How To Get Paid to Watch Holiday Movies in 4 Steps

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get paid to watch holiday movies
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How To Get Paid to Watch Holiday Movies in 4 Steps

Discover how to get paid to watch holiday movies. It can be so much fun and rewarding if only you knew the way to go about it. Let me show you.

Are you a movie lover who relishes the idea of cozying up with holiday films? What if I told you that your passion for movies could actually fill your pockets?

Yes, it’s true! In the digital universe, there exist legitimate websites willing to pay you just for watching movies, videos, skits, reels, ads, and more. The concept of getting paid to watch holiday movies might seem like a fantasy, but it’s a real opportunity that’s just a few clicks away.

Imagine turning your movie marathons into a lucrative venture. For some, this could morph into a full-time gig, while for others, it’s the perfect side hustle to complement their income. If you’ve always been the go-to movie buff in your circle, it’s time to capitalize on that skill. Forget about wasting time; now, you can turn those hours spent in front of the screen into a rewarding experience.

In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of earning while watching. Whether you’re looking to make a quick buck or aiming for a steady income stream, let’s unravel the secrets of how to get paid to watch holiday movies. Get ready to transform your movie-watching hobby into a money-making adventure!

How To Get Paid To Watch Holiday Movies

get paid to watch holiday movies

According to statistics, an average person spends 153 minutes a day watching TV, either on their mobile gadgets or at home. And this time is at least the time frame for one movie or many TV shows for a day. Imagine for a second getting paid for that time spent on TV per day.

This job is the best choice for you if one of your favorite holiday traditions is grabbing a hot drink, a blanket, your phone, or a TV remote.

Still doubting? Check out Cable TV is looking for a Chief of Cheer to pay 2,500 to watch 25 movies in 25 days. The chosen candidate will have to keep track of each movie and rank these movies based on three categories. They are, longing, nostalgia, heartwarming storytelling, and holiday cheer.

The only requirement to qualify for this coveted job position is you must be at least an 18-year-old United States resident who has a deep love for holiday movies and classic seasonal movies, and can marathon 25 movies in 25 days.

So, let’s get into detail on how you can achieve this:

1. Start A Movie Review Blog.

When you start a movie review blog, you will be reviewing TV shows and movies that you love or that are related to the topic of your blog or what your audience loves or craves.

With a movie review blog, you can make money in many ways, including pasting affiliate links to your favorite streaming services or platforms where you watch the movie.

Through your blog, you can share your views and thoughts about the movie, criticize it in a good way, and reveal the subtle or underlying theme(s) of the movie you have watched. You can also host online discussions or FAQs about the film on your website.

2. Netflix Tagger.

If you are asking, can I get paid when I watch a movie on Netflix? Yes, you can. You get paid for watching movies on this app by becoming a Netflix tagger.

Movie taggers are people who tag, research, and rate the descriptions and search for the quality of movies and shows on this Red X app.

3. Start A YouTube Channel.

Why not consider launching your movie channel as a movie bluff that you are? You can write movie reviews, discuss movie characters, talk about themes and plot holes, offer predictions for coming seasons, episodes, and series, and talk about upcoming projects.

Yes, you will face a high level of competition, but if you can consistently produce and deliver high-quality videos, you will attract many subscribers and make more money.

4. Write Movie Reviews.

Another way to get paid 2,500 to watch movies is to link up with sites like Animation Arena which pays about $15 per review. Each of the reviews needs to be at least 550 words long.

Another site to consider writing reviews for is This site will you for each time someone reads your story or reviews.

Whichever way, writing movie-based reviews is something you can do in your leisure time as a side hustle. You do not need any certification, qualifications, or experience to start. If you know and love movies and can write good content, this option of writing movie reviews is worth exploring.

3 Streaming Services For Watching Movies.

streaming service easy

When it comes to streaming or watching movies online, you only have two main choices, which are to download pirated movies that are low in sound and picture quality with poor video quality or sign up for either of the many movie streaming services that are now legally available online.

Instead of settling for blurring and muffled holiday movies on any website, check out the following streaming services so you can enjoy the holiday movie selection and series.

We will look briefly at a few of them.

I. Netflix.

cash prize for interested applicants

Netflix is the No. 1 streaming platform for movies in the world. It is not only for holiday films but also for many popular TV shows.

With thousands of categories and titles to choose from and new ones being added to the collection every month, it will be very difficult to say no to this kind of variation, especially with absolute zero or no ads and commercials.

If you are a big movie freak, Netflix is definitely the streaming service to check out first. Some of the features of this streaming service are

  • No commitment. You can cancel your online subscription anytime.
  • You can download videos to watch offline at a later time.
  • You have unlimited access to movies, comedies, TV series, and shows with no commercials and ads.

On Netflix, you can watch 25-holiday movies in 25 days and be paid $2,500 to watch them

II. Hulu.

2,500 to watch 25

Hulu is Netflix’s main competitor. It offers similarly exceptional variety in popular movies and shows to watch. Some people say that Hulu has a better selection of videos. Hulu incorporates some advertising into your viewing experience.

Hulu allows you to sign up for more than one premium membership, one of which offers limited commercial ads, and the other deletes the commercial ads.

Hulu’s features include

  • It contains a lot of original videos and content.
  • It contains both current and past episodes or series of TV shows.
  • This platform can be streamed on many devices like smartphones, Apple TV, tablets, iPads, and so on.

But you can’t watch movies offline on Hulu.

III. Google Play.

binge watch

Google offers its selection of movies, series, and episodes. If you use an Android device, Google Play is your version of iTunes for Apple users.

It has options to buy different popular TV shows, complete movie seasons, and standard movies in HD format that you can watch on your mobile device. You can browse this site on TVs, studios, movies, episodes, series, or even networks.

It has no commercial ads, it offers new movies and recent episodes of TV shows, it filters by top charts, recent releases, and genres, and you can search for only family fare or specific networks.


holiday movies following seven streaming services

As we have seen before, there are many ways to get paid for watching holiday movies. If you want to start making cash immediately, your best pick is to use survey sites or write movie reviews.
You can also get a house-sitting dream job and make more money watching movies while getting a paycheck.

The other choice is to think long-term and pursue advanced opportunities as an editor, producer, critic, or professor. There are many ways to make quick money online, watching movies with your mobile device is just one of such ways. You can also manage social media, sell unwanted items, offer pet care, and work as a virtual assistant.

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