Speech Writing AI Tools: My Top 3 Picks

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Speech Writing AI

Explore my top picks for speech writing AI tools that transform your speech crafting process, making it easier to deliver powerful and memorable speeches every time.

Imagine standing in front of a crowd, delivering a powerful speech that leaves everyone speechless. That’s the magic of a compelling speech that sticks with you long after the applause fades.

But let’s be real, crafting that perfect speech isn’t easy. It’s like trying to hit a home run; you need skill, practice, and a little bit of magic.

Thankfully, we have speech writing AI, the game-changer in speech preparation. This smart tool uses something called natural language processing to help you put together speeches that sound like you, only better.

It’s like having a personal speech writer in your pocket, ready to help you shine. In this blog post, we’re diving into how speech writing AI can turn your ideas into standing-ovation-worthy speeches.

From smoothing out your words to making your message hit home, we’re covering it all. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of delivering a speech that leaves a mark, stick around; you’re in for a treat.

What is Speech Writing AI?

Speech Writing AI

Getting your words just right for any speech can feel like trying to solve a tough puzzle with a million pieces. That’s where speech-writing AI tools come into play, making the speech-writing process much smoother.

Imagine you’re baking a cake but have a helper who knows exactly how much of each ingredient to use for the perfect taste; that’s kind of what speech writing AI tools do for your speeches.

It takes your ideas and shapes them into a speech that sounds like you but better. These smart tools can adjust everything from the tone—making sure it’s serious for a business talk or light-hearted for wedding speeches—to making sure your message is clear and hits right in the heart, especially if you’re aiming for a heartfelt wedding speech.

The best part? It makes everything faster and sparks your creativity in ways you might not have thought possible.

Instead of staring at a blank page questioning where to start, you can get suggestions for a speech outline or even a complete draft that feels personal.

This means you spend less time worrying about getting it perfect and more time practicing your delivery or enjoying the moment.

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So, whether it’s inspiring a crowd or making the bride and groom tear up with joy, speech-writing AI is like having a secret weapon in your speech-making toolkit.

My Top 3 Speech Writing AI Tools

 Exploring speech writing AI tools can transform how you craft your messages, making the process smoother and more efficient.

These innovative tools harness artificial intelligence to help generate engaging and impactful speeches tailored to any occasion.

Below, we’ll dive into some top speech-writing AI tools that are changing the game for speakers everywhere.

1. ToastWiz.

ai writing assistant

ToastWiz is like a helpful friend who’s here to make speech writing a breeze. It’s a tool designed to help you create speeches that sound good and touch hearts or inspire action.

Think of it as your personal speech writer who’s ready 24/7 to help you craft the perfect message for any occasion.

This AI writing assistant has features to make your speech stand out. It can generate a speech from just a few keywords you provide, ensuring it matches the tone and style you’re going for.

Whether you need to make a crowd laugh, inspire a team, or give a memorable wedding toast, ToastWiz has got your back.


  • Easy to use: Just type in what you need, and it gives you a speech.

  • Saves time: No more staring at a blank page for hours.

  • Customizable: Adjusts to the tone and style you want.


  • May lack a personal touch: Since it’s AI, it might not capture your unique voice perfectly.

  • Limited creativity: It’s smart but can’t think outside the box like a human.


ToastWiz usually offers a free trial to start with, so you can test the waters before diving in.

After that, you might need to upgrade to a premium plan. The price is $29.99 for three speech drafts.

2. Texta

save time and add relevant information

Texta is a cool tool that’s all about helping you write speeches that grab attention and make an impact. Imagine you have a homework assignment to write a speech but don’t know where to start. Texta is like that friend who’s great at writing and offers to help you out.

With Texta, you can create speeches that sound like they’re written just for you. It’s smart enough to understand what you need, whether it’s an engaging speech for school, a toast at your best friend’s wedding, or something to motivate your team at work.

Texta focuses on making every sentence in your speech shine, ensuring your message is clear and powerful.


  • Super helpful for generating speeches quickly.

  • Make sure your speech has a good flow and keeps people listening.

  • Works for all sorts of speeches, making each one special.

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  • Sometimes, it might not get your personal style just right on the first try.

  • You might need to tweak some parts to make the speech feel more like it’s your own.


Texta usually lets you try it out for free at first, which is pretty awesome. After that, you might need to choose a plan that fits how often you’ll use it.

They offer different plans based on how many speeches you need to make or how long they are. The first plan is the Starter plan for $25/month, Pro Max for $49/month, and Pro Max Plus for $79/month.

In short, Texta is like having a speech-writing buddy who’s there whenever you need to whip up an impactful speech without the stress.

It’s great for making sure your words leave a mark, whether you’re speaking to a crowd or just a few people.

3. Verble

powerful tool to stay ahead and get a well structured speech

Verble is like a magic wand for anyone who’s ever sat down to write a speech and found themselves staring at a blank page.

It’s a tool that’s all about helping you get past that dreaded writer’s block and start crafting speeches that people will remember.

Verble steps in when you’re trying to come up with the perfect words for a keynote address or just need to generate an engaging speech.

It’s like having a brainstorming partner who’s really good at coming up with ideas, organizing your thoughts, and putting everything into sentences that flow nicely.

Verble makes sure your speech has the right sentence structure, making your message clear and impactful.


  • Great for beating writer’s block and getting started on any speech topic.

  • Helps organize your ideas into a solid structure for engaging speeches.

  • Can generate speeches that sound natural and are tailored to your needs.


  • You might need some tweaks to match your personal style and tone fully.

  • Since it’s AI, there could be moments when the speech needs a human touch to feel genuine.


Verble often starts with a free trial, letting you test its features before committing.

After that, you can choose the Pro plan, which costs $19 monthly ( you can take advantage of their ongoing promo. So create an account now and unlock all PRO features for free). 

Also, there is the Enterprise plan. Contact their support to request a quotation. Each plan matches how much you’ll use it, whether for a one-time event or for regular speech writing.

Verble is there to help you create speeches that capture attention and make an impact, whether you’re speaking at a big event or a small gathering.

It’s designed to make the speech writing process much less stressful, giving you more time to focus on confidently giving your speech.

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How to Make Your AI Speech Outline Truly Yours

ai writing assistant

To make the speech outline feel like it’s yours, adding your flavor to what the AI suggests is cool.

Even though artificial intelligence gives you a good start with smart tips, mixing in your own ideas and style can make your speech stand out and grab attention.

Here’s how to add a bit of you to the AI outline:

1. Adjust the Outline to Match How You Talk

Everyone has their own way of speaking and ensuring the AI outline shows off your unique voice is key. Look over the outline and tweak it to match how you like to talk.

Add in words that show off your personality or humor and anything else that feels like you. Also, think about where and to whom you’ll be talking.

Change the outline so it fits the event, the people listening, and the vibe of the place.

2. Share Your Own Stories

To connect with the people listening, throw stories or examples from your own life into the AI outline. While the AI sets up a solid base, your own stories will make your speech feel more real and touching.

Sharing these bits about yourself can help you hit it off with your audience in a big way, making what you say stick with them.

3. Add Quotes or Cool Facts

Quotes or facts can give your speech some extra punch. When you’re going through what the AI came up with, see if any cool quotes or surprising facts fit with what you’re talking about.

Look up some info and slot these in to back up your main points and strengthen your arguments. Using interesting and true info can make your speech even more powerful.

4. Make Sure Your Outline Flows Well

The outline from the AI might already be pretty smooth, but you can still polish it to make sure everything flows just right.

Check that your ideas line up in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. Maybe use some connecting words or little headings to help guide your audience through your speech.

Arranging your thoughts in a clear way helps everyone get what you’re saying loud and clear.


speech writing ai

Throughout our exploration, we’ve uncovered how speech-writing AI tools offer a revolutionary approach to crafting speeches, blending technology with creativity.

By personalizing content, enhancing sentence structure, and injecting authenticity, these tools empower users to deliver compelling and memorable speeches.

Embracing AI in speech writing opens up new possibilities for effective and impactful communication.


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