14 Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (Free & Paid)

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ai tools for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn online. Discover and use top AI tools for affiliate marketing to help make your marketing efforts successful.

Discovering the Top Free and paid AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing in 2024 is essential for successfully running affiliate campaigns that suit your goals.

With options like Jasper, Tapfiliate, and Lumen5, the right AI tools for affiliate marketing can make all the difference in your campaign endeavors.

In this post, I’ve evaluated and ranked the top Free and paid AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing, including my personal top 3 recommendations, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect fit.

  • Jasper: Excellent AI marketing tool to automate your content creation. Also, an AI-powered copywriting tool for creating high-quality content.

  • Tapfiliate: A complete affiliate marketing tracking tool designed to help businesses track and optimize affiliate performance with ease.

  • Lumen5: An AI tool for affiliate marketing that focuses on creating video content.

One good way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The right AI tools for affiliate marketing can even help you make more money.ut these AI tools will remain a myth unless you experience them.

I understand how easy it is to get comfortable with the usual way of doing things. However, these AI tools are changing the approach to affiliate marketing.

As affiliate marketers, you’re marketing for someone else in exchange for a commission. This is great because you can focus mainly on marketing strategy for your affiliate marketing campaigns. You won’t have to bother about product innovation or customer support.

To have profitable affiliate marketing campaigns, you need to put in the work. Experienced affiliate marketers understand this. It’s a struggle to remain ahead of everything.

Thankfully, these affiliate marketing tools make things easy. They can automate many of your affiliate tasks. If you use them, your referral rewards will be massive.

But not all AI-powered tools are worth considering. Here, I’ll discuss some of the top AI tools for affiliate marketing. I will also show how they can help simplify your affiliate marketing campaign. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to spot a solid option.

What are AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing?


affiliate marketing campaigns


AI marketing tools are tools that can help you save time and optimize your digital marketing strategy.

These tools combine algorithms from machine learning with natural language processing (NLP). With this, they auto-complete tasks with just a few clicks.

As you feed them useful data, these tools learn as they go. This helps your team handle more complicated tasks. Artificial intelligence is transforming affiliate marketing through advanced workflow automation.

In addition to simplifying your marketing efforts, affiliate marketers also use AI tools for the following:

  • Referral study: AI tools study data to know the exact referral sources that can potentially convert to sales or leads. This helps you to focus only on promising leads.

  • Ad campaigns: AI tools for affiliate marketing boost your ads to fit your target audience’s preferences.

  • Landing pages: AI evaluates user behavior. Then, suggests necessary adjustments to landing pages to improve conversions.

  • E-commerce product descriptions: AI can write perfect, engaging, and error-free product descriptions.

Your affiliate marketing business can make good use of time with AI tools. So, harness them to improve your workflows and personalize (and speed up) content creation. Also, scale your marketing campaigns stress-free.

Top Free & Paid AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing


ai affiliate marketing


In addition to your successful affiliate marketing strategy, I will share both paid and free AI tools. Affiliate marketers can use it for their affiliate marketing efforts.

So, walk with me as we examine each of them. Get ready to boost conversions and increase e-commerce sales.

1. Jasper


create high quality content


Jasper AI is a popular AI tool. It is commonly used for affiliate marketing efforts due to its versatility. It can create presentation scripts, social media posts, digital marketing copy, and more. Particularly, it delivers results that best fit your brand identity. 

Jasper’s AI marketing tools excel in the content creation process. Just submit instructions, and the software takes it from there.

Jasper features

  • It studies your voice tone and formatting system.

  • It Integrates with other tools like Zapier and Google Sheets.

  • It works live with your team and marks items that are ready for review.

  • It generates your own dynamic templates.

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Jasper pricing

  • Creator: $49/month. But $39/month for one seat if billed yearly.

  • Teams: $69/month. But $59/month for three seats if billed yearly.

  • Business: Contact sales support for pricing.

2. Tapfiliate


ai tools for affiliate marketing


Tapfiliate is a comprehensive affiliate marketing tool designed to help businesses manage and grow their affiliate programs.

It’s packed with features that make setting up and running affiliate campaigns straightforward, letting you track and optimize affiliate performance with ease.

Tapfiliate Features:

  • Customizable Affiliate Pages: Design unique affiliate pages that match your brand’s style.

  • Automated Payouts: Simplifies the payment process by automatically handling payouts to affiliates.

