’s uptime record is impressive, meaning websites hosted with them are almost always available to visitors. This shows they’re good at keeping their promise to keep your site up and running.

WPX boasts even higher reliability, especially for WordPress sites. Their superfast response times and ability to handle lots of traffic without slowing down make them a top choice for businesses and bloggers who can’t afford any downtime.

Both web hosting providers take security and reliability seriously, using advanced technology to protect and maintain your site.

However, WPX might have a slight edge in security features, especially for WordPress sites, with their custom firewall and free malware removal.

When choosing between Hostinger and WPX, consider how critical these security features are for your site and if you need the extra assurance that WPX provides.

Hostinger vs WPX: Pros and Cons

hostinger and wpx hosting

When it comes to choosing the right web hosting provider for your website, it’s a lot like picking a team to root for. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one person might not work for another.

In web hosting, Hostinger and WPX are two big names that many find themselves comparing. It’s important to look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide which team to join.

This way, you can see which web host aligns best with your needs, whether you’re launching a new blog, setting up an online store, or managing a portfolio.

From the affordability and user-friendliness of Hostinger to the high-speed performance and excellent support offered by WPX, let’s dive into what makes each of these web hosting providers stand out and where they might fall short.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  1. Affordable Plans: Hostinger is like the dollar menu for web hosting. They offer some of the most affordable plans out there, making it easy for anyone to begin a website without spending a lot of money.

  2. User-Friendly: Everything about Hostinger is designed to be easy. From setting up your account to managing your website, it’s all straightforward, making it perfect for beginners.

  3. Free SSL Certificate: Hostinger gives you a free SSL certificate with most plans, which is like putting a security badge on your website for no extra cost.

  4. Good Performance: For the price you pay, Hostinger delivers good website speed and reliability, ensuring your site is usually up and running smoothly.


  1. Renewal Prices: While starting prices are low, the cost to renew your plan can jump up. It’s like getting a cheap ticket to a show but then finding out snacks are super expensive.

  2. Limited Resources: The most affordable plans come with limited resources, which means if your site grows big, you might need to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

  3. Support Can Be Busy: Sometimes, when you need help, you might have to wait a bit longer than you’d like because their support team is busy helping other customers.

Pros and Cons of WPX


  1. Top-Notch Performance: WPX is like a sports car in the world of web hosting. Their servers are super fast, especially for WordPress sites, making your pages load in the blink of an eye.

  2. Managed WordPress Hosting: WPX specializes in WordPress, offering managed services that take care of technical stuff for you. It’s like having a mechanic tune your car while you just enjoy the ride.

  3. Outstanding Support: Their customer support is incredibly fast and knowledgeable. Reaching out to them is like having a superhero hotline for your website issues.

  4. Free Services: WPX offers free website migration and malware removal, adding a lot of value to their plans.


  1. Higher Price Tag: Quality comes at a price. WPX plans are more expensive than many other web hosting providers, which might be a bit much for those just starting out or with a tight budget.

  2. Focused Mainly on WordPress: If you’re not using WordPress, you might not find all the benefits WPX offers as useful. It’s like having a Swiss army knife when all you need is a screwdriver.

  3. Limited Beginner Resources: WPX is fantastic for those who already have a site, but beginners might find fewer resources to help them start from scratch compared to other hosting services.

Both Hostinger and WPX have their own set of pros and cons. Choosing the right one depends on your needs, budget, and whether you’re building a WordPress site.

Hostinger vs WPX: In Conclusion

general web hosting provider

We’ve taken a close look at Hostinger and WPX, comparing everything from their pricing and features to how well they handle security and customer support.

Hostinger shines as a budget-friendly option that’s super easy for beginners, offering great value with features like a free SSL certificate and a user-friendly website builder.

On the other hand, WPX stands out with its lightning-fast speeds and exceptional support, making it a fantastic choice for WordPress sites that need top-notch performance.

So, who wins in this Hostinger vs WPX showdown?

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just starting out or need to keep costs down without sacrificing quality, Hostinger could be the way to go.

But if you’re running a WordPress site and want the best performance and support, WPX might be worth the extra investment.

Remember, the best web hosting provider for you depends on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for WordPress hosting plans or general web hosting services, make sure to consider what’s most important for your site. Happy hosting!


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