A Must Know 105 Blogging Statistics And Facts for Bloggers in 2021

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A Must Know 105 Blogging Facts for Bloggers
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A Must Know 105 Blogging Statistics And Facts for Bloggers in 2021

I concluded on compiling this list of 105 facts and blogging statistics around blogging to use it to boost your blogging business. Without further ado, let us start with Blogging Facts in 2021.

General Blogging Facts

Are you interested in the condition of the blogging business?

Examine a few of the fascinating details in the blogosphere below!

  • Mobile bloggers levy a typical $200 for a sponsored post. (Reference: OptinMonster)
  • The number of United States bloggers alone will skyrocket to 31.8 million by 2021. (Reference: Statista)
  • The amount of cash a blogger can make is boundless. It is stress-free to discover blogs with revenue reports stretching from $5,000 to $1,000,000 every month to provide you with a clue. (Reference: Raelyn Tan)
  • Bloggers published around 6 million posts daily if you are wondering how ambitious the blogging business is. (Reference: Worldometers)
  • 73% of bloggers accept that cash is the peak element that disturbs the logic of achievement. (Reference: ConvertKit)
  • Bloggers posted an average of 71 million contents on WordPress amidst the 132 million blog contents publicized online monthly. (Reference: WordPress)
  • We expect feminine bloggers to be inspired by the objective of transforming blogging into an inventive outlet. (Reference: ConvertKit)
  • In terms of web visitors, WordPress websites satisfy more than 410 million viewers every single month. (Reference: WordPress)
  • Bloggers with no children are 33% more expected to be driven by the enthusiasm to manoeuvre blogging into a career. (Reference: ConvertKit)
  • Specialists have anticipated content adverts to be a $301 billion productiveness in 2019. (Reference: Statista)
  • 90% of establishments fund custom posts for marketing motivations. (Reference: Demand Metric)
  • Just 2019, Tumblr accommodates an entire 480.2 million blogs — branding it as the most famous blogging platform online. (Reference: Statista)
  • Growing an audience and generating traffic is still regarded by several bloggers as their main contests. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • The next most famous blogging platform is, obviously, WordPress — subsequently Joomla and Drupal. (Reference: SoftwareFindr)
  • The further survey recommends that 69% of bloggers fall in the 2544 age range. (Reference: ConvertKit)
  • 75% of dealers believe that composing quality blog posts is the utmost serious part of any internet marketing drive. (Reference: SocialMediaToday)
  • In a research study, 2/3 of interviewees specified that generating income is their primary motive for blogging. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • There were 93% more blogs using traffic generation approaches, plus paid ads, in current years. (Reference: OptinMonster)
  • While compounding contents constitute 10% of an ordinary blog, they are responsible for 38% of the total traffic. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • Only 1 — termed a “compounding” content for each ten blog contents — will accept an accumulative amount of visitors over time. (Reference: HubSpot)

Business Blogging Statistics

Progressive businesses have resolved to blog to create interest and organic traffic in their brand. In case your blog is a supplement of an internet business, here are some important facts on blogging for you:

  • In commercial establishments, sharing blog content is the most among colleagues — seconded by case studies and thirdly, infographics. (Reference: Demand Gen)
  • Before purchasing a product, 61% of buyers have turned to a blog write-up first. (Reference: SocialMediaToday)
  • 71% of business customers look for data and stats from blog posts in their trade plan. (Reference: Demand Gen)
  • 55% of industries prioritize blog post creation in their incoming marketing struggles. (Reference: HubSpot State of Inbound Report)
  • Content advertising — mainly done via blogging — can produce 3x more leads than paid search and traditional marketing. (Reference: Content Marketing Institute)
  • Prioritizing blogging helps sellers 13% more likely to acquire an encouraging ROI (Return on Investment). (Reference: HubSpot)
  • As much as outsourcing is involved, writing content is the most subcontracted work in the articles campaign. (Reference: LinkedIn B2B CMR or Content Marketing Report)
  • In Business to Business or B2B trading, marketers who control blogging generate 67% more leads. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • Roughly 5% of bloggers possess zero right to analytics. (Reference: OptinMonster)
  • 65% of marketers retain a registered content marketing approach to restructure optimization, promotion, and production efforts. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • Businesses with blogs relishes a 126% higher lead development than businesses without. (Reference: HubSpot)

SEO Facts for Blogging

We have confirmed that producing unique content is the factor in achieving higher search engine positions. Nevertheless, what exactly explains SEO-friendly blog content?