  • Performance Tracking: Offers detailed insights into affiliate performance through dashboards and reports.

  • Social Sharing: Allows affiliates to easily share referral links on social media.

  • Integrations: Seamlessly connects with other platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Stripe.

Tapfiliate Pricing:

  • Essential Plan: Starts at $74 per month with basic features suitable for startups.

  • Pro Plan: Starts at $124 per month, offering advanced features for growing businesses.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large enterprises needing tailored solutions.

3. Lumen5


audio and video files


Lumen5 is a unique AI tool for affiliate marketing. This is because it concentrates on video content. To make a video, you will need to invest a lot of time and resources.

But with Lumen5, you can create professional-looking quality videos through the power of AI.

Lumen5 makes it easy to create videos even if you don’t know how to edit them. Simply drag-and-drop your way to marketing glory.

Lumen5 features

  • Convert your most popular blogs into AI videos.

  • Create speaking head-style videos.

  • Use its video footage, images, and templates for an expert look in less time.

  • The algorithm automatically decides the clip length, scene composition, and text positioning.

Lumen5 pricing

  • Basic: $29/month. But $19/month per user, billed annually

  • Starter: $79/month. But $59/month per user, billed annually

  • Professional: $199/month. But $149/month per user, billed annually

  • Enterprise: Contact sales support for pricing

4. Surferseo


create seo optimized articles


Surfer SEO is an AI-powered SEO tool that optimizes content for search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The use of machine learning algorithms examines your website’s content.

Then, it gives suggestions on how to optimize your on-page SEO. Surfer SEO can also help affiliate marketers identify new keywords. They can use this to target and improve their content for better performance.

Surfer SEO features

  • It offers a content audit feature that examines your URL and the SERP of its main keyword.

  • It offers a straightforward content editor.

  • Its SERP Analyzer enters the competition for a particular keyword in depth.

  • Its latest feature, Grow Flow, helps you optimize your SEO presence.

Surfer SEO pricing

  • Free: 7 days free period.

  • Essential: $89/month. But $69/month if billed yearly.

  • Scale: $129/month. But $99/month if billed yearly.

  • Scale AI: $219/month. But $179/month if billed yearly.

  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for pricing.

5. Copy AI


generate content


Copy.ai is an AI tool that makes the writing process super fast. It also transforms simple, text-based prompts into copy.

Such copy can be used for landing pages, product descriptions, blogs, social media platforms, etc. Its functions are similar to Jasper and many other AI writing tools.

Copy AI features

  • It provides the most attractive terms.

  • It can upload information about your company and products.

  • It targets the audience to its Infobase.

  • It always generates on-brand content.

Copy AI pricing

  • Free: Free forever for one seat.

  • Pro: $49/month. But $36/month for 5 seats, if billed yearly

  • Team: $249/month. But $186/month for 20 seats, if billed yearly

  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for pricing.

6. ClickUp


innovative and efficient tools


ClickUp offers solutions for a fast-paced affiliate marketing business. It is a common project management tool that brings all you need in one space. Things like AI tools, Whiteboards, Docs, Calendars, Goals, and Tasks.

ClickUp offers its own AI tool for affiliate marketing. You can use it to generate campaign ideas, blogs, emails, content briefs, case studies, and more.

It summarizes content or checks your email operations for mistakes. This AI tool is modified to the needs of marketers. So, you tailored help to simplify your workload.

ClickUp features

  • It allows you to log all referrals, leads, and customers in the marketing ClickUp CRM.

  • It lets you select from over 100 trigger-based ClickUp Automation

  • Its ClickUp Goals allows you to track the progress of your team and your organization’s goal. 

  • Its ClickUp Templates help you quickly generate AI content plans.

ClickUp pricing

  • Free Forever

  • Unlimited: $7/month.

  • Business: $12/month.

  • Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing.

All paid plans contain ClickUp AI. It costs $5/month per Workspace member.

7. Grammarly


best free ai tools


Grammarly is an AI tool that helps users improve their writing. Grammarly corrects spelling errors and incorrect grammar. It removes unnecessary words.

This tool suggests persuasive, informative, or descriptive ways to write your copy. In 2023, Grammarly added an advanced generative AI writing assistant called GrammarlyGO.

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Grammarly offers its free plan users about 100 monthly AI prompts. Premium customers get about 1,000 prompts per month, and Business clients get 1,000 per user.

