How To Recover Deleted Videos From Instagram Video Downloader

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how to recover deleted videos from instagram video downloader

Did you delete your Instagram videos mistakenly? Worry no more! Discover easy steps on how to recover deleted videos from Instagram video downloader.

Social media platforms have taken over the world. Many individuals rely on these platforms to know and share valuable information happening around the world. One of the social media platforms making waves in recent times is Instagram. The social platform has become a center where over a billion active users interact and engage daily.

The unique feature of Instagram is that it uses videos and photos to express information, unlike using blocks of text to communicate. The Instagram platform is hugely popular among users, leaving Facebook behind. It has posts like photos with cool filters, stickers, and added reality that are fun to view and share with others.

As many users interact with each other through sharing videos and photos, you will possibly have downloaded some Instagram videos and photos you like. Over time, managing many Instagram videos and photos can be difficult. Unfortunately, along the line, you may lose saved Instagram photos for various reasons like formatting or virus attacks.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may start looking for solutions on how to recover deleted videos from Instagram video downloader. In this post, I will be taking you step by step on how to restore deleted Instagram videos. Let’s dive in.

Is There a Way To Recover Deleted Instagram Videos?

You might have deleted or lost your Instagram photos and videos mistakenly via different situations. Let me just tell you straight: there is a way you can get the lost videos and photos restored. So, don’t get worried.

One of the excellent ways to recover deleted Instagram posts is to use recovery software. The software will help you restore deleted Instagram videos from your Android or tablet device storage and memory card easily. Now, let’s get into how you can restore deleted images and videos.

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How to Recover Lost Instagram Videos and Photos

One way to recover Instagram photos and videos is to check the ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ or ‘Archive folder.’

Another place to find your Instagram files is in your device gallery. You can also check the download folder, file manager, camera roll, picture folder, or any related folder.

You can also check in your device backup folder like Google Photos or iCloud. But if you don’t find the lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos at any of the mentioned locations on your device. In that case, you can use recovery software to retrieve the lost files, as I stated in the previous section.

Let us discuss the solution in detail to help you understand it properly.

Recover photos and videos from the device’s album.


instagram account


Restoring from the phone’s album is one way to retrieve deleted Instagram photos and videos. So, you will be wrong if you think you have completely lost those deleted photos and you can’t recover them.

Anytime you upload Instagram posts like pictures or videos, your phone automatically creates an Instagram folder on your device. This helps you to still search for them on your phone. If you find the file, you can quickly restore it. Let us examine the steps to do this on different devices.

On Android

  1. The first step is to locate the File Storage or File Manager folder on your device.

  2. Check the File Manager and search for the Instagram folder. Depending on your phone’s settings, it could be located in the Pictures folder.

  3. Once you access the Instagram folder, you can retrieve all your deleted photos or lost videos. Do this by re-uploading them on your Instagram profile.

On iPhone

  1. The first step is to open the picture app and enter the Album section.

  2. In the album folder, look for the recently deleted folder and open it.

  3. Once you have access, you can look for the deleted Instagram files and retrieve them.

Recover from the recently deleted folder on Instagram

Instagram assists in retrieving deleted content in the app with its recently deleted feature. All files like videos, IGTV, photos, reels, and stories accidentally deleted from your account are automatically moved to the recently deleted folder of your Instagram account.

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A 30-day duration is given to the files before they are permanently deleted from the app. Stories deleted stay 24 hours before expiration.

So, you would have to undo the delete and restore the Instagram files within 30 days with the updated version of the app. You can do so with these simple steps.

  • Open your Instagram app and click on Settings, then Account, then Recently Deleted.

  • Click on the needed photos and videos, and tap the 3 dotted lines you see at the top-right corner.

  • Click on Restore, then confirm the action to retrieve the deleted files.

Note that if you select the delete option, it will permanently delete the videos and photos from your account.

Recover files with Instagram Archive.

Archive Posts is a feature that was launched in 2017. It proved to be of huge assistance as it let users hide any post from being viewed by anybody.

The archive folder allows you to restore Instagram photos and videos. But if you delete a photo from the archive, there is no assurance you can get it again. So, you have to be careful with it.

Follow this easy guide laid out to help you recover deleted files from Instagram archive:

  • Open the app and click on the bottom of your profile display picture.

  • Click on the menu located at the top-right corner of the app and choose Archive.

  • Once the archive folder is opened, you can then choose from the option where you lost your photos or videos, like live archives, post archives, or stories archives.

  • Once that is done, tap the required image, click the 3 dotted lines, and select ‘appear on the profile.’ Instantly, you will get the lost or deleted photos or videos back to your Instagram fees.

Recover with a third-party tool.

Before this, I have been sharing how you can retrieve your videos and photos on Instagram via different means. It was mostly about how to restore the files through mobile devices. But come to think of it, what if you also lost your videos and images from your phone?

Hold on, don’t be afraid. You can still recover deleted photos from your phone with automated third-party tools. They help you recover and restore your files from laptops, PCs, and external drives. You can carry out this action by connecting your phone with your PC.

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Recover through backup features like iCloud or Google Photos.

This is another great way to recover deleted Instagram pictures and videos. Search for the deleted file on iCloud or Google Photos, depending on your device.

Google Photos or iCloud automatically saves your Instagram-uploaded photos. So, you can check these backup tools to see if they are in there.

You can also recover deleted videos, but you will need a different Google service to do that.

In Conclusion: How To Recover Deleted Videos from Instagram Video Downloader


recover all your lost photos


Losing useful content can be troubling, and no one wants to ever be in such a situation. But unfortunately, we fall victim to it at some point. Before you began reading this post, you may have come here seeking answers on how to recover deleted videos from Instagram video downloader. I sincerely hope you have been equipped with the right solution.

This post covered all areas where you can possibly recover deleted or lost photos and videos. It touched on recovering from your phone’s album, Instagram Archive, iCloud or Google Photos, third-party tools, etc., in detail.

But with all that information, don’t ever forget to back up your data regularly. It is the only reliable source that you can use to recover files when you lose them. Also, take good care of your device storage and pay attention to your smartphone while using it. Otherwise, a little mistake can lead you to this kind of situation again if you are not careful.

Lastly, don’t give your social media private details to anyone who isn’t reliable. With all of these in check, you can enjoy Instagramming.


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