Underneath are some more awareness that will assist in directing your SEO tactic: 

  • Probabilities of ranking exceedingly in search engines can considerably increase by a swift page loading speed. (Reference: Backlinko)
  • On the web, 93% of all online proficiencies are from a search engine. (Reference: Junto Digital)
  • Blog contents with petite page URLs do rank higher in search engines. (Reference: Backlinko)
  • A blog segment website typically contains 434% extra indexed pages to websites with no blog section. (Reference: TechClient)
  • During guest blogging, 79% of editors perceived that guest influences are too promotional. (Reference: OptinMonster)
  • 69% of blog owners in 2019control traffic via search engines. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • Employing Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) in your blog is connected to advanced search engine ranks. (Reference: Backlinko)
  • Websites that circulate blog content acquire 97% more backlinks. (Reference: Business2Community)
  • 91% of bloggers who gain profitable results utilize analytics to encourage their decision-making. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • When composing a post, 50% of bloggers engage in keyword research, 33% do it sometimes, while 17% don’t. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • Gainful blog owners are 4.3times undoubtedly engage in SEO keyword research compared to others. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • Search engine display pages skyrocket almost 50% of clicks to the top three rankings. (Reference: Ignite Visibility)
  • 70%to 80% of search engine visitors fancy organic results to paid search listings. (Reference: Martech Zone)

Blog Post Headlines Statistics

Headlines play an essential part in your blogging approach. They arrest the audience’s interest and also affect the number of shares your posts obtain.

With a productive SEO approach, headlines will likewise help you attain the right type of organic traffic.

Beneath are a few of the compelling stats about headlines that all blogger must know: 
  • Blog contents with the word “template” in the heading get tweeted 114% more times. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • Bloggers that generate over $50,000each year accept that headlines are next to content superiority in terms of reputation. (Reference: GrowthBadger)
  • It indicates that 17% and 21% of most fitting headlines are “how-to” and user-oriented types, separately. (Reference: ConversionXL)
  • A basic headline optimization possesses the potential to upsurge clicks by around 10% instantly. (Reference: MarketingExperiments)
  • 31% of contents with the highest click-throughs are listicles by figures in the headline. (Reference: ConversionXL)
  • Blog contents that earn a high amount of clicks tend to realize 6 to 14 words in their headings. (Source: HubSpot)
  • For list-based headers, introducing an odd figure in the name can outclass other contents by 20%. (Reference: Content Marketing Institute)

Content Strategy Statistics for Blog

Are you tangled on how to operate your blog content approach? By keeping to styles in the blogging business, you can frame a content approach built to contest. Below are the essential blog data you should utilize:

  • 32% of bloggers bargain gated posts for lead generation — 88% of them receive favourable outcomes. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • Publication of a high figure of blog content can develop your lead generation by 77%. (Reference: Traffic Generation Café)
  • 85% of bloggers who broadcast original research accept that the strategy leads to positive outcomes. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • If you are wise with your financial plan, you can begin a blog in 2021 with $34.50 in one year. (Reference: Ryan Robinson)
  • 35% of bloggers do innovative research and distribute their findings with their followers. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • A study reveals that the highest bloggers see listicle as an influential content type. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • Instagram and Facebook are used by 73% and 94%, correspondingly, of all sellers. (Reference: Social Media Examiner)
  • 60% of blog posts are assumed to encompass some list within. (Source: Orbit Media)
  • Daily blog posts may have as many as 5x more visitors than blogs that broadcast less. (Reference: Social Media Examiner)
  • 57% of all blog contents present significant statistics when sharing ideas. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • However, more prominent blogs should boost their post creation to 16 to 20 posts every month to nurture their traffic. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • Gainful bloggers trust analytics data, keyword research, and social media when in search of content ideas. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • 45% of profitable bloggers also trade their products and services. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • 69% of bloggers utilize social sharing controls to help enhance their content’s publicity. (Source: OptinMonster)
  • 70% of bloggers who generate above $50,000 yearly are seriously involved in stimulating their posts. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • Listicles that contain ten items were, on a regular, published the highest on social media. (Reference: OkDork)
  • For organic traffic, smaller blogs are encouraged to circulate nearly 12 to 16 posts each month. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • If you may steadily broadcast better posts than rivals, you can ultimately enhance your traffic by nearly 2,000%. (Reference: Omnicore)
  • 97% of bloggers get plenty of traffic from social networks. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • The useful post metrics are social media engagement, time on page, and page views in blogging. (Reference: Curata)
  • In 201941% of bloggers modified their drafts — 31% will employ a specialized editor. (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • The top 29% of marketing specialists recycle blog content. (Reference: Curata)
  • Of those worthwhile bloggers, 53% give an opt-in bribe or downloadable freebie in their lead generation struggles. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • 60% of sellers use and reprocess blog posts around 2 to 5x. (Reference: Oz Content Technologies)
  • Bloggers who generate $50,000 or above per year are unlikely to have motivation problems and self-control. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • 69% manage and plan their blog post using an editorial timetable. (Reference: Curata)
  • For blog owners who expend above 6 hours to compose a post, 38% of them realize “strong outcomes.” (Reference: Orbit Media)
  • Usually, a blogger uses 3 hours and 56 minutes to complete writing an article. (Reference: Orbit Media)

Content-Length Statistics

The size of your blog content is more crucial than you assume. Beneath are a few astounding facts about the content size and its connection with a post’s SEO-responsiveness, traffic, and user engagement:

  • Concerning conversions, lengthy articles have a Return on Investment (ROI) of 50%. Short-form, to say, has a negative Return on Investment (ROI) of 66%. (Reference: Quick Sprout)
  • On Google, the standard content stretch of the best ten standings is 1,890 (Reference: Backlinko)
  • Posts and contents with above 1,500 words likewise obtain 22.6% additional Facebook likes. (Reference: Quick Sprout)
  • Blog posts with 2,300 to 2,500 words possibly receive further backlinks, triggering them to go up on average. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • If an entire content is over 1,500 words, it will get 68.1% extra tweets to shorter post. (Reference: Quick Sprout)
  • Composing a document that is 3,000 words and above will aid you in acquiring different social media reports. (Reference: OkDork)
  • Long-kind content is confirmed to produce 9x extra leads than scanty content. (Reference: Curata)
  • For an ordinary content stretch in general, the response is 1,236 words. (Reference: Orbit Media)


Visual Content Statistics for Blogging

If you are contemplating incorporating visual posts into your blogging tactic, hear this: please ignore it. It is unthinkable —engage it.

The reasons are below: 

  • An audio-visual in your blog will attract as many as 3x new monthly viewers. (Reference: WordStream)
  • The human mind can process pictorial information around 60,000 times earlier than a written document. (Reference: Thermopylae Sciences)
  • Blog contents with audio-visual can get close to 3 times extra inbound links than content without videos. (Reference: WordStream)
  • The most shared type of post on social media is Infographics. (Reference: OkDork)
  • $50,000 yearly blog owners are 5x likely to circulate podcasts and 4.5x as expected to distribute videos. (Reference: Growth Badger)
  • With images, your blog content can power up traffic by nearly 94%. (Reference: Jeff Bullas)
  • When fixing images, pictures of actual people are 35% more effective in producing conversions than regular photos. (Reference: Marketing Experiments)
  • Including a minimum of one picture to your post can escalate Twitter and Facebook reposts by above double. (Reference: OkDork)
  • Inputting a photo in 75 to 100 words can double the figure of social repost your posts attain. (Reference: HubSpot)


User Engagement Trends and Statistics

When building blog posts, it is all about comprehending online viewers. Don’t be one-sided about your posts. Instead, you should base your content on the online traffic’s content consumption needs and preferences. 

  • 68% of online visitors read about the trademark brands they like through blogs. (Reference: Demand Metric)
  • An ordinary online visitor devotes 37 seconds to evaluating blog content. (Reference: NewsCred Insights)
  • 59% of readers repost write-ups on social networks without assessing them. (Source: OptinMonster)
  • With regards to keeping readers involved, compose blog contents that take 7 minutes to digest. (Reference: Medium)
  • Research showed that blog reader task spikes at approximately 10:00 am. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • 43% of readers only speed-read the blog contents they open. (Reference: HubSpot)
  • 77% of the web reads blog contents in search of info. (Reference: The West Program)
  • User involvement on WordPress appears to be vigorous, with an expected 77 million remarks every month. (Reference: WordPress)
  • The internet population devotes three times more minutes to reading blogs than electronic mails. (Reference: HubSpot)

Key Takeaways

If you concentrate on the blogging business’s competitiveness, you would feel like success is not negotiable. However, if you centre your attention on facts and figures, you can use the statistics for your benefit.

All the statistics earlier mentioned can aid any blog to regulate which approach to use and avoid.

Finally, remember the takeaways list below:

  • Devote more time rephrasing and perfecting your blog contents to get better outcomes from them.
  • Long and substantial content with worthy assistance of visuals will rank you well in search engines.
  • If you wish, embrace the use of audio-visuals in your blog post approach.
  • Blog post adverts are compulsory if you need your brand to manage the content blast.
  • Essentially, you are supposed to consider your intended reader when preparing your blogs. Polish your blogging processes to equal your target visitors’ content activity and preferences patterns.
  • A content’s headline is a crucial factor that upsets the performance of your write-ups. Please make it descriptive, simple, and optimized with the right approaches.
  • “How-to” and Listicles articles will always be the unique categories of content for readers and bloggers.
  • It means nothing if you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, professional, or business owner. Blogging is a useful tool for winning your viewers’ trust.
  • Blogging is a prevailing lead generation stand for industries.

The truth is, I can assist you in putting the figures to work with comprehensive guides on particular blogging topics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Blogging Facts

  • Why are blogs influential?

Blogs offer users the valuable information needed to resolve issues, complete objectives, and help brands link with their followers personally if they adopt the right tactics.

  • Is it over for blogging, or what does the future hold for blogging?

With more than billions of blogs online, blogging is still active and operational. However, you will need more than text-based content to flourish in the current blogging world.

  • How do I launch a blog?

You can launch a blog using a blogging platform similar to WordPress. Click Here to read our step-by-step guide.

  • How many industries have blogs?

As new commercial blogs begin every day, it is challenging to give an exact figure. Nevertheless, data confirm that 85% of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) dealers and 91% of Business-to-Business (B2B) dealers say something about their firm blogs.


You must utilize all the available information within your reach if you want to thrive your blogging business. You cannot be overfilled with knowledge, particularly considering the rivalry of the blogs world.

A one-time decision can be a surprise package for your blog. And with the data covered above, positively, you can shape strategies that will elevate your blog to the peaks. If you are confused, waste no time leaving feedback below.

Best regards!


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