Grammarly features

  • Provides generative AI writing assistant.

  • Summarize your emails.

  • Available context-specific user prompts.

  • Recommends ways to make your content compelling.

Grammarly pricing

  • Free: Free forever.

  • Premium: $12/month if billed yearly

  • Business: $15/month per member if billed yearly

  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for pricing.

8. Brandwatch


social media sites


Brandwatch is an AI tool for affiliate marketing designed for social media. With Brandwatch, you can research consumer demand and check your brand’s accounts.

It also allows you to create content and engage with your target audience.

In addition, it offers conversation ideas that are powered by GPT, a copywriting assistant, and content marketing ideas. 

Brandwatch features

  • It finds and manages influencers in one platform.

  • It partners with your team in a joint marketing calendar

  • It keeps all digital assets in the joint library

  • It helps create audience profile cards. This allows you to understand who you’re speaking to.

Brandwatch pricing

  • It offers standard to enterprise plans. But the pricing is not stipulated. So, contact their support for pricing.

9. Frase


persuasive written content


Frase is one of the AI tools for affiliate marketing that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO). It comes with an AI Writer feature.

Frase’s AI Writer does content generation. It doesn’t stop there. It fact-checks everything through Google.

Its SEO Research tool helps to study your competitors. Then, create blogs that rank above the competition. 

Frase features

  • It pictures SERP metrics in the Research tab. This gives a clearer view of your performance goals.

  • It uses search engine results to create outlines.

  • It offers AI assistance for writing engaging headers.

  • Its intuitive topic model Improves existing content.

Frase pricing

  • Free Trial: This plan is for just 1 user and 1 search query.

  • Solo: $15/month. But $12/month for one user, if billed yearly.

  • Basic: $45/month. But $38/month for one user, if billed yearly.

  • Team: $115/month. But $97/month for three users, if billed yearly.

10. DreamStudio


ai tools for affiliate marketing


DreamStudio is a powerful AI-driven design tool that helps affiliate marketers create stunning visuals for their campaigns.

It leverages AI to generate high-quality images and graphics quickly, helping to enhance the visual appeal of marketing materials.

DreamStudio Features:

  • AI Image Generation: Create images from text prompts using AI.

  • Template Library: Access a wide range of design templates for quick customization.

  • Brand Alignment: Tools to ensure designs match your brand guidelines.

  • High-Resolution Exports: Export designs in high resolution for any platform.

  • Collaboration Features: Work together with team members within the platform.

DreamStudio Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Limited features with watermarked images. Get free 100 credits.

  • Pro Plan: This tool has a pay-as-you-use model. It charges about $1.18 for every 100 generation credits

11. AdCreative AI


affiliate marketing strategy


AdCreative AI is designed to help marketers generate and optimize ad creatives using AI. It’s particularly useful for affiliates looking to boost their ad performance through data-driven creative insights.

AdCreative AI Features:

  • AI-Driven Suggestions: Get recommendations for ad designs based on performance data.

  • Quick Ad Creation: Produce ads quickly using AI templates.

  • A/B Testing: Test different ad creatives to see which performs best.

  • Analytics Integration: Connect with Google Analytics for detailed campaign analysis.

  • Multimedia Support: Create video and static ads within the platform.

AdCreative Pricing:

  • Free Trial: $0 for the first week.

  • StartUp Plans: $29 per month for 1 Brand Limit.

  • Professional Plans $209 per month for 5 Brand Limit.

  • Agency Plans: $549 per month for 50 Brand Limit.

12. Sprout Social


audience engagement strategies


Sprout Social is an AI-enhanced social media management tool that aids affiliates in managing their social engagements and optimizing their outreach.

It’s great for managing multiple accounts and scheduling content effectively.

Sprout Social Features:

  • Smart Inbox: Consolidate messages from all social profiles in one place.

  • Content Calendar: Plan and schedule content across multiple platforms.

  • Analytics: Gain insights into post performance and audience engagement.

  • Automation Tools: Automate repetitive tasks to save time.

  • Social Listening: Track what’s being said about your brand across the social web.

Sprout Social Pricing:

  • Standard Plan: $199 per seat per month, including basic tools for small businesses.

  • Professional Plan: $299 per seat per month, including everything in the standard plan plus more advanced tools and features.

  • Advanced Plan: $399 per seat per month, including everything in the professional plan.

  • Enterprice Plan: Contact for pricing.

