Web hosting company: 10 Tips to Consider When Making Your Choice In 2018

the right web hosting company for you

These days, there are hundreds of web services offering to host your website. But not all of them are worth the cost. How can you know which web hosting company is right for your needs? This article will give you a few simple pointers to choose the perfect host for your website.

1. Can you register a domain name?

Many sites limit the title of your website to their domain but your individual page. This means that your site will not be fully individualized. While it may be more expensive to have your own domain name, an authentic site address will give your site cachet among competitors. That you can get from companies like Namecheap

2. Will you need to use a standalone website design?

Some websites only offer online site building with limited options in terms of originality. If you use a template, your site may end up looking a lot like your competitors. Try to find a website that has a variety of options in terms of design or one that allows you to install themes from companies like studiopress and themeforest. Be creative and your site to really stand out.

3. Does the host have advertisements?

Some hosts will have mandatory embedded advertisements and pop ups that can detract from the end user experience. Find out if the web hosting company you’re using has these limitations or select a host that is ad-free like SiteGround.

4. Does your host offer enough space for all of your needs?

Your website may require very little space or it may require gigs of information to provide the best experience for your customers. Depending on your needs, you should choose a site that offers the most space for the least cost like in the case of SiteGround and A2hosting. Many hosts will also offer a limited amount of information for free. Choose the web hosting company that gives the right amount of space for your needs.

5. Does the host have restrictions on file type?

Some hosts may require a specific formatting of files that can be a hassle depending on your operating system and software limitations. You may also only be able to host images or movies up to a certain size or resolution. This may present a problem if you want to upload high definition videos or images.

6. Does your web hosting company have consistent outages?

You want to provide your customers with reliable access to your website. If a website is down, not only does it make your company look bad, it also gives your customers one extra reason to choose a competitor. Make sure that you choose a web hosting company that is reliable and rarely goes down.

7. What is the buzz about your web hosting company?

Look at reviews and testimonials for the various hosts you’re selecting from. Find out what people are saying about the host and get a sense for what your experience will be like. Find dependable sources, such as tech magazine reviews and current user’s review like the one I wrote about Siteground to base your decisions off.

8. Is there a limitation on speed and bandwidth?

Depending on your needs, you may need a higher bandwidth limitation or no limitation at all to provide the best service for your clients. Consider choosing a web hosting company with larger bandwidth if your website will contain high-resolution images or video.

9. Does your host offer multiple payment options?

Constantly remembering to pay your host each month can be a real hassle. Find a web hosting company that has automatic monthly or yearly payments and you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again. Just make sure to remember to cancel your payments if you leave, and double check to make sure you aren’t continuing to be charged.

10. Technical support

As you’re setting up your site, you may come across technical issues so it can be useful to have a live person waiting to answer your questions. Pick a web hosting company that will answer your questions in a timely and reliable manner so you can move onto other matters.

It’s easy to set up a website if you have the right web hosting company. All it takes is a little savvy and you’ll have an excellent website up and running in a flash.

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