My Honest Review of Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver

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This is a far cry from what my blog is about and would normally do, but I couldn’t resist writing my testimony of Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver. A truly antiviral and antibacterial wonder.

So, I read about the great things colloidal silver does and how amazing it was for almost any viral and bacterial situation due its great ability to stay them.

My son has had a situation that doctors couldn’t place a name on. Whenever he was exposed to cold, he would literally cough so hard till he had almost no strength in him. He was losing weight even though he was eating normally. If he laughed just a little bit, he would cough for the longest.

At nights, oh nights…. I almost dreaded nights. He would wake up and cough for a long time with so much force, retching like as though he would throw up. He would be sweating. Most times, his mum or I would have to hold him as it is almost unbearable to watch how the cough tremors just tare through his body.

Because I knew he reacted to cold so much, I always got him covered up. We will close up the windows in his room. That did not help much as whenever he got covered for so long too, he started to cough so hard and for so long that sometimes, I just sit helpless and wishing there was something I could do to help his situation.

I had been to different hospitals severally and had done tests upon tests, but I was just constantly told it was an INFECTION. And trust doctors and their fastest recommendations: ANTIBIOTICS UPON ANTIBIOTICS AND MORE ANTIBIOTICS. I asked a particular doctor if these pharmaceutical antibiotics were still effective as it would only subside for a day or 2 and return back to the same symptoms that we have been battling with since he was just few months old.

I talked about an elderly person on what it could be and he says pneumonia.
In search for answers, I found and read about the wonders of silver, how almost no pathogens can grow resistances to them. I knew I had found a major answer to my son’s internal infection.

Fear gnawed at me when I also found the terrible adverse effect that BADLY-PRODUCED colloidal silver could have and how it can complicate issues and even result into other diseases like Agyria.

How on earth would I possibly get AUTHENTIC PREMIUM colloidal silver? I know there would be quite a number out there. I just wanted the real thing. I cannot poison my son in addition to what he already has.

Then I found it…


I learnt about Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver when I asked my friend these bugging questions on my mind, hoping he would even have a clue. Well, he told me about Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver and how he used it for STDs and it cured him totally.

Below is an image of what it looks like.

Hesed Sunfish Pond 2
Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver

I decided to give it a try and 3 months later, I can officially give it a 5 star. It is amazing. It worked like CRAZY. In just a week, no sound of cough from my son both day and night. He sleeps now with the ceiling fan in his room on (which we did not dare to do before now). He started putting on weight and his body is looking good. No cough sounds at night for more than 3 months now. He is happy and getting himself back.

He is having his best time in school. I am so happy and relieved. For me, truthfully and with all the joy in my heart, I APPROVE HESED ORGANICS COLLOIDAL SILVER as real and authentic. We bought a lot of bottles to have in the house. For preserving food, for just preservation of our bodies. We use it to bath the kids after playing outside or coming from really crowded places.

We all take it before and after we visit the hospital. It has been awesome. I have never seen anything work as great. I just love it.. If you decide to give it a try too, please come back and leave a comment here on your experience with it.

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