13. LiveChat


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If you market top-dollar products, you’ll know affiliate marketing isn’t easy work. LiveChat provides a chatbot to build customer relationships and boost conversions.

It’s a customer service platform. It brings your website, email, SMS, and social media messaging all under one roof.

You can use LiveChat’s AI Assist to update your voice tone and avoid errors in all of your customer chats.

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LiveChat features

  • It creates chat summaries in one click.

  • It connects human customer service reps with resources to speed up customer chats.

  • It allows you to use AI Assist to increase and rephrase your chats.

  • It automatically corrects typos.

LiveChat pricing

  • Starter: $20/month per user, billed annually

  • Team: $41/month per user, billed annually

  • Business: $59/month per user, billed annually

  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

14. Murf AI


ai technology


Murf AI is an AI-powered chatbot. With this tool, you can optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns. It can examine your website’s traffic and provide ideas on how to improve your content to increase conversions.

Murf can also help you detect new keywords to target and improve your internal linking strategy.

Murf AI offers text-to-speech services. You have access to a collection of over 130 AI voices. They come in over 20 languages. This helps you to easily and instantly generate studio-worthy voiceovers.

With the right voice, you can adjust the pitch and speed with the Murf AI tool. This ensures your voiceover thoroughly aligns with your video footage.

Murf AI features

  • It offers a Text-To-Speech service.

  • It offers a Canva Add-On.

  • It offers AI Voice Cloning.

  • It offers Voice Over Video.

  • It offers a Google Slides Add-On.

  • It offers Murf API.

Murf AI pricing

  • Free: Free forever.

  • Creator: $29/month. But $23/month if billed yearly.

  • Business: $99/month. But $79/month if billed yearly.

  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for pricing.

How to Choose The Top AI Tool for Your Business


ai tools for affiliate marketing


It’s essential to put your needs and goals in front of you when considering an AI tool for your affiliate marketing business.

First, take a moment to reflect on the repeated tasks you do and would like to automate.

Next, determine tasks that consume your time. Also, determine if it needs less human input and strategic thinking. Such tasks are best suited for an AI tool to handle.

Once you’ve reviewed these, start researching various AI tools on the market. Then, identify which ones would be a good fit for your business.

Now, among all your options gathered, your goals and needs will help you choose the best AI tool for your business.

In Conclusion


ai tools for affiliate marketing


AI transforming affiliate marketing is no longer a myth. We have explored various top AI tools out there.

These tools can tremendously improve your affiliate business. They can handle automated repetitive tasks, discover new opportunities, and improve your content.

When choosing an AI tool, it’s critical to consider your needs and goals. By doing this, you can select the right AI tool for your business.

I have shared several AI tools for affiliate marketing, including my top picks. So, with this, you can put your goal before you to help you decide which one to choose.

AI tools promise to continue advancing. So, the future of AI affiliate programs is definitely thrilling. These AI tools will continue to help marketers automate their processes.

It will also help you discover fresh opportunities, like creating professional-quality videos. We will certainly see more AI tools that specialize in specific tasks, such as link-building and content creation. There is no limit to what to expect in this ever-innovative digital world.



ai tools for affiliate marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply performance-based marketing. Here, a company rewards affiliate members for every customer gotten by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

To be eligible to promote a company’s product or services, you must be registered. Then, sign up for an affiliate program offered by a company.

Once approved, you will be provided with a unique affiliate link that you will use to carry out your marketing campaigns.

As an affiliate marketer, you get a unique affiliate link. You can use this link to market a business’s products or services for a commission. Typically, the commission is measured based on each sale or lead.

Companies are using affiliate marketing to boost sales and reach a larger audience. You can earn money online by promoting products or services that resonate with your specific niche or interests.

What is the best digital marketing AI tool?

The best AI tool for digital marketing depends on your business’s unique needs. Digital marketing AI tools can help with lead generation, email marketing, and social media management.

Which is the best affiliate marketing tool?

For affiliate marketing, some of the best AI tools include Jasper, Frase, and Copy AI.

Which affiliate marketing bot is the best?

Several affiliate marketing bots are available. But the best one depends on your business’s needs. Some popular options include ChatGPT, LiveChat, and Tars.

How do I select the best affiliate program?

Consider factors like the commission rate, the product or service being offered, and the company’s reputation. Also, research the program to ensure that it resonates with your interests, niche, and goals.


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