The Best Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools Compared 2024

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the best geo grid local ranking tools compared

“Unlock the secret to topping local search results! Discover how the best Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools compared can catapult your business to the forefront in 2024.

Imagine your business popping up first in local searches every time because you read a ‘the best geo grid local ranking tools compared’ article. I’m not just running my mouth; it is a real possibility with these geo-grid local ranking tools.

Mastering local SEO is a crucial step for local businesses seeking to improve their online visibility. By optimizing your Google Business Profile and employing the right geo grid tools, you can significantly improve your standing in local search results.

These tools provide precise data on how your business ranks across different locations, enabling you to target improvements more effectively. In 2024, Geo grid local ranking tools has evolved, offering a variety of solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Not sure which local map rank tracker or geo grid tool to try out or plump for? This is the guide for you. This article explores the best Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools compared, such as Local Viking and Local Search Grid, and evaluates their features, usability, and pricing.

Whether you are an experienced marketer or just getting started to focus on local SEO, understanding these tools can have a substantial impact on your approach. By comparing these essential tools, I will identify which ones could best serve your business goals, providing you with a clear path to boosting your local search rankings.

Top Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools in 2024


listing management tool


When it comes to optimizing your local SEO, choosing the right Geo Grid Local Ranking Tool can make a significant difference in how well your business performs in search engine rankings across different locales.

Every tool provides distinct capabilities and features that can cater to various business needs, from fine-tuning Google Business Profiles to detailed competitor analysis.

Below, I will compare six popular tools, Local Falcon, BrightLocal (Local Search Grid), Places Scout, Semrush, GeoRanker, and Local Viking, to help you determine which might best suit your needs.

1. Local Falcon


location ranks


Local Falcon stands out as a specialized tool designed specifically for mapping and visualizing Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) rank data across various geographic locations.

It provides businesses with the ability to conduct highly detailed and geographically specific rank tracking, which is essential for optimizing local SEO strategies and improving visibility in local search results.

This tool is valuable for businesses that need to manage multiple listings and ensure consistent local visibility across different areas.

Key Features

  • Yext Integration: Local Falcon offers direct integration with Yext, enhancing its utility by allowing businesses to manage their listings seamlessly within one platform.

    This integration helps streamline the management of local listings, making it easier to maintain accurate and up-to-date information across multiple directories.

  • High-Density Pin Placements: It offers high-density pin placements for precise local ranking data, enabling businesses to pinpoint exactly how they are performing in specific locations.

    This feature is crucial for identifying weak spots in local SEO efforts and for targeting improvements more strategically.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Known for its intuitive design, Local Falcon provides a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to people with limited technical knowledge.

    The clear, visual reporting of ranking data helps users easily understand their local SEO performance and make informed decisions.

Grid Size

Local Falcon offers seven grid sizes, including:

  • 3×3

  • 5×5

  • 7×7

  • 9×9

  • 11×11

  • 13×13

  • 15×15


The pricing structure is credit-based.

  • Starter: $24.99 for 7,500 credits (monthly plan) and 90,000 credits (yearly plan)

  • Basic: $49.99 for 15,000 credits (monthly plan) and 180,000 credits (yearly plan)

  • Pro: $99.9 per month for 31,000 credits (monthly plan) and 372,000 credits (yearly plan)

  • Premium: $199.99 per month for 63,000 credits (monthly plan) and 756,000 credits (yearly plan)

This flexible pricing model allows businesses of different sizes to use the tool according to their specific needs and budget constraints.

Local Falcon provides a free trial that includes limited features and 100 credits. This trial allows potential users to test the interface and basic functionalities before committing to a complete purchase, ensuring they can evaluate its effectiveness for their specific requirements.

My Opinion

I like Local Falcon for its precision and ease of use, making it a preferred option for businesses intent on refining their local search presence. The tool’s capability to deliver precise and actionable data through its high-density pin placements makes it a powerful ally in the competitive arena of local SEO.

Furthermore, its integration with Yext and its user-friendly interface enhances its appeal, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to managing and improving GMB rankings.

Local Falcon equips you with the necessary tools to achieve measurable improvements in local search rankings, driving visibility and foot traffic to your business locations.

2. BrightLocal (Local Search Grid)


google maps


BrightLocal serves as a comprehensive local SEO toolkit that includes the Local Search Grid feature, which visualizes how businesses rank in search results across different areas.

This tool is designed to assist marketers, local businesses, and SEO professionals in understanding and enhancing their visibility in critical local markets.

BrightLocal’s capabilities extend beyond mere rank tracking, encompassing a full suite of tools that address various facets of local SEO, from citation building to reputation management.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive Local SEO Tools: BrightLocal provides a robust array of local SEO tools that help businesses manage their online reputation, build and fix citations, and conduct in-depth audits of their local SEO performance.

    This approach ensures that every aspect of local SEO are covered, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking to improve their overall local search strategy.

  • Heatmap Visualization: This tool offers heatmap visualization of local search rankings, allowing users to assess performance across different regions visually.

    This intuitive representation helps pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, facilitating targeted improvements in SEO strategies.

  • Automated Reporting: BrightLocal automates the process of generating detailed reports on local search performance, saving time and providing regular insights into SEO efforts.

    This feature is precious for businesses that need to report progress to clients or internal teams regularly.

Grid Size

Local Search Grid offers five grid sizes, which are:

  • 3×3

  • 5×5

  • 7×7

  • 11×11

  • 15×15


  • Track Plan—$39/month: This plan offers essential local SEO tools, including comprehensive rank tracking and audit reports.

    It is ideal for businesses just starting to monitor and improve their local search presence.

  • Manage Plan—$49/month: Geared towards more active management of local SEO, this plan includes everything in the Track plan plus additional features like Google My Business management, making it suitable for businesses that also need to maintain their online listings.

  • Grow Plan—$59/month: Designed for businesses looking to expand their reach, the Grow plan builds on the Manage plan by adding advanced competitive analysis and progress tracking across multiple locations.

    It is perfect for businesses aiming for aggressive growth in local search rankings.

  • Free Trial: A 14-day free trial is available, allowing users full access to all tools and features.

    This trial is an excellent way for potential customers to experience firsthand how BrightLocal can fit into their local SEO workflow before making a financial commitment.

My Opinion

BrightLocal is particularly effective for businesses that need a broad range of local SEO tools in addition to rank tracking.

Features like citation management and automated reporting make it a standout option, ideal for those who require a detailed and proactive approach to managing their local SEO.

The tool’s ability to visualize data through heatmaps provides a user-friendly way to analyze and act on local SEO data.

For businesses and agencies that prioritize comprehensive data and actionable insights, BrightLocal offers a reliable and cost-effective solution, helping streamline operations and enhance local search engine visibility.

3. Places Scout


perfect for small businesses


Places Scout is an all-encompassing local SEO software that provides a wide array of tools designed to boost local search visibility and competitive edge.

Tailored for SEO agencies and marketers, it not only tracks local rankings but also delivers in-depth audits, competitor analysis, and automated workflow capabilities. This integration of multiple features into a single platform makes Places Scout a versatile tool for managing and enhancing local SEO campaigns comprehensively.

Key Features

  • Competitor Benchmarking: Places Scout excels in offering detailed competitor analysis, allowing users to gauge their business’s performance against others in the same industry.

    This feature aids in identifying what competitors are doing right and areas where there is an opportunity to outperform them in local search rankings.

  • Automated SEO Audits: The tool automates the process of conducting SEO audits, providing regular and detailed insights into a website’s optimization for local search.

    These audits cover everything from on-page factors to local citations, helping businesses identify and rectify any issues that could be hindering their local visibility.

  • Keyword Rank Tracking: Places Scout tracks keyword rankings across multiple locations, offering detailed reports that help businesses understand their search engine presence.

    This feature is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of local SEO strategies and making data-driven decisions to improve them.

Grid Size

Places Scout offers six standard grid sizes for its Geo-Matrix Ranking Reports, which are:

  • 3×3

  • 5×5

  • 7×7

  • 9×9

  • 11×11

  • 13×13

The custom grid size in Places Scout is customizable, allowing users to tailor the geographic scope of their rank-tracking efforts according to specific business needs.


Places Scout does not provide pricing details on its website, as its packages are customized to individual requirements.

However, Places Scout offers a free trial, though the exact duration and terms are not publicly specified on their website. This trial is intended to give potential users a taste of the full range of capabilities available before committing to a subscription.

My Opinion

Places Scout is ideal for SEO professionals and agencies that need a detailed and automated approach to local SEO. Its strength lies in its comprehensive feature set that not only tracks performance but also provides actionable insights through competitor benchmarking and SEO audits.

The tool’s ability to customize grid sizes and track multiple keywords makes it a flexible option suitable for businesses targeting diverse local markets.

Overall, Places Scout is a robust solution for those looking to understand and deeply improve their local SEO landscape. It provides all the necessary tools to enhance online presence and remain competitive in local search rankings.

4. Local Viking



accurate rank tracking



Local Viking is a robust tool designed to manage and optimize Google My Business (GMB) listings comprehensively. It’s geared towards businesses and SEO professionals who are serious about enhancing their local search engine presence through effective GMB management.

By centralizing the control of GMB features, including posts, photos, and reviews, Local Viking simplifies the process of maintaining up-to-date and engaging business listings, which is vital for refining local search rankings.

Key Features

  • GMB Post Scheduling: Local Viking allows for the scheduling of GMB posts, enabling users to plan and automate their content strategy effectively.

    This feature helps maintain a consistent presence on GMB, which is key to engaging local customers and improving search visibility.

  • GeoGrid Rank Tracking: This tool provides detailed GeoGrid-based rank tracking, offering insights into how a business’s GMB listings are performing across different local search grids.

    It’s an essential feature for pinpointing where improvements are needed and measuring the impact of local SEO efforts.

  • Photo and Review Management: With Local Viking, users can manage and optimize their photos and reviews on GMB listings. This capability is vital for enhancing the attractiveness and credibility of business listings, which can significantly influence local search rankings

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Grid Size

Local Viking offers five different grid sizes for their services, which include:

  • 3×3

  • 5×5

  • 7×7

  • 9×9

  • 13×13


Local Viking offers a credit-based payment system across four packages:

  • Single: At $39 per month, this plan includes 7,500 credits, costing roughly $0.0027 per credit.

  • Starter: It is priced at $59 per month for 8,100 credits at $0.0048 each, plus an additional $3.90 monthly per GMB listing.

  • Pro: This plan costs $99 per month and provides 16,200 credits at $0.0043 per credit, with a GMB listing fee of $3.45 each month.

  • Agency: At $149 per month, it offers 24,300 credits at $0.0041 per credit, plus a $2.48 monthly charge per GMB listing.

  • Enterprise: Costs $200 per month for 32,400 credits priced at $0.0046 each, with a monthly GMB listing fee of $2.13.

  • Free Trial: Local Viking offers a 7-day trial for $5, giving full access to its features. This trial enables potential users to explore the full capabilities of the tool and see how it fits into their local SEO strategy before fully committing.

My Opinion:

Local Viking stands out as a specialized tool for those focused primarily on optimizing Google My Business listings. Its comprehensive set of features for GMB management makes it a valuable asset for any local business aiming to boost its visibility in local searches.

The inclusion of GeoGrid rank tracking and the ability to manage posts, photos, and reviews from a single platform makes Local Viking not just a tool but a crucial part of any local SEO toolkit.

5. GeoRanker


geospatial data


GeoRanker is a powerful local SEO tool that specializes in providing real-time data and analytics for businesses aiming to dominate local search rankings.

This tool is crafted to meet the requirements of businesses and SEO agencies that require immediate and accurate insights into their search engine performance across different geographical areas.

GeoRanker stands out for its ability to track local SEO results as they happen, which is invaluable for campaigns that need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Data and Heatmaps: GeoRanker sets itself apart with its real-time ranking data, which provides immediate insights into how keywords and listings are performing across various locations. This feature is accessible for high-velocity markets where search rankings can change rapidly.

  • API Access: The availability of an API allows businesses to integrate GeoRanker’s capabilities into their systems and dashboards, offering a customizable experience that can enhance existing workflows and data analysis processes.

  • Local Citation Finder: GeoRanker also includes a local citation finder tool, which helps businesses identify where to list their services to improve their local SEO standing. This feature aids in building a stronger local presence by ensuring that a business is visible in all relevant local directories.

Grid Size

GeoRanker does not specifically mention a grid size but focuses on broader geographical data visualization and real-time tracking, which can be adapted to the needs of individual campaigns.


  • Pro Plan – $99: This plan is designed for professional users who need advanced geo-specific SEO tracking and analytics capabilities.

  • Agencies Plan – $249: Tailored for marketing agencies, this plan offers expanded features and higher capacity to manage multiple clients’ SEO campaigns effectively.

  • Enterprise Plan – $490: Aimed at large organizations requiring extensive SEO management with full-scale customization and support, this plan offers the most comprehensive set of features.

  • Free Trial: GeoRanker offers limited free capabilities, such as a few searches to new users to sample the data and tools available, but it does not advertise a formal free trial with full access to all features.

My Opinion

GeoRanker is an excellent choice for SEO professionals and businesses that need up-to-the-minute data on their local search performance. The tool’s real-time capabilities provide a significant advantage in rapidly changing markets, allowing users to react quickly to changes in search rankings.

Also, the API access and local citation finder are valuable additions that support a comprehensive local SEO strategy, making GeoRanker a robust tool for those who need both breadth and depth in their data analysis.

Although it may entail a larger investment than certain alternative basic tools, its unique features justify the cost for those who require precise and immediate local SEO insights.

Local Falcon, BrightLocal, Places Scout, Georanker, and Local Viking Compared


traditional seo


When choosing between Local Falcon, BrightLocal (Local Search Grid), Places Scout, GeoRanker, and Local Viking, each tool offers different features that cater to various aspects of local SEO, making the selection dependent on specific business needs and objectives.

Local Falcon excels in providing detailed visual mapping for Google My Business (GMB) performance, making it an excellent option for businesses prioritizing their GMB visibility. Its user-friendly interface and integration with Yext for listing management make it particularly appealing to those who value straightforward visual tools.

On the other hand, BrightLocal offers a broader range of local SEO tools beyond ranking, including citation building and reputation management, which makes it suitable for businesses seeking an all-encompassing local SEO solution rather than rank tracking.

Places Scout stands out among agencies and businesses that need deep analytics and competitor benchmarking to craft superior strategies. It offers comprehensive audits and reporting features, which are beneficial for detailed analysis and ongoing SEO adjustments.

GeoRanker, with its real-time data and heatmaps, is ideal for markets that require up-to-the-minute ranking information, allowing businesses to respond to changes in local search landscapes quickly.

Lastly, Local Viking provides robust GMB management tools and geogrid-based rank tracking, making it a good fit for businesses that are heavily invested in optimizing their Google My Business listings and need detailed insights into local performance across various metrics.

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In conclusion, the choice among these tools should be guided by the specific requirements of your local SEO strategy, whether you need real-time updates, comprehensive SEO management, or focused GMB optimization.

Each tool offers unique benefits that can enhance your local search visibility depending on your particular goals and operational scope.

How to Set Up Your First Geo Grid Campaign


rank tracking tools


Setting up your first Geo Grid campaign can feel daunting, but with a step-by-step guide and the right visual aids, you will be equipped to maximize your local SEO impact.

Here is how to get started with a chosen tool:

1. Choose Your Geo Grid Tool

Research and select a Geo Grid tool that suits your business needs. Options like Local Viking and Local Falcon are popular for their comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces.

2. Create an Account and Set Up Your Profile

Sign up and create your account. During setup, enter your business details accurately—this includes your business name, address, and the areas you serve. Add your Google Business Profile to the tool, ensuring it’s fully integrated for optimal tracking.

3. Define Your Target Areas

In your tool’s dashboard, specify the locations you want to monitor. You can choose by ZIP code city names or even draw custom areas on a map provided by the tool.

This specificity will help you see how well you rank in each targeted local area.

4. Set Up Your Tracking Campaign

Configure your campaign settings. Decide how frequently you want the tool to check your rankings—daily, weekly, or monthly. Set benchmarks and goals for each area you’re monitoring, like entering the top 3 local search results.

5. Review Initial Results and Optimize

Once your campaign is running, review the initial results. Look for patterns or areas where your rankings are lower than expected.

Use this data to optimize your SEO tactics, such as improving your Google Business Profile, refining local content on your site, or enhancing local backlinks.

6. Monitor and Adjust Regularly

Continuously monitor the campaign’s progress through the dashboard. Make adjustments based on the data collected, aiming to improve areas that aren’t performing well.

Regularly update your business information and publish fresh, relevant content to boost your local SEO efforts.



geogrid rank tracker


What are Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools?

Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools are specialized software solutions designed to pinpoint exactly how a business ranks in search engine results across different geographic locations.

Previously known as location-based SEO tools or geo-specific rank checkers, these tools have significantly evolved over the years. Initially, they offered basic insights into local search rankings.

Still, today’s versions provide a comprehensive grid view that maps out search performance across various areas, offering granular visibility that was not previously possible.

These tools are crucial for local SEO because they allow businesses to see where they stand in terms of online visibility in different regions, right down to specific neighborhoods or streets.

These businesses identify areas where they are performing well and spots that need more focus. For example, a local bakery might discover it ranks highly in one suburb but not in another, indicating where more targeted marketing efforts are needed.

By using such insights from these tools, businesses can strategically optimize their SEO efforts, boost their visibility in local searches, and attract more foot traffic, ultimately increasing their bottom line. As these tools continue to advance, they become even more indispensable for businesses aiming to dominate local markets.

Why Use Geo Grid Tools for Local SEO?

The answer lies in the precision and detailed insights these tools provide, which are essential for optimizing your presence in local search results. Tools like Local Viking, Local Search Grid, Local Falcon, and other rank-tracking tools offer a clear picture of how your business performs on a hyper-local level.

Consider a local plumbing company using these tools to refine its local SEO efforts. Initially, their Google Business Profile might only appear prominently in search results near their physical location.

However, after employing a geo grid tool like Local Search Grid for detailed local rank tracking, they gain visibility into their performance across various service areas.

This insight allows them to adjust their SEO strategy specifically for areas where they’re not ranking well, perhaps by enhancing their business listings or optimizing their local map presence.

As a result, the plumbing company not only sees its name climb in the local rankings but also experiences a noticeable increase in calls and service requests from previously underperforming areas.

By continually monitoring these changes through local SEO tools, they can maintain a strong presence in valuable regions, ensuring ongoing visibility and business growth. In essence, Geo Grid Tools empower businesses to target their local SEO efforts precisely where needed, turning local visibility into tangible results.

The Best Geo Grid Local Ranking Tools Compared: My Final Thoughts


the best geo grid local ranking tools compared


As we have explored the capabilities of Local Falcon, BrightLocal (Local Search Grid), Places Scout, GeoRanker, and Local Viking, it is clear that each tool offers unique features designed to boost your local SEO efforts.

Whether you manage a service area businesses or a fixed-location establishment, selecting the right Geo Grid Local Ranking Tool is critical to enhancing your visibility in local search results and outperforming competitors in your market niche.

However, understanding the specific needs of your business and the features of these tools is paramount in choosing the right Geo Grid Local Ranking Tool.

Implementing these tools effectively will not only improve your local search rankings but also drive more traffic and, ultimately, increase conversions.

Now is the time to take action: evaluate these tools based on your business requirements, choose the one that best fits your needs, and start optimizing your local SEO strategy today to reap the benefits tomorrow